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Sena SMH5 Intercom £69.85 @ XLMoto
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Bit of a dated model now but still good to use. Experience your journey with your friends in a whole new way with the Sena SMH-5! Have hands-free calls, listen to voice instruct… Read more

I have this on a pillion/spare helmet, and use the 20S normally. Both are great units. The only downside? They are not water resistant and go absolutely berserk sometimes even in the lightest of showers. I personally expected more from the Sena units [but I still use them...]


Thanks for posting (y) Your thread has been selected for our Highlights pages (highfive)


I've got the FM and non-FM versions of these on separate helmets, great little units, great battery life, sound quality's not bad either.


I've got one of these, at least the FM version (also available at xlmoto for £91), and it can connect to multiple devices. I've had it connected to my phone, satnav, and intercom. It can't play sound from all 3 at once (the satnav interrupts intercom/phone music). I paid about £130 for mine 4 years ago, but the prices very rarely come down on these so I'd say its a good deal if you don't already have a headset


Gets awkward doing bike-to-bike that way though.

XLMOTO popup gazebo £99 + 11.99 delivery @ XL Moto
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Posted 6th Dec 2020Posted 6th Dec 2020
XLMOTO popup gazebo £99 + 11.99 delivery @ XL Moto£110.99
Been looking for a pop up gazebo and found this I've bought one as I think its a great price and to include the walls.There is also an option without the walls.

I did and I'm very impressed. Have used it for several social gatherings in the garden. Went for the 3 x 3m one,great size and fits a good sized table and 6 chairs under it nicely. It's heavy! But made to a high standard. B&M have some good plastic weights which feet around the legs nicely. I've put it up and down by myself with no problems once you get the hang of it


Can anyone who bought recommend if this was worth it? Looking to buy a cost efficient gazebo. TIA x


I just get a sorry this can't be shipped to the UK message?


Not sure my neighbours will appreciate it but....purchased! Cheaper than a new porch I figure. How easy to secure it to the ground without the designated sandbags I wonder?


Very tempting

Cardo Packtalk Bold Duo / JBL Intercom £377.99 @ XL Moto
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Posted 16th Sep 2020Posted 16th Sep 2020
Cardo Packtalk Bold Duo / JBL Intercom £377.99 @ XL Moto£377.99 Free P&P Free
Great price, been looking for a deal for a little while on this.
Summer sale 20% to 70% off at XL Moto - Delivery £3.95 / over £50 free
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Posted 3rd Jul 2020Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Summer sale 20% to 70% off at XL Moto - Delivery £3.95 / over £50 free

Hey @Jans125 , welcome to the site and congrats on your first post! As you can see, @Dan_82 added some examples in the additional info, which should help the post do well (highfive)


DFS of the biking world. Jean prices have increased lol


It’s always 20% off



Snowmobile padlock £21.99 + £3.95 del @ XL moto
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
Snowmobile padlock £21.99 + £3.95 del @ XL moto£25.94
I might need it one day.

If you know, you know. (highfive)


Slow deal day huh?


Why are they selling this here...Job lot picked up for peanuts and sold as a novelty for a tidy profit? By the look of the keys,not the best made lock...I'd stick with the usual suspects.


This deal just sums up HUKD. A product which is used on something not one person owns in the UK has gone hot.


Or use it as a family bike lock, it'll also hold up the 3 bikes so no need for a stand

Noco G750 Battery Charger/Maintainer - £9.99 + £3.95 delivery @ XL Moto
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Posted 26th Apr 2020Posted 26th Apr 2020
Noco G750 Battery Charger/Maintainer - £9.99 + £3.95 delivery @ XL Moto£13.94 £3.95
The G750 is a portable automatic battery charger and maintenance charger for both 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries! Designed for safe charging of motorcycles, quadbikes, snowmobiles… Read more

My Peugeot 5008 66 plate has an AGM, and that’s it. One battery only. Due to complex charging usage and charging setup Mercs need 2.


Not necessarily! My Merc has a small AGM battery as part of the stop/start system, but that is only to keep the stuff like lights, aircon fan etc ticking over. When the car re-starts it is using the main (big) battery.. and that can be anything, Wet lead/acid for instance.


