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Nabis Nemi single lever pull out kitchen tap £30 (£8.39 delivery) @ Wolseley
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Nabis Nemi single lever pull out kitchen tap £30 (£8.39 delivery) @ Wolseley£38.39
Highly convenient and robust, the Nabis Nemi kitchen tap with swivel spout action and pull-out dual function spray head is ideal for a busy family kitchen. Operated via a smart sin… Read more

In practical terms, I have "suffered" with this type tap for a few years. Now I have this. Much happier now :D


Any good deals on basin taps anywhere, need to replace mine :p


https://www.wolseley.co.uk/wcsstore7.00.1066.986/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/images/products/AssetPush/DTP_AssetPushHighRes/std.lang.all/li/st/Kitchen_Tap_Spares_List.pdf If you look under documents, you'll see a spare parts list. These parts are common across the range, and will be available for years. You could always pre-empt and buy a couple of washers and cartridges...


Buy a spare cos when the rubber goes in the flexi no way will you find parts a year+ down the road


Wow that's not a good looking tap! good price so heat added

Raptor Auger Drill Bits - 5 Piece Set £10.67 (Free C&C) @ Wolsey
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
Raptor Auger Drill Bits - 5 Piece Set £10.67 (Free C&C) @ Wolsey£10.67
Free c&c. Includes the following sizes: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 26mm x 400mm Suitable for drilling into wood, laminates, plaster board and MDF Machined pitched screw allows fo… Read more

Not the same rubbish you're used too.


Like £7 quick ebay search. Stop posting tat.


Here we go.


Rip off


I too picked mine up today and noticed the same, it took them a while to find it. They are far bigger than envisaged - I'm very happy - thank you OP.

Nabis Torc basin mixer tap without waste £23.99 @ Wolseley
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Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019
Nabis Torc basin mixer tap without waste £23.99 @ Wolseley£23.99£97.9876% off
Nabis brand bathroom products are amongst the best of the market and we strive to provide you with quality every time. Features An elegant waterfall spout for a touch of luxury … Read more

is this better than the Grohe from amazon few weeks ago? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/grohe-23330000-bauedge-basin-mixer-tap-2599-at-amazon-3258362


Hi aparri44 I wanted to thank you for this post, as we have been looking for a suitable tap for our on suite. Purchased with reservations , but ,wow. The quality is superb and the Bristan (same tap) is £105 ish. All fitted and is perfect. Brilliant find and even the wife is happy, that is amazing. Thanks again..


Just collected the last one near me. Cheers ! Seems quite good for the price.


This are brilliant if you want to soak your trousers and bathroom floor every time you try to wash your hands.


bought this a while ago genuine article great price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NABIS-INGA-Square-Waterfall-Mono-Basin-Mixer-Tap-Chrome-Brass/392297188516?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Nest Cam Outdoor £102 @ Wolseley
235° Expired
Posted 19th Jun 2019Posted 19th Jun 2019
Nest Cam Outdoor £102 @ Wolseley£102£17241% off
Cheapest I have seen the normal Nest Cam Outdoor in a long time. It looks like stock is being cleared for a newer version. Wolseley provide free delivery or collection. I tried us… Read more

Not your fault mate. Obviously don’t know how long that deal was up for when you found it; but I ordered within 30 mins of you posting the deal. Wouldn’t hold your breath though. Best of it is, I emailed them requesting my account to be removed and they emailed back to say, sorry you’ve decided to cancel your order..... (confused) (skeptical) (poo)


Hmm no email from them yet, order still waiting to be dispatched. Their website is shocking, so wouldn't be surprised if no one from this deal was able to snag one. 😞 Sorry for all the run around.


Yea just had the same email. Reckon it’s absolute rubbish they’ve sold out.


Huts got email saying no stock so order now cancelled


So I had one ordered for collection and had an email to confirm. Just got an email cancelling due to lack of stock. A complete joke!

Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit £71.94 @ Wolseley
189° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit £71.94 @ Wolseley£71.94£129.6645% off
Introducing Wiser, the beautifully simple multi-zone heating system from Drayton. Easy to install from app to thermostat, Wiser is the altogether better, smarter, easier way to per… Read more

Update: I went to online chat last night with Wolseley- they said they did still have some stock but it was dotted all over the place (at the clearance price- which is because they are discontinuing the product, for what it's worth). The helpful lady said that if I placed an order at my local branch they would stock transfer it there within 5 days- but that I couldn't place an order online. So this morning 08:00 I rang my local branch. Turned out they had one of the kit 2 (which I needed) and 2 of the rad valves. I needed 10 rad valves though; which the chap thought was hilarious, until he realised that no other store carried more than 2- so he had to go ringing around loads of other stores to get stock transfers organised. I was given a warning that it might not be possible since they have stock take next Friday, and they are not allowed to stock transfer in the week before, so they can stock take properly. I dropped the little one off to school, and rocked up at the branch 09:15. The chap I spoke to had managed to strong arm half the West Country into sending their stock to him on the basis it was hardly any distance, and they would be in and sold before stock take- and all 8 valves will be here probably by this Friday. So, much credit and thanks to Matt at the Montpelier branch; nice one Matt, cheers. I had to pay for all 10 valves and the kit then and there- was < £300, which I, and Matt, thought was amazingly cheap ("now I know why you were leaning on me to get the valves, that's a great price for that lot"). So I brought the kit and 2 valves home, the kit was easy enough to install (with a little help from Vincent at the tech support department emailing me the relevant wiring diagrams). Followed the instructions to connect and register the system and the 2 rad valves and install the app- all seems to be owrking perfectly (including hot water). Since then I've installed IFTTT and got geofencing going (along with a few other Android related applets- looks useful this IFTTT). So (1) there may be some more of this kit out there if someone is as keen as I was (I know my branch had one kit 1 on the shelft for example), and (2) touch wood, the system seems to be working very well!


