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Weber® Q2000 Black With Stand £279 Delivered @ Wowbbq
Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
This is £70 cheaper than anyone else, I can see selling it at the moment, good price if in the market for one today. If you want all the performance of a Weber gas barbecue but in… Read more

Funnily enough I went from this to a genesis 2 4 burner and feel exactly the same


Nice. If I hadn't gone down the charcoal (charcoal (taste) vs gas barbecue (convenience)) then I would have gone for one of these.


Have the Q2200 which is the same as this. No Complaints so far! although I did sadly pay allot more.


Excellent BBQ, have exactly the same for quite some years and it works excellent.


Have had one of these for about 6 years now.. Actually bought the cart form the B&Q deal last month. It is outside in all weather & not a spot of rust & I live on the coast! I did have to replace the burner this season. They are a decent size for a small family. I also have the Q Rotisserie attachment & the chicken is amazing from it.

Weber Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 Charcoal Grill 57cm With Stainless Steel Hinged Grate, Cast Iron Sear Grate £329 Delivered @ Wowbbq
Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
Top of their range Charcoal BBQ at the cheapest I can see it anywhere at the moment if in the market one, includes Stainless Steel Hinged Grate, Cat iron Grate & Char Ring &amp… Read more

I really want the performer deluxe to come on offer!




I need to stop following your BBQ deals... my wife's getting rather annoyed at me constantly asking to buy a 5th BBQ.


Very good spec & model, not to bad a price either


BnQ gateshead had them, unless the scalpers have been again haha

Weber Compact Kettle 47cm - £74.49 delivered @ Wowbbq
Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
Weber Compact Kettle 47cm - £74.49 delivered @ Wowbbq£74.49£104.9929% off Free P&P Free
Amazing value on this classic BBQ. Weber make the best barbecues around and this is the perfect option for anyone wanting that authentic barbecue food.


Thanks for posting your first deal, @Nicholas_Graham (y)


B&Q in Norwich have one cheaper at the mo, so worth checking. If not, this is a good price.


50p more on Amazon if easier


When I visited shop in Coatbridge there was plenty of them but it was 2 days ago.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm & Cover £299 - 47cm Version £349 Delivered @ WowBBQ
459° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Great Bullet smokers if you want to do some lo&slo The Weber Smokey Mountain is produced from the same porcelain-enamelled steel that is the bedrock of the Weber charcoal ran… Read more

People are still selling new Aldi Kamado’s at retail price of £370 in so many Facebook groups where they’ve bought one and changed their mind, and there’s a 23.5” Kamado sold by a company on eBay with cover and accessories delivered for £499. They’re not all double. Or a company called Brockworth selling a 20” grill Kamado for £450 delivered, theres tonnes to choose from theyre just not the big brands.


To us double is not slightly more but would love one one day 43cm Pro Q is £350 (same price as this deal for 47cm Weber).


I’d honestly wait & get a Kamado. Even if slightly more in cost; it’ll be worth your while if you cook outdoors a lot. Or even get a cheaper version of the WSM, think Pro Q did one


Yeah they look great, just I looked quite hard and couldn't find anything available to beat the Weber at this price. Agree Aldi could do it but not sure if it will come in again this year. Looked up La Hacienda and that is £699 at Robert dyas and sold out even so (at double the price of the same thing at Aldi). Didn't look used because I guess they are difficult to skip ship and wouldn't be any available near me I think


I’ve got the Aldi one for £350, had it a few years and is really good. I didn’t realise costco was £600, you’re right. Maybe wait for the Aldi one or find a Chinese supplier or check La Hacienda directly as that’s what the Aldi one is. People still sell used Aldi ones around £300ish.

Weber 47cm Compact BBQ - £80 with free delivery from Wow BBQ
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Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Weber 47cm compact kettle with free delivery. Also currently available for £88 at Amazon.

Don't hesitate. Had ours for twenty years and it's like brand new. Keep it out uncovered all summer.


Says use for direct grilling only but I do indirect all the time just don't expect to get lots on there at once if you've got people coming over. Ash catcher is a bit pokey and not as easy to clean as the bigger versions but the build quality is awesome. There's no comparison to the junk that you pick up at Argos/Wilko etc that does you one Summer before rusting over, been there done that.


We leave ours out all the time and a wee wash cleans it up brilliantly. The standard of the build in exceptional and it must be to survive eight years in the Highlands. "Argos" goes in the metal skip and shatters into exploding rust dust.


I’ve had this for three years now. Got it about £60. After a good clean in spring it looked brand new. Regularly feed 4 in one sitting and larger groups on a rota.


Buy cheap pay ten times.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub (3202) £109.99 Delivered @ WowBBQ
-157° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub (3202) £109.99 Delivered @ WowBBQ£109.99£13015% off
Cheapest I've seen anyone selling this before and only a tenner more at this price than the IGrill 3, Got this built into my Pellet Grill and find it very useful. It connects via B… Read more

Thank you, I was a little concerned by the reviews on Amazon.


