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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £15 spend using discount code @ XV marketplace

I found the same too - order 3 diff DVDs and code not accepted. Order the same one 3 times and it is. Ridiculous. Means faffing around selling spare copies on ebay


I don't understand how this code works... If I order 3 copies of Birdman preowned the code works. If I order 3 copies of the Imitation Game it works. If I try and order them together it says it's invalid! There's no multibuy I'm taking advantage of so shouldn't be against the terms stated. Any ideas anyone?


Hmmm, I want Unbroken on blu-Ray, imitation game.. Just spend too much money recently lol


Some pretty good prices on blu-rays and even a few games, hence the Marketplace in title :)


Thought this was a good deal until i finally noticed it's all pre-owned... -.-

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off using discount code @ XV marketplace
20 per cent off everything except existing offers one day only ends tomorrow 4th August

Stay clear of this company. I ordered 6 blu-rays (as part of deal that was posted here), only 3 got delivered and charged £8.33????? No cancellation emails either. Looks like others are having problems too....




Subbed as already some idiot voted it hot even though XBL doesn't EVER give out discount codes X)


Again sorry it xtravision marketplace deal not xbox ..... Noob !


Sorry forgot the code duh !!! XVM20W

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5 blu rays for €5 (+€5 postage) @ Xtra-Vision £8.34
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Posted 30th Jun 2016Posted 30th Jun 2016
5 blu rays for €5 (+€5 postage) @ Xtra-Vision £8.34£8.34
Just had an email for Xtra-Vision.ie about some ex-rental blu Rays available for €5 which seems great especially as you can pick the ones you'd like! A down side is the P&P at … Read more

All the decent ones are always awaiting stock waste of time.


​Were you expecting a bouquet of flowers as well?


I ordered twenty on the last go round and only ten actually played without issues, I contacted them and all they did was refund me without even replying, pretty poor customer service.


Within the EU so there won't be custom charges. Hurry before Article 50 is invoked!!!


​You don't get it, I said, why should I waste my time thinking when there's people like you who answer me?

XV Marketplace 5 *Pre-Owned*  Bluray or DVD's for £5 + £2.50 P&P
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Posted 26th May 2016Posted 26th May 2016
XV Marketplace 5 *Pre-Owned* Bluray or DVD's for £5 + £2.50 P&P£5
5 DVD's or Blurays for £5 !

Same here, no reply to email but did receive £3 refund for the two missing. On the other hand the last order I did for 5 only 2 were sent and they charged me £4.50 for the two.


Sent them an email last week just after Rav4cas sent an email to them also and still haven't heard anything further from them. Just noticed that I have a refund back to my statement of £1.50. Clearly a £1 for the film and 50p for the postage yet I had no cancellations. Strange. At least they refunded me, but no correspondence of this.


Will send them an email. My despatch date was updated a week after I had received the others!


Give them an email once it hits 15 working days since dispatch. I believe that is what it said on their website if still awaiting on something. I'm still awaiting on one which said dispatched but still nothing.


Ordered another 5 last week, now despatched. But 3 of them cancelled leaving the two I added to make up the 5. I think its now time to stop ordering from them. Still waiting for the 2 from 3 weeks ago.

Pre-owned Fifa 16 for £24.00 (plus 50p delivery) @ xvmarketplace.co.uk
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Posted 9th May 2016Posted 9th May 2016
Pre-owned Fifa 16 for £24.00 (plus 50p delivery) @ xvmarketplace.co.uk£24
Fifa 16 pre-owned xbox one for £24 and 50p shipping! Good deal!
Get deal*Get deal*

That's when I will buy it. Currently have Fifa 15 although not playing it much currently. It's worth nothing but I paid like £5-6 for it. Buy them a year later now as for me not good enough to pay £25-£40.


Sorry not sure why it sent 3 times


You were so happy with your deal you had to tell us 3 times


Try ebay I bought a brand new fifa 16 for xbox one for 99p and £1.26 postage on a buy it now and the deluxe edition to


Try ebay I bought a brand new fifa 16 for xbox one for 99p and £1.26 postage on a buy it now and the deluxe edition to

focus blu ray (preowned) £3.50 @ XV Marketplace
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Posted 3rd May 2016Posted 3rd May 2016
focus blu ray (preowned) £3.50 @ XV Marketplace£3.50
£3 then 50p postage
Get deal*Get deal*
[Used] Lego Marvel Super Heroes / Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PS3 £5.50 Delivered @ XV-Marketplace
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Posted 29th Apr 2016Posted 29th Apr 2016
[Used] Lego Marvel Super Heroes / Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PS3 £5.50 Delivered @ XV-Marketplace£5.50
It had to happen sooner or later, and now it has. The Marvel Universe has been given the LEGO treatment. And developer Traveller's Tales hasn't left anything out, either. Not conte… Read more

Both OOS now.


