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Linx windows 8.1 10 inch tablet with Office 365 for 12 months £149.99 @ Williams Medical Supplies
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Posted 18th Dec 2014Posted 18th Dec 2014
Linx windows 8.1 10 inch tablet with Office 365 for 12 months £149.99 @ Williams Medical Supplies£149.99
Williams Medical - Also available 7 inch model £74.99 & 8 inch model £89.99

Orderd mine from laptop direct off ebay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=181609884242 but was £180


Definately comes with 365. Make sure the date and time are set correctly before running the setup or it exits with an error. not a bad tablet for the price.


I will check again, I know it's there as such but when I go to run it it comes up with an error something like unable to determine which product it is and the installer exit's.


Click on the Office tile and follow the instructions. These come with a pre-installed licence, but you still need to go online to download the Office software and register it on your Microsoft account.


I picked mine up today from Argos. for the price, a decent tablet. I'll be trading in an old tablet so effectively £129. I also recieved a £10 voucher. Screen is pretty decent. keyboard a bit hit an miss. check the 8" tablet deal for a list of cables that allegedly allow you to charge from a usb power adaptor (converts the usb end to the correct connector for this device).

Mates Original 144 Condoms £11.50 @ WMS.com
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Posted 12th Apr 2014Posted 12th Apr 2014
Mates Original 144 Condoms £11.50 @ WMS.com£11.50
Mates Original Condoms - Clinic Pack A great value clinic pack of 144 non-spermicidal condoms. Features Non-spermicidal Specifications Length: 185mm Width: 53mm Wall thickness:… Read more
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Worst condoms ever they always split.


Heat for the amazing banter condom deals bring. Love a bit of rubber laughs.


says not available for buying online :-o


what odd names for your balls


30 years ago that would have been fine for just over 4 weeks, nowadays, I think they'd turn to dust or expire before they actually ran out... :{

Letz-U-Vrip Snow and Ice Grip for shoes @ WMS
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Posted 4th Mar 2014Posted 4th Mar 2014
Letz-U-Vrip Snow and Ice Grip for shoes @ WMS£0.01
snow and ice grips for your shoes... reduced by 99.87% and cost only 1p Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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showing £7.99

encrypted usb 16GB stick £228 @ WMS
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
encrypted usb 16GB stick £228 @ WMS£228
https://www.wms.co.uk/Technology_Solutions/Encrypted_USB_Memory_Sticks/SafeStick_Encrypted_USB_Memory_Sticks encrupted usb
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Yeah its a crappy deal Lol spwllling was deliberated mistake


You could buy any usb pen and use stegnos to encrypt it. http://www.zdnet.co.uk/reviews/security-management-tools/2004/11/02/steganos-security-suite-70-39172305/ I managed to get my version free a while ago.


even though this is already a cold deal you do realise that it is £60 cheaper to buy two 8gb drives?


Oh and there cheap too.


Intergral do great encrypted pen drives. I have an 8GB one from work, get the password wrong 3 times and it formats the drive. Brilliant... now whats the password for that thing.

144 Condoms £8.53 + p&p @ Williams Medical Supplies
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Posted 19th Jan 2011Posted 19th Jan 2011
144 Condoms £8.53 + p&p @ Williams Medical Supplies£15.17
People lend me your ears (and only your ears) Here we have 144 condoms for £8.53!!! For all the single studs this is a months supply....... for you you married me out there, this … Read more

I used this site for sizing up http://www.condomwarehouse.co.uk/CONDOMS-Durex-Condoms/c2_3/index.html You don't need to buy from there and elite are 205mm long (not 200mm). Every millimetre counts, especially for the girth. If only they were wide enough!


Im sure if you search u can find some smaller ones


right, how do i delete this post. I am not having a bunch of frigid, one move, sex on friday night only, "its my bday, can i have sex" people who vote cold without any sort of explanation.


Big knobs this way.....^^^^^^^^


Admittedly, these are tight on me too.... best thing you can do is buy the spray or pull out before its too late :) Oh and im not endorsing unprotected sex. P.s your a bleeding show off!!!!!

144 Moods condoms(various) for £8.35 + 6.49 delivery at Williams medical supplies
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Posted 17th Nov 2010Posted 17th Nov 2010
144 Moods condoms(various) for £8.35 + 6.49 delivery at Williams medical supplies£14.84
Williams medical supplies have various (144) clinic packs of moods condoms for just under £15 delivered. Bring on the jokes and cheesy comments.

oh cumm cumm now. 8)


Its a great deal. Enjoy your 864 condoms and 3 condom demonstrators! No offence but you must have a good time in mind!!!!




wasnt that 2 punchlines to 1 joke? think you meant: What do a coffin and a condom have in common? They're both filled with stiffs... What's the difference between a condom & a coffin? You come in one & go in the other... thats the way i heard them anyway X)


Couldnt use that many in 2 life times........ im married lol

144 Moods Condoms £12.80 delivered at Williams Medical Supplies
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Posted 12th Jun 2010Posted 12th Jun 2010
144 Moods Condoms £12.80 delivered at Williams Medical Supplies£12.80
As mentioned by RagamuffinGirl in the mates thread, these work out at £6 cheaper than the mates deal. Available in a variety of pleasure giving styles Moods Condoms - UltraThin Cl… Read more

great price but dont need to use them


Granted ]Table 1 of the NHS study is not entirely clear or easy to read, given that some data is stated - down to two decimal points of one percent, some data is rounded up to one percentage point. However, it is linked not just to Paragard advertising literature but cites ]110 references, and failure rates data are adapted from table 3.2 in []National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health, 2005], which adapted data from [Trussell, J. (2004) Contraceptive efficacy. In: Hatcher, R.A., Trussell, J., Stewart, F. et al. (Eds.) Contraceptive technology. 18th edn. New York: Ardent Media. ]. Anyway, a 2% cumulative pregnancy rate over 12 years is quite impressive, for those women lucky enough to "fit" the criteria for IUDs (pun intended). Congrats, Midurix! :thumbsup:


There we go, it's a link to the NHS which links to a study on a product called ParaGard. ]Their literature claims it is 99.4% effective ... which tallies. If all IUDs are 99.99% effective, why is the manufacturer trying to make their product look 'poor'?


the best contraceptive is a glass of water not before sex, not after sex, but instead of sex :-D


do these come in xxxx large ????