Just to confirm these are the EU plug versions, personally I've ordered a conversion plug which would appear to house the EU plug, thus converting it to a UK plug from CPC Farnell for approx £2 each. Therefore with the conversion plug inc delivery these are working out approx £13 each for me as I bought 4. If I'd have thought I'd have bought 5 or 6 & saved £4 on p&p.


I think the saving of approx £20 should cover the £2 cost of an adapter plug. My delivery of 4 of these chargers should be any moment now. 4 units for £44 delivered, if I'd have thought, with free shipping over £50 I'd have bought more.


Please bear in mind this is an EU plug 🙃

Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto
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Posted 26th Feb 2020Posted 26th Feb 2020
Oxford BIG Boss Alarmed Lock 16 mm - £47.15 @ XL Moto£47.15£119.9961% off
Approved brake disc lock with built-in alarm. The lock is made from 100% hardened steel, while the powerful 16 mm shackle is impenetrable. The lock even comes with an ala… Read more

Can it be fitted to a loo roll? (confused)


I have one and the alarm is useless. You almost only hand to breath on it and it goes off. I get it should go off if someone tempers with it but it's extremely sensitive. Too much so in my opinion.


Smaller shackle less to cut through


Should ban portable angle grinders, Sure.


I had a good disc lock on my bike - they couldn't get it off when they tried to steal my bike so cut the disc off and left in in place of my bike with the lock still attached the scummy rats

24L Slipstream Water resistant MC Backpack (black) £12.94 delivered with code @ XLMoto
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Posted 25th Feb 2020Posted 25th Feb 2020
24L Slipstream Water resistant MC Backpack (black) £12.94 delivered with code @ XLMoto£12.94£20.9938% off
24L Backpack for bikers that has good reviews and decent feedback on here previously. Works out at £12.54 delivered for the black backpack using the newsletter signup code WELCOME… Read more

Usually on offer for £9.99 every other month, and the zips are always the first things to go.


Mines doing great so far 10 months use 6 days a week. Only just fits lunch bag, shorts, shirt, and small toolkit. Recommended if looking for hardcase, considering a new colour me self got the 🍊


Mine fell to pieces within weeks.


I was going to say the same thing. I bought 3 for my 3 sons and all the zips gave way within just a few days.. I bought them for Christmas gifts and by the time they got round to using them it was too late to return. Idk...maybe a faulty batch?


Used mine for 2 years without issue. Its an odd shape and hard sided though, so don't expect to get much in it. Fine for lunch, a pair of trousers, shirt and shoes if commuting but don't expect to get anything else in.

Course Drift Aramid Reinforced motorbike Jeans £24.99 @ XL Moto
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Posted 11th Jan 2020Posted 11th Jan 2020
Course Drift Aramid Reinforced motorbike Jeans £24.99 @ XL Moto£24.99
Modern and durable MC jeans from Course! Reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre over the knees and seat and featuring pockets for additional protection on the knees an… Read more

But they're 10 times the price of these.


These are ugly as hell. You can get jeans now with slide times better than leather like from rokker and draggin etc that also look half decent as well as being a lot safer.



I wouldn't buy these just making the point regarding the amount of Kevlar. Right now I'm wearing a pair of bores siggle jeans.


Whilst this is an extreme case, don't cheap out. The gear this guy was wearing saved his life. Sky News

Shark Spartan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet - Kitari £169.99 @ XLMoto
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Shark Spartan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet - Kitari £169.99 @ XLMoto£169.99£27037% off
Been looking for one of sharks carbon helmets for a reasonable price for a while, these usually sit in the 270-300 quid bracket, xlmoto currently have this helmet at 170 which is b… Read more

Recieved this as Christmas present (the Mrs was pleased when she saw what she'd bought me (annoyed) lol ) not actually ridden in it yet but side by side with my last shark lid this is much lighter and a nice looking lid, would never buy another lid without pinlock, only negative about this is because it comes from outside the UK it doesn't carry the acu gold sticker on it, £5 from e bay had solved that for me, they do have the eu stitching on the chin strap but got a few £££ the gold sticker on the back is worth putting on, over all very pleased so far


My current is a shark and its done me very well though it's 5yrs old now and the visor is scratched to hell and for the cost of a visor and new pinlock is a third towards a new lid, and everyone loves carbon


Ordered, already have a shark helmet which was good for the money but not carbon so I've got the Mrs to get me this for Christmas


Open the pic it's the pinlock visor (a must imo)


Why I there a puddle of dog wee next to it??