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Xercise4less is one of the best gym chains in the UK. At Xercise4less, fitness enthusiasts have access the latest gym equipment as well as more than 200 gym classes monthly, which helps them burn fat, stay fit, or build muscle mass. Xercise4less is well known for low prices and customers can find further offers and discounts using the codes listed at hotukdeals. How to redeem xercise4less vouchers
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-100% Discount
-100% Discount
Xcersise4Less gym free for one month and £0 joining fee with code. Any Price plan. Plus free 5 day unlimited gym pass
Good gym membership deals. Please note this gym is only available in a few locations

Its probably "got bad reviews" because it deserves "bad reviews"


So true, probably why j didn't quibble. Although the showers have been cold all summer !


So you didnt understand or read the contract, you have to give 30 days notice, same as most contracted gyms, phone contracts etc... You willingly signed up with those conditions then slate them after for it 😴 this is why they have such bad reviews


I registered about 2 months before my local one opened and I received an email saying they have membership available at the pre opening offer rate of £9.99 per month with a price4life guarantee


Totally agree! After the 12 month I paid for they still wanted another £30 from me..I'd never give them another penny again! They could've let me cancel without me paying them extra for the privilege!

£56 Discount
£56 Discount
Xercise4Less peak membership £11.99 pm, no joining fee using code (min 12 months = £143.88 total)
This has come round again! Peak membership to all of their gyms, £11.99 pm, no joining fee, minimum 12 month contract. Only until 22nd Oct.

The code dont work


I pay £9.99 pm so this is relatively good.


Hey its £9.99 but they pretend to put £11.99 etc etc. Just wait till next month and then get 1 month for free!

£11.99 Discount
£11.99 Discount
Xercise4Less peak membership, no joining fee for £11.99pm with code
Promotion ends midnight 28th August

i need help how does this work pls?


I refer to the picture of a crying baby these gyms have on the wall :)


Many reports I've seen on the internet say they keep taking direct debits after cancelling, even for many months after, and that's the problem. I guess you just need to be prepared to lose the money, keep good records of what you send when, and be forceful and threaten small claims court action.


I posted a comment on their Facebook advert highlighting reports of difficulty cancelling, and they seem to have banned me. I'm still considering signing up for this deal though as this gym is most convenient for where I live and work. I've been there a few times with a Payasugym pass and haven't had any real issues, though the sign in the men's changing rooms saying the cleaner may be female is a bit worrying.


Bad customer relations brands them scammers.

£11.99 Discount
£11.99 Discount
NO JOINING FEE! Join Xcercise4less for £11.99 a month without admin fee
INSTRUCTIONS: Across clubs up and down the country, Xcercise4less are offering a deal where you just pay £11.99 a month without joining fee. Just enter code: ZERO. Offer ends Su… Read more

This offer has been extended until tomorrow!


Terrible company

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Xercise4Less - no joining fee flexible membership - £9.99/month - No Minimum Term
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Posted 26th Jul 2020Posted 26th Jul 2020
Xercise4Less - no joining fee flexible membership - £9.99/month - No Minimum Term£9.99
Good deal if you are looking to get back into the gym. Plus you get 3 months free membership of the taste card. No joining fee and no minimum term.

I work for Sandwell leisure Trust and while things sint great at the minute it will be worth looking at their membership if classes are important. DM me if yiu want a bit of info (don't worry I won't be selling you anything, we don't get commission (mad) (lol) )


Decent deal however xercise is the worst gym I've ever been too. A quick search online and youl find that they try to scam people out of money all the time and send horrible letters saying you owe them money. I never paid and they did nothing


Thanks for the info... Taking a look at Energie gym by the old toysrus. Need somewhere that does classes for my wife and daughter. I'm just happy to be doing Cardio. Thanks again.


"National gym chain, Xercise4Less and its parent company Wright Leisure Topco Limited have called in administrators. The Leeds-based firm has appointed Toby Underwood and Rob Lewis of PwC as joint administrators, who have confirmed the sale of the business to a subsidiary of JD Sports Gyms Limited (JDG)" Not all X4L gyms are reopening, if they have a local JDSports branch


I sined up for three accounts for stockton north got email asking me to fill form out but it wont let me i sent many emails and left phone msg but nothing returned, my gym says open but this is starting to smell like a scam.

