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Football Manager 2021 at Woking FC Shop for £24.50 delivered
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Posted 13th Dec 2020Posted 13th Dec 2020
Football Manager 2021 at Woking FC Shop for £24.50 delivered£24.50£3018% off
Fm21, cheapest i could find it after I kept missing earlier deals.

Just managed to order a copy, for the same price £20 plus £4.50 delivery. Really surprised this is still in stock, hopefully i don't now get a cancellation email (lol)


Maybe plus delivery?


It now shows as £20 on their site?


It's essentially a cardboard sleeve with a code inside.


Can you confirm there was a steam code inside?

Woking FC Bargain Season Ticket, £99 Adult £20 Child!
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Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
Woking FC Bargain Season Ticket, £99 Adult £20 Child!£99
Watch every home game in Season 2017/2018 for just £99, or £20 for children. OK its not Premier league standard, but at just £5 a go you still get to see some great games at Vanar… Read more

I think Woking FC needs to hire Jamie O'Hara. I hear he is in demand these days.




Hahahaha don't you just love people with a sense of humour


Every time I hear Woking I think of this classic... Neil: How about this one then? Jay: Championship manager? Completed it. Neil: But you cant complete it. Jay: err, I know, But I got so good at it they offered me a role in the England set-up. Neil: Did they? Jay: I took Woking from the conference to the champions league in 6 seasons, that kind of stuff doesnt go unnoticed. X)


We don't care what the Woking say.....what the hell do we care!!!!

FM15 £20 @ Woking club shop
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Posted 28th Dec 2014Posted 28th Dec 2014
FM15 £20 @ Woking club shop£20
Fm15 cheap. only available from club shop at ground I believe. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Got no fans....


Cold, cheaper with cd keys


Comment Football Manager..


What is fm15?

England C v Czech Republic Under 21s - Free Admission
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Posted 4th Nov 2013Posted 4th Nov 2013
England C v Czech Republic Under 21s - Free Admission
England C v Czech Republic Under 21s Tuesday 19 November kick-off 6pm at KINGFIELD STADIUM Admission FREE! Woking Football Club are privileged to be hosting this prestige Int… Read more



My son is half Czech, this is a great deal!


Do everyone a favour, and crawl back under your stone.


I think you'll find that's just "England".


this is great for people who follow non league football. there is football supporters that support teams outside the premier league.

Football Manager 2013 - £12 delivered from Woking FC
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Posted 13th Nov 2012Posted 13th Nov 2012
Football Manager 2013 - £12 delivered from Woking FC£12
£10 + £2 delivery Maximum of 2 copies per person.

Mine arrived as well !


Mine too! Very happy.


Mine arrived today! Guess I was one of the lucky ones. :-)


Mine has gone to processing as well, hope it arrives!


Got mine too :D

Football Manager 2013 Boxed Local Woking FC
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Posted 12th Nov 2012Posted 12th Nov 2012
Football Manager 2013 Boxed Local Woking FC£10
I appreciate that this is a local deal but as I know they get these at a discounted rate as a non-league club your local one may offer a similar deal. Absolute steal for anyone wh… Read more
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Received an email earlier today from them that stated "Your payment has been refunded because we are out of stock and are unable to obtain further supplies and giving me the status of my payment which is refunded.. Will be checking the old paypal account later on just to make sure..


I ordered off the site and still havent received a refund. Anyone else?


Same here.. I'm assuming that there was a lot of demand and as the OP has stated was supposed to be a local listing but with the delivery and looks like it was moved.. Still a pretty good deal though for those who do live locally and well worth a punt to see if they would deliver..


I just got a refund from Woking FC to my paypal. No reason given.


My point is this was uploaded as a local deal and the deal is still available in the shop- just not to order as was the second upload of this deal as the delivery feature was added due to the strong demand :)

Football Manager 2011 - £21.99 @ Woking FC Shop
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Posted 13th Nov 2010Posted 13th Nov 2010
Football Manager 2011 - £21.99 @ Woking FC Shop£21.99
The newest version of Football Manager, for the PC, for £19.99, plus £2 postage. Can't find this any cheaper elsewhere.
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