Totally! Ordered many times. Perfect! :) Also, It's a sister to HMV.


Are these guys reliable?


I was hoping to see 'pre-bricked' or something similar instead of 'used'... :D


Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

[Used] Dying Light PS4 £10.50 Delivered @ XV-Marketplace
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Posted 28th Apr 2016Posted 28th Apr 2016
[Used] Dying Light PS4 £10.50 Delivered @ XV-Marketplace£10.50
From the company that brought the world Dead Island comes Dying Light. The former was a game about an island overun by the undead and this game is... well, it's a game about a city… Read more

Mine has been cancelled. Useless bunch.


out of stock :( and back up to 17.99 now!


Great game, but much better with friends




Sounds like the missus

Still Alice - Pre-owned Blu-ray - XVMarketplace - £3
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
Still Alice - Pre-owned Blu-ray - XVMarketplace - £3£3
another good film and good price and in stock got mine delivered within 3 days and a non ex rental as well +50p delivery :) - KoopaDuckie
Get deal*Get deal*

Do you still have to pay 50p delivery aswel? :) heat either way


Currently on Netflix for those who have it.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Pre-owned Blu-ray - XVMarketplace - £3
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Pre-owned Blu-ray - XVMarketplace - £3£3
good deal for blu ray I got this and still Alice for £3 each and came within 3 days
Get deal*Get deal*

Don't forget the 50p delivery charge

Xtra vision marketplace sale DVD/Blurays from £3 @ xtravision
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Posted 9th Apr 2016Posted 9th Apr 2016
Xtra vision marketplace sale DVD/Blurays from £3 @ xtravision£3
anyone looking for some cheap blurays or dvds. some decent ones in the list! 6 month guarnteee used them several times always been good

These guys have fleeced me and don't reply to messages. They used to be good.


Thank you GamingDevil, I will give the social media option a try


There's a contact form on their site or you can use social media which is probably the better option.


My order arrived earlier today, one isn't too bad, but the disc on the other is heavily scratched/lots of grease and finger prints and the box was heavily cracked too. So not great for my first order. I did expect a little more consisting it's HMV. Not able to locate a phone number to contact them to discuss


i have used these a few times never had problem this morning my beatles 1+ limited edition deluxe cd/2 blu ray & book box set which was on hukd last weekend .hotukdeals.com/deals/beatles-1-cd-blu-ray-deluxe-limited-edition-15-49-14-84-post-xtra-vision-using-code-2424777 for £16.49 currently £33.99 on amazon arrived brand new sealed brilliant set for any beatles fan

4 for £14 on Blu-Rays / DVDs @ XV Marketplace (Pre-owned)
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Posted 7th Mar 2016Posted 7th Mar 2016
4 for £14 on Blu-Rays / DVDs @ XV Marketplace (Pre-owned)£14
4 for £14 (price includes delivery) - Includes quite a few new releases Add any 4 to basket and discount will apply at checkout Includes Legend Everest Straight Outta Compton - … Read more

Looks like they have updated it to just be a flat £3 per dvd/Blu-ray (and 0.50 for postage) - Some good stuff in there, especially now that you don't have to order 4.


Same as what's happened to me, Cheers for the info! :) There were going to be riots if I was charged £6 for The Lego Movie X)


When it happened to me on an old order they cancelled 2 out of the 4 for £12 in the offer but they charged me the offer price so just paid £3 per film received as it was their fault they didn't have stock so they just charmed the lower price


whats the criteria for getting a 'top comment'? only 5 likes for a boring gif and its at the top there are many threads with comments doubl/triple/more than this ... but no top comment? or does it have to be after a certain time posted?


Ordered 4 blurays and just had email saying 3 have been cancelled, do they charge the full price of £7.00 plus postage for the one sent out or the discounted price of £3.00 plus postage

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