Free 90 day access to online and home gym workouts inc on demand classes e.g. Yoga, Body Balance, Pilates @ Xercise4less
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Posted 18th May 2020Posted 18th May 2020
Free 90 day access to online and home gym workouts inc on demand classes e.g. Yoga, Body Balance, Pilates @ Xercise4lessFREE£0.01
Xercise4less is giving everyone free access to their online gym portal, including dedicated workouts you can do at home. This includes on demand classes e.g. yoga, body balance etc… Read more

just what i need right now, thanks. i will give it a try


It may be just me but I really find companies/services with '4less', 'budget' etc. in their name putting off even before I'll get to their website. It's similar to those garden maintenance companies/contractors/cleaners with their own website but gmail.com email address. It just doesn't look right. You don't need to add something like this to your business name. If it's cheaper than competition people are still going to buy your services. I'd replace my windows with company called 'good windows' rather than 'budget windows'.


Standing on one leg isn't usually that impressive, but she's rather top heavy!


The gym and others are doing free lessons online such as Facebook



1 Month Gym Membership + 60 Minute Personal Trainer session (normally £35) £1 @ Xercise4Less (Using code)
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Posted 5th Nov 2019Posted 5th Nov 2019
1 Month Gym Membership + 60 Minute Personal Trainer session (normally £35) £1 @ Xercise4Less (Using code)£1
Good offer here I think overall. However please read all of the description before purchasing and complete Step 2 at the same time you complete Step 1. Credit to MSE for the code… Read more

Been going here for nearly 2 years now. £12.79 a month. Just wish they would sort the leaky roof and the fact that the place is freezing in winter. It's never too busy though so can't complain.


Unfortunately these "promo" gimmicks only benefit the gym. for £1 they get an extra bit of income before xmas. some people may/ will forget to cancel and then find they have a further payment(s) to be taken out in the new year


Still a good deal in my eyes.. Second month will be £19.99 though.


I called them and they confirmed you will be charged for 2 months as cancellation takes 30 days to come into afffect which means by the time you have cancelled you will have already been charged for second month. But you still get to use it for the whole of the second month.


Yes be careful , just read in the terms it says that once cancelled another payment will be taken before cancelled.So I doubt anyone will get away with just £1 for a month.

Unlimited 3 Day Free Gym Pass Available from Xercise4less
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Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
Unlimited 3 Day Free Gym Pass Available from Xercise4lessFREE£35
Xercise4Less offers its customers a bigger space, more equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means gym members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to wi… Read more

It’s only offering a free 1 day pass not 3 days?


I've had bad experience with this company!


To not get bombarded be calls just tell them you're looking for a gym with tennis courts/a pool/something they don't have. They won't waste their time trying to get you to join then.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


I've had less hassle from a derranged stalker, almost needed a restraining order despite telling them to not contact me again during the first follow up call. If going to venture down the free pass geta 1p sim and disposable email so you can bin them both post trial

Xercise4Less Gym 8 Week Body Transformation Camp only £49
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Xercise4Less Gym 8 Week Body Transformation Camp only £49£49£10051% off
Was looking to book this in Oct for 100 quid, now just seen their Black Friday deal is £49 for 8 week course.
Get deal*Get deal*

Cheers. I just need to get fit!


I've just completed my second camp in a row, and signed up for this next one. Most of us really enjoyed it, and it does wonders for your fitness levels (I started as a couched potato), but I can't say that we saw any huge weight losses if that's what you're looking for. It's great fun, really hard work, but really worth it - especially at this price. I'd recommend it generally.


Prob the worst time of year to do this lol


Looks good. Anyone tried this?

Xercise for less gym membership offer- £7.99 off peak/ £12.79 on peak
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Posted 6th Apr 2018Posted 6th Apr 2018
Xercise for less gym membership offer- £7.99 off peak/ £12.79 on peak£7.99£9.9920% off
🔥OFFER EXTENDED! 20% OFF GYM MEMBERSHIP! Starts from just £7.99pm 🔥 Offer now closes at midnight Sunday 8th April! ⏳ Full peak membership - was £15.99pm, … Read more

Too far away


Sounds an amazing deal.

Students deal: 20% off on Gym Membership using Unidays @ Xercise4less
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Posted 10th Jan 2018Posted 10th Jan 2018
Students deal: 20% off on Gym Membership using Unidays @ Xercise4less
Xercise4less is offering 20% off for student gym membership. Student membership starts from £12.79 per month. Full peak membership includes classes and eligibility to access all g… Read more
Free gym membership for kids @ xercise4less - Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle
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Posted 6th Feb 2017Posted 6th Feb 2017
Free gym membership for kids @ xercise4less - Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle
HOW IT WORKS Sessions are aimed at 3-5 years olds and their parent or guardian to promote physical activity and leading a healthier lifestyle overall. Within session there will be … Read more

This is supposed to be at Southend Xercise4less but they never have an instructor...so frustrating


​I do have kids yeah and I agree I wouldn't want them running around in the dark on their own. That being said, that doesn't mean kids need to be sat plonked on the sofa every night with a tablet in hand "keeping them safe". Nothing stopping then doing other things to keep active.