The hub is the way better device. . It can measure ambient temp of the grill whilst cooking as well as the IT of the meat you're cooking.. It runs on Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Descent app with it that gives you step by step cooking guides, set your desired IT temp of your meat your cooking, able to follow IT and ambient temp on the app on your phone, adjusts itself to expected finish time with notifications to your phone when temps have been reached ir if ambient temp has dropped or increased between the desired temps you have set. The software was designed by JUNO but Weber have bought them now so it can all be moved in house. It has vastly improved since they have and will only get better now imho Weber table of differences between Igrill and Connect devices


Hubby is after one of these, is the hub better than the Igrill 3? Thanks in advance


I have never seen the Eastern Europeans who wash my car with a sponge drink a beer so not sure what your point is (confused)


Same logic cleaning a car down with a sponge..... Heat for me

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Weber (8835) GBS Hinged Cooking Grates 57cm - £29.49 Delivered @ Wowbbq
468° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Weber (8835) GBS Hinged Cooking Grates 57cm - £29.49 Delivered @ Wowbbq£29.49£5344% off
Good price if looking to replace or upgrade your 57cm kettle grates, with these GBS grates looking north of £50 elsewhere for a set of these Description Weber Gourmet BBQ System H… Read more

Just had mine delivered in a wrapped bin bag. Was expecting it to arrive in a weber box. Anyone else had theirs delivered in a bin bag?


FFS the price went up as it was in my basket!


£78.74 + p&p for stainless.


Now all we need are good deals for the overpriced accessories that make use of this.


Thanks for posting. Your thread has been selected for our Highlights pages (highfive)

Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill £971.10 @ WowBBQ
-160° Expired
Posted 8th Oct 2020Posted 8th Oct 2020
Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill £971.10 @ WowBBQ£971.10£1,07910% off
First time seen it under £1000 in the UK 24” GBS Wood Fired Pellet Grill Use as a low and slow smoker Grill at a searing hot 315c (600F) Ready to cook in just 15 minutes New… Read more

Have you considered Fornetto? They were selling them off on eBay dirt cheap a while ago ....


Exactly the reason I hate HUKD - people who haven’t a clue commenting on deals they have no clue about. This is the best price I’ve seen this for. Have some heat.


highly recommend it, we got it done towards the start of the year and it was a godsend in the lockdown, the cost was little more than this BBQ, and if you have a premium BBQ you can really get the use out if it all year round.


Be that as it may, this sites called Hot U.K. Deals and this is a good price, people are voting cold because they don’t like it, or can’t afford it. It defeats the purpose of this site by downvoting a good deal on a product.


Smokey mountain is max half of this price, and depending of the model, you can even get it for £200-250. I've mentioned alr3ady that's expensive but still reasonable, lots of people can afford to pay that price. Not many can afford this one and the majority who can, will probably not get it anyway. But as you said, apple to oranges.

Weber Original Kettle Premium E-5730 Charcoal Grill 57cm - £188@ WOWBBQ
1319° Expired
Refreshed 9th Nov 2020Refreshed 9th Nov 2020
Weber Original Kettle Premium E-5730 Charcoal Grill 57cm - £188@ WOWBBQ£199£24920% off Free P&P Free
Update 1
Back in stock
Great price! Free Delivery The Original Kettle is the iconic Weber BBQ Kettle design Weber say, "ignite the coals and barbecue for the entire family on this classic charcoal b… Read more

Back up to £225 now!


Keen to use this off-season to pick up a BBQ ready for next year, but think I'm going to cross fingers for a decent discount on the master touch.


I have a beer can chicken that fits perfectly in my 57cm. Just perfect.


I'm hoping the master touch premium would come down in price. Come on.....


Weber compact Portable Chimney Starter - £17.09 + £4.50 Delivery @ WOW BBQ
-137° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2020Posted 20th Jul 2020
Weber compact Portable Chimney Starter - £17.09 + £4.50 Delivery @ WOW BBQ£21.59
These have been out of stock for a while and just starting to come back in. I have been looking for one this size for a while, perfect for the smaller portable weber BBQ's such as … Read more

I paid £5 for one from aldi


I think some people were talking about lighting using flammable liquids as an alternative to a chimney starter. Yes you can light a bbq without a chimney and you can without using flammable liquids but a chimney makes it so easy and fast that I think it’s a decent purchase. I know that I’ll be using my bbq a whole lot more knowing it’s always ready to cook on after 15 - 20 minutes and no effort at all.


People talking about petrol/spirits as an alternative method of lighting a bbq, however if a kettle is used properly it avoids using those types of products. Which means no chance of the food having a flammable product flavour in the food.


Webers are overpriced in my opinion,i do have a Weber kettle type and they last longer than the cheap supermarket bbq.But the firestarter at this price nah.


Would you say the same for a Weber bbq compared to a cheaper one? Maybe I got unlucky when in bought a cheap starter once in the past.

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