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Wired $5 Flash Sale - 1 Year Digital Subscription
63° Expired
Posted 26th Sep 2020Posted 26th Sep 2020
Wired $5 Flash Sale - 1 Year Digital Subscription£3.98
Use Revolut etc to get this deal link https://subscribe.wired.com/subscribe/wired/127693 You cancel auto renew immediately.

Still working -one of my mates just got it


Cheapest deal on HUKD so far. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-education-prices-for-totum-extra-card-holders-eg-new-ipad-8th-gen-ps30960-3548051


Great deal OP, given it a go. Just need a shiny new iPad air to read it on.


Usual UK Magazine sub via app is £23.88 saving 83%. U.K. link for comparision. https://www.wired.co.uk/subscribe If you want the printed copy+digital then the U.K. sub link is best.

WIRED Magazine - Annual subscription (print + digital) only £9 (introductory offer)
-42° Expired
Posted 28th Jul 2019Posted 28th Jul 2019
WIRED Magazine - Annual subscription (print + digital) only £9 (introductory offer)£9£2868% off
I was thinking about subscribing to WIRED magazine and I saw this offer for only £9 for an annual subscription (6 issues). For this price I decided to subscribe. This is for both p… Read more

Paying for a magazine full of Advertisements - No thanx


Less copies to read on the loo then :D .


It's been bi monthly for a while now.


Don't you get 10 issues over an annual subscription? Heat by the way (y) .

Free YubiKey 4 with a One-Year Online Subscription to "WIRED" magazine for £18.50(ish)
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Posted 31st Aug 2018Posted 31st Aug 2018
Free YubiKey 4 with a One-Year Online Subscription to "WIRED" magazine for £18.50(ish)
Thought this was quite a good off (for those people into this kind of thing)... "WIRED magazine reports each month from the future as it happens. WIRED is the magazine that tells … Read more

Replying to an old post but I've ordered it and it didn't add international shopping, which is good for me, I double checked the delivery location and its defiantly my home address in the UK, if it works it only cost me £7.50 selected the digital only copy


You can select digital only and the cost is then $20 (£15.43)


Horrific magazine. Really good quality print. Short on content. Long on Adverts


I've just noticed that - Sorry folks (fierce) The device itself does work out at £31-ish so it's cheaper but not anywhere near as noticable.. Cheaper version you be had of the FIDO key too... Key-ID FIDO U2F security key https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N6XNC01/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_BAuIBbHABVWA3 Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC Security Key https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M1R5LRD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_kCuIBbGXDCQ7Y Feitian Multipass FIDO U2F Security Key https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LYV6TQM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_qDuIBbYJAB6B3


Lol (lol)

Limited Edition Wired Yubikey 4 (Subscription only) $19.99 @ Wired 8-10 Weeks Delivery
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Posted 12th Apr 2018Posted 12th Apr 2018
Limited Edition Wired Yubikey 4 (Subscription only) $19.99 @ Wired 8-10 Weeks Delivery
Navigate to their website, make sure you're on the international form. Input your personal information and card details. After the 3-month free trial, you will be charged $19.99… Read more

When I ordered it just took payment and then I waited around 27 days to get it posted. There was no password sent to access the yubico store. Plus you get access to their monthly magazines. No custom and duty. :D


When you ordered the subscription did Wired email you a password to access the Yubico store? Over all how long did it take from taking out the subscription to when your Yubikey4 arrive? Did you have to pay custom and duty on it? Thanks Heat added for great deal with the key.


It's here ?


Good news 8-10 weeks and shipping costs are included with $19.99 confirmed. :D


I avoid Google Authenticator but use Authy but it has its pros and cons. There is a password manager and 2fa builtin called bitwarden but again pros and cons esp having all eggs in one basket.

Wired Magazine - £19/yr subscription + FREE 8x Craft Beers from Beer52.com
205° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2017Posted 13th Dec 2017
Wired Magazine - £19/yr subscription + FREE 8x Craft Beers from Beer52.com£19£2832% off
It is already a great deal for Wired Magazine (normally £28/yr), but you also get a free gift. 8 craft beers from Beer52.com, worth £24. Deal includes both Print + iPad & iPho… Read more

I used to buy Wired religiously back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. There’s not much need for it today. In actual fact mags like this you only need to buy once or twice per year.


