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Yamaha sw100 subwoofer - £149 @ Yamaha Music
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Yamaha sw100 subwoofer - £149 @ Yamaha Music£149£18017% off Free P&P Free
Yamaha SW 100 sub woofer for about the price of the SW 50. Amazon selling these for 220 but can be found for about 180. Not bought from these guys before but for a cheap sub this s… Read more

Ok. So all set up and have run a full audessy set up and then tweaked a little. This blends very nicely with my setup and the difference between this and my old sub are barely noticeable and that one was supposed to be 3 times the price of this.


Yeah I noticed a lot of sub deals popping up over the last week or so but that is pretty standard for me, I finally decide to just get something as I'm sick of waiting to find a great deal and then a load of deals come up at once. Not gonna be able to play around and do my audessy set up til the kids are back at school next week so hopefully will be able to feed back more then. At 50% volume it is more than powerful enough for my little room as my wife has already complained about the vibrations so I will definitely have to play around a bit with positioning and possibly look at decoupling it from the floor as we have a thin carpet over very old floorboards with a foot deep void under. Initial setup was as simple as can be as it is just a volume knob and power button everything else to be controlled by the receiver. My Denon allows for crossovers to be set easily so should be ok for fine tuning to my limited knowledge. I am pretty new to the AV game really as speakers I have had up to this point have been second hand that I bought when found cheap but with the sub being active I wanted a warranty for my peace of mind.


whats the verdict the. After waiting for ages for some decent HUKD sub deals they are now coming thick and fast. Have an old SVS 12 sub thats blown its capacitors. Connecting to a an old onkyo tx-sr607 av amp and dali icon 5. set up.


Well so far so good. Delivered on Monday but only had a chance to set it up last night. Plenty of power (wife already complained) but need to have a play when everyone else is out of the house to properly set my levels and maybe find a better spot for it, hopefully right next to my recliner so I get the benefit whilst not shaking the neighbors or of bed


goodsound heated

Yamaha YAS-209 Virtual 3D Surround Soundbar & Subwoofer - £309 (£262.85 After Cashback) at yamahamusiclondon
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Posted 21st Dec 2020Posted 21st Dec 2020
Yamaha YAS-209 Virtual 3D Surround Soundbar & Subwoofer - £309 (£262.85 After Cashback) at yamahamusiclondon£262.85£34925% off Free P&P Free
Looking around for the best deal on the Yamaha YAS-209 and everyone seems to have it for £349. But Yamaha are offering it themselves for £309. Even better is the 15% cash back of… Read more

The Denon I mentioned is down to £279. And you might get it for £269 by registering for the VIP club.


Thanks for posting and well done on your first hotukdeasl thread (y)


Yamaha makes nice equipment but at this price I would probably go for the Sony HT-G700 on offer at £299 instead as it is 3.1 and has Atmos capability. Sony gets good reviews. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/dvd-blu-ray-and-home-cinema/home-cinema-systems-and-sound-bars/sony-ht-g700-3-1-wireless-sound-bar-with-dolby-atmos-10208096-pdt.html


https://www.richersounds.com/denon-dht-s416-black.html call your local store and mention VIP club to get a further £10 off. It's a new model so hasn't had a chance to drop in price yet. So it's a bit overpriced but should offer a similar audio performance to the Yamaha.


Gah - just ordered this from Yamaha and got an email saying that they are not expecting Stock until Feb (so the 15% cashback won't work). Tried calling Richer Sounds to see if they would price match and they don;t have any stock either ... any other recommendations for a soundbar around £300 please?

Up to £90 cash back on Yamaha Sound Bars @ Yamaha
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Posted 15th Jun 2020Posted 15th Jun 2020
Up to £90 cash back on Yamaha Sound Bars @ Yamaha
I don’t have a TV, or a sound bar, but sounds like a decent deal!

Piano 😏


Whats your furniture pointed at?


You should add 'Up To £90' to the title


Yes, saw it written on 107 on amazon


Can I buy it on Amazon and claim cashback on their website?

Free piano concerts by various artists @ Yamaha
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Posted 17th Apr 2020Posted 17th Apr 2020
Free piano concerts by various artists @ YamahaFREE£0.01
#YamahaLiveFromHome It is a series to be streamed live and also already recorded piano concerts, with some commentary from artists based in various countries. The music is a unive… Read more

Happy to help, cheers (popcorn)


Looks pretty cool, thanks OP! (y)

Yamaha Virtual Surround Soundbar (Refurbished) £149.95 Yamaha Music London
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Posted 16th Mar 2020Posted 16th Mar 2020
Yamaha Virtual Surround Soundbar (Refurbished) £149.95 Yamaha Music London£149.95£19925% off
I was looking for a better sound system for TV watching and this looks like a decent price for a Yamaha soundbar which has virtual surround (thanks to DTS Virtual:X). No AirPlay or… Read more

That's really interesting. Mine arrived earlier in the week and I've been blown away with how 3D Surround/DTS: Virtual X sounds with both TV and films. I've not yet tried it with games (though eager to now!). One thing I did do (more out of habit with HiFi) was to raise it up off the TV stand using the supplied rubber feet. I don't know how it would have sounded without them.


I have the next Model up... the Yas 108.. very similar in spec its a good soundbar.. has various presets if you want to turn the bass higher or lower.. you can add bass extensions or turn the subwoofer off as well.. clear voice works well too. DTS virtual x is really tinny sounding though.. I think it depends what you switch it on for, does sound amazing with call of duty I have to say. 4K pass through also


Richer sounds LG sl7y with subwoofer £249 ok its more £ but imo the best at the price point .. DTS-VIRTUAL X, BT, HI RES AUDIO, 3.1 , chromecast, wireless surround ready ie SPK8 speakers to rear of room 5.1 sound more £ if req. Sub and spk8 are Bluetooth connection to bar.


Good spot. Can't even find the refurbished section on there. According to a review I just read the SRP was £169.99 new in December 2017 so they've ramped the price up on the new ones.


I have it and really recommend it. Impressive sound!

Free Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts: Yamaha YA-1 - New for 2018
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
Free Ultra-Realistic Paper Crafts: Yamaha YA-1 - New for 2018
Have posted these before but this one is new for 2018. Yamaha do a series of these 'Ultra Realistic' motorbikes made entirely from paper. The quality is superb. Have to admit that … Read more

Not the kind of thing that I'm used to using that's described as being ultra realistic but heat added