Gym for kids.. Honeybooboo comes to mind.


Heat for this deal, but for those looking for free exercise options look for your local parkrun which are open to anyone aged 4+. There are 5k parkruns on Saturday mornings, although under 11s must run with an adult. Junior parkruns are 2k on Sunday mornings for 4-14 years old and they don't need to run with an adult. Google it and register it in advance. You even get freebies after a certain number of runs.


I too used to be out all the time with my mates running around and on our bikes etc. however being a parent now (not sure if you have kids yourself) I couldn't imagine letting my daughters out doing everything I did, would worry me to death! I don't think it's fair to blame it all on electronic devices, some people may just prefer having their children safe where they can see them. I personally believe the issue with overweight kids is the food being provided to them....you are what you eat after all! That being said there's nothing stopping people from having a day out as a family in the park, walking or even biking - no cost involved other than time!

Xercise4less deal. £9.99 peak membership and nothing to pay for 30 days.
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Posted 4th Sep 2016Posted 4th Sep 2016
Xercise4less deal. £9.99 peak membership and nothing to pay for 30 days.£9.99
It's usually 15 a month but I've got it for 9.99 a month with nothing to pay upfront. Went to Edinburgh gym on link and used code studentek . Means I can use any of their gyms and … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

scotland exercise4less are all pretty good cos they're new too. my local one is run down as it is one of the oldest and clearly xercise4less don't really update and redo their gyms like puregym. I asked the manager of my xercise4less if they have plans to redo it cos it's looking run down and he got defensive saying it's not up to him and in his eyes it's maintained to a high standard and is very clean and he's been a trainer for X years. Its clean enough but as I told him I can do my workouts and its not a problem...I was just providing feedback which obviously wasn't taken politely as I meant it -_- biggest bugbear is that people don't put plates away at this gym. during a PT session even the trainer's tell clients to leave plates on bars. everyone puts dumbbells in random slots on the stand so it's always a hunting game. I'm used to it now


I'm in Scotland, all good! Haha


One in Bolton. close to town centre.


What one was that? I'll make sure I avoid it! The one I go to is well maintained. Someone's always about tidying.


I did hear of issues with cancelling, but I often wonder if those cancelling did it properly. One way out is to tell them you are re-locating, somewhere where they don't have their gyms like London or abroad. But, you shouldn't have to fight to cancel after you've completed your 12 month membership. I have heard positive though, so not all bad. I have two gyms I use and luckily, both are fairly well maintained. You do get the odd issue with weights not being replaced, but that was also a problem at my local council gyms. Down to ignorance in my opinion, a bit like not wiping the machines down after use.

xercise4less gym membership from £9.99
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Posted 20th Aug 2014Posted 20th Aug 2014
xercise4less gym membership from £9.99£9.99
xercise4less gym 9.99 monthly membership. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Get deal*Get deal*

Have you been a member long? Been contemplating joining for a little while


The Nottingham branch has been fine in my experience


Good man...thanks Everything looks north of Watford so no use anyway!


These are gym's out of hell !! mine is Wakefield and it's roof have leaked 6 times this year! they have had to close the gym each time . I'd suggest IF it's a new building then pay otherwise don't! We have had sewerage leaks, no fans, no heaters , loads of staff leaving , 3 new managers in 1 year! The management are however Very greedy. They just care and just want money . They haven't paid their pt trainers and so many have left. I know you can't grumble at 10 quid but don't say I never warned you. actually the price used to be £100 for 15 months. now they are skint and want to open more and more gyms, and 1 manager told me this !


You could have looked on the site, or instead, got me to for you.. Now Open Bolton Bristol Burnley Castleford Doncaster East Kilbride Falkirk Hull Leeds Liverpool Liverpool Speke Newcastle Newcastle-under-Lyme Nottingham Renfrew Rotherham St Helens Stockton North Stockton South Sunderland Swansea Wakefield Wigan Coming Soon Aberdeen Barnsley Birmingham Bradford Carlisle Dundee Edinburgh Gateshead Glasgow North Glasgow South Huddersfield Leeds South Leicester Southampton Wolverhampton York

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100%Xcersise4Less gym free for one month and £0 joining fee with code. Any Price plan. Plus free 5 day unlimited gym pass29/12/2019
£56Xercise4Less peak membership £11.99 pm, no joining fee using code (min 12 months = £143.88 total)20/10/2017
£11.99Xercise4Less peak membership, no joining fee for £11.99pm with code13/11/2020
£11.99NO JOINING FEE! Join Xcercise4less for £11.99 a month without admin fee6/12/2020
£2024 hours only: no admin fee - saves £20 - and 33% off the monthly cost using discount code @ Xercise4less14/03/2015