But the craft beer itself is a subscription service so you will no doubt get a code to reduce the first to zero, then you will have to cancel that. And the craft beer is often on offer for about £9, so in effect you are paying £10 for the magazines and £9 for the beer.


I got a subscription to this last year - so bad I take them straight to the doctors waiting room. IMHO not worth 19 squids or 10 or 5


Great... Until they 'run out' of the free gift (that clearly never existed) and then offer you an extra few month subscription instead because it's 'equal value' ... like they do EVERY time one of these offers comes up. They then charge full price for the first edition so you can't even get your money back. Not judging the magazine content, but as a buisiness wired are a joke and scammers. I don't know how they keep getting away with it. Basically it's only worth taking this offer if you normally buy the magazine for full price anyway.


Craft beer? Let me grab my lumberjack shirt and beard. Hipsterville here I come

3 Issues of Print and Digital of Wired Magazines for £1
53° Expired
Posted 5th Aug 2016Posted 5th Aug 2016
3 Issues of Print and Digital of Wired Magazines for £1£1
3 months (3 issues) of WIRED UK’s Print and Digital editions for just £1

link not working - try http://www.savethestudent.org/student-deals/top-picks/3-issues-of-wired-magazine-1.html


is it easy to cancel before the 3 months are up?

Wired Subscription + Free One for All smart control £28
79° Expired
Posted 18th Feb 2014Posted 18th Feb 2014
Wired Subscription + Free One for All smart control £28£28
Subscription offer as found in the magazine: £28 - 12 print issues (rrp £47.88) - 12 Digital Editions (rrp £35.88) - One for all "Smart Control Motion" Remote (rrp £39.99) - Free… Read more

It was in the magazine - see photo : "Smart Control Motion"[image missing]


Where does it say what remote you get??


http://wired.co.uk/subs/CWR10727 hotukdeals systems seems to be messing with it.


link not working for me.


My God! A 'smart' remote control that works like Windows 8! Excuse me whilst I throw up. AND you have to pay money to buy it!!

EXPIRED 79% OFF 24 Issues of WIRED Magazine (Digital & Print) £28
41° Expired
Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014
EXPIRED 79% OFF 24 Issues of WIRED Magazine (Digital & Print) £28
Edit: Offer is only for people who have subscribed in the past, was a exclusive voucher not a universal code. Apologies On the upside, if you have subscribed in the past look out … Read more

Gave it a go and seems to have gone through. Got an Order confirmation anyway!


Apologies , apparently this code was an exclusive code :( Thought it was a universal offer. If you have already subscribed to wired in the past you should get a letter through with your code.


That's act actually great. I remember one time I tried to buy WIRED in Turkey and it was like £12.


Can't get link to work


Good price for an excellent magazine.

Wired magazine 24 issues for £28 + free ipad access
-10° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2012Posted 22nd Dec 2012
Wired magazine 24 issues for £28 + free ipad access£28
Just picked up some post from my old address and received a letter from Wired.co.uk for 24 issues at £28. The deal had expired on 30.11.12 and doesn't appear to work when renewing … Read more
View Deal

Not sure why this is cold, irrespective of what you think of the magazine, it's twice as many issues as the current online deal gets you.


Quality is OK since Conde Naste bought it but certainly not as bleeding edge as it was when it was independent. Having said that for £28 for a 2 year subscription, it's a bargain - speaking from experience because this is how I got mine last year. :D :D :D


Nice little post, those voting down should appreciated the quality of the mag first.

2 Free Ebooks. SF/Urban
50° Expired
Posted 2nd Aug 2012Posted 2nd Aug 2012
2 Free Ebooks. SF/Urban
Jonathan Wood’s debut novel, No Hero, introduced the world to Arthur Wallace, the MI37 agent who dared ask: “What Would Kurt Russell Do?” Well, today we’re thrilled to be offering … Read more

hot thanks


Hot! Thanks for this!

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