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Breitling colt mens watch 41mm - £1,925 @ Winsor Bishop
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Breitling colt mens watch 41mm - £1,925 @ Winsor Bishop£1,925£2,75030% off Free P&P Free
Even cheaper than the hot deal at fraser Hart and in stock Perfectly embodying the youthful, dynamic and winning style of the Colt collection, this model teams a sturdy steel case… Read more

They have the black and blue faced ones cheaper here...


You crack on with your luxury Nike and Adidas pal and leave the true high quality stuff to us that know (y) And as for the comment on bin men, just showing what an ignorant fool you really are (party) (highfive)


So you don't like the price and won't buy it i get the point . Some people will like that price and buy it . Right now it is hard trying to spend money . But just cause you probably can't buy it does not make it a bad deal .


I was going to say, 41-42mm is pretty standard for luxury watches.


I've had a Colt for about 17 years. it's not small it's just that watches have grown bigger over the last few years. I'd expect to get over £1000 for mine even now. So this is a bargain. As for affording it, it all depends on what you want to spend your money on, but you won't lose 2k on it as it will be worth 2k in 20 years time, granted a new one will be 4k by then For those who don't get it stick to your Casio or smartwatch you'll never inderstand

Breitling Colt Chronograph Automatic Watch with Professional III Bracelet £2891 @ Windsor Bishop
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Breitling Colt Chronograph Automatic Watch with Professional III Bracelet £2891 @ Windsor Bishop£2,891£4,15030% off Free P&P Free
The Colt Chronograph Automatic brilliantly reinterprets all the key assets of the Colt collection, which is born for action, feats and thrills. The black dial is enlivened by a fin… Read more

It would take some getting used to. I joined the Army when I was young, and used to a 24hr clock, I’ve never seen it like that though.


Yes exactly, I like that it's very different to read the time than other watches. It uses the B02 movement as the hours run at 50% but the chorons run as per the B01 movement.


Yes so midday is 6 o clock on a standard watch. It's useless for me but I do like that it's different from most watches. Takes a bit of getting used to when 10am is where 5am would be at a glance.


OK, so the hour hand only rotates 360 deg's in a 24 hr period. Makes a bit more sense now, I was thinking why doesn't the 21.00 and 0900 match up (and the rest).


I'm going to guess that if you're hiding out somewhere for a significant period of time (especially inside or underground) it removes the chance of you thinking its morning when it's night. Its also really handy when setting the date as you don't have to wind the hands past 12 to see if it's 12 hours out or not like you do with a 12h automatic (y)

Upto 50% off Jewellery and other items at Winsor Bishop online
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Posted 12th Jul 2017Posted 12th Jul 2017
Upto 50% off Jewellery and other items at Winsor Bishop online
Up to 50% off a range of items. Glasses, decanters, necklaces, earrings, rings and more.
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