Kit 1 and 2 are no longer available, kit 3 is > £225. I wish I'd seen this at the time...


I'm really surprised this has not gone hotter


I think it assumes you already have the tank temp sensor... "Introducing Wiser, the beautifully simple multi-zone heating system from Drayton. Easy to install from app to thermostat, Wiser is the altogether better, smarter, easier way to personalise home heating. Features Two channel thermostat pack ideal for conventional systems Enables you to control heating and hot water via the Wiser Heat app Wire in existing cylinder thermostat for hot water control"


For a system boiler , what else do I need, apart from kit 2 and trv s, do they have the tank temp sensor and valve?

DRAYTON Wiser TRV Radiator Valve - £21.59 at Wolseley
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Posted 12th Jun 2019Posted 12th Jun 2019
DRAYTON Wiser TRV Radiator Valve - £21.59 at Wolseley£21.59£39.9946% off
Great deal here, almost 50% off the next cheapest at screwfix! Great chance to add to your smart system!

oh lord why I have missed it :o


Check bank statements if you ordered these. For some reason I was charged £15 delivery even though it should be free - and order confirmation didn't show this delivery charge. Emailed and had it refunded no problem.


Seems like they've cleared all their stock now


I wouldn’t take his comment literally obviously. He’s only having some fun about saving money (y)


Oh, so if I don't buy some of these I need to "turn hot water and heating off and sit in the dark eating out of date cat food"?

Yesss YCT37076B Cable ties glitch 7.6mm x 300 £0.12 at Wolseley - free c&c
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Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019
Yesss YCT37076B Cable ties glitch 7.6mm x 300 £0.12 at Wolseley - free c&c£0.12£2.5195% off
I found very low price for cable ties, only £0.12. Normally around £1.5 for a bag of 100.

19p for a 2nd class, 26p for 1st class is the cheapest I can remember them.


These would be large letter aswell


Just looked it up coz i’m sure ‘back in the day’ it used to be 20p but it’s currently 61p for a second class letter! :o


Would be lucky to get your money back then (:I


Damn right it’s an inconvenience!

Bosch GSB18-2-LI Plus combi drill with batteries kit 2 x 1.5Ah £59.99 @ Wolseley
2085° Expired
Refreshed 3rd Mar 2019Refreshed 3rd Mar 2019
Bosch GSB18-2-LI Plus combi drill with batteries kit 2 x 1.5Ah £59.99 @ Wolseley£59.99£83.9929% off
The Bosch GSB 18-2-LI Professional Combi Drill is a powerful, high performance combi drill with compact design and low weight to aid handling. It features electronic cell and motor… Read more

Hi - I got this drill, and for the little use its had so far, I'm happy with it. 2 questions, if anyone can help: 1 - What's the easiest way to check for chuck wobble? "Looking at it while it's on" might be the best way, and by that method it looks OK, but it's hard to feel confident. (The groove cut into drill bit means there isn't a hard/solid edge to compare movement against.) Guess it would be a bit easier if I hold the drill against a solid surface, to so any hand wobble Putting a biro in the end and trying to write with the drill switched on, although inconclusive re chuck wobble, was quite good fun. :) 2 - The collar rotates between three modes. I understand drill and hammer modes. What's the screwdriver mode? Isn't that the same as drill? Cheers.


For anyone that added any item to push the order value over £60 for free home delivery: CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENT. The order confirmation stated the correct price, but on checking online banking, they added £15 to the price (presumably for delivery). Having had issues with them doing this before (a Nest Protect order) months ago, and been told they were aware of it and that it would be solved shortly, they clearly are doing it intentionally. Now have to call them tomorrow to get the £15 refunded. Unnecessary hassle.


Got mine today from bishop auckland they still had one left


I wonder how reliable Bosch warranty is? Registered mine took a bit of time tho as you have to register drill, batteries and charger individually.


Seems to be 3 years for the tool and 2 years for the batteries. Haven't got round to yet but came with a leaflet inside detailing how to register,also couple others just above posted link to same. Didn't get using it today as planned but had another look when putting some drill bits etc into box. I think it might well have a very slight wobble on the bit,plastic ring definitely has it but possibly chuck too. Nothing excessive but pretty poor form for professional grade tools if was paying full price. At this price I'll wait and see if it proves to have one first, or causes an issue with my pretty light use. If so as previous poster says can always try through bosch warranty first.

Bosch GSB18-2VLI combi drill with batteries kit (2 x 1.5Ah)  £83.99 @ Wolseley
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019
Bosch GSB18-2VLI combi drill with batteries kit (2 x 1.5Ah) £83.99 @ Wolseley£83.99
Free C&C.

Great drill and not much more expensive than the Bosch green kits. I have this drill and the impact driver, definitely recommend getting the impact driver if you’re going to do something like decking or a project involving lots of screws! However if already have the batteries from another set you can get the drill on it’s own for £55ish elsewhere


Been £60 back on black friday, bagged 12


Cheers mate


Keep an eye on eBay for the dual kit L-Boxx. I did the same as you and got both for £150 then found a new L-Boxx 136 for £20 delivered which fits both tools and charger.


No. Only one machine can fit inside the box provided with the combi drill. I just use a tool bag.

Bathscreen for showering £46.80 - free C&C @ Wolseley (formally Plumb Center)
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019
Bathscreen for showering £46.80 - free C&C @ Wolseley (formally Plumb Center)£46.80£102.3654% off
Product Description Stylish curved over bath screen with a chrome frame and clear glass. Features Easy to clean 4mm Glass 1500x850mm This is a decent quality bathscreen and sp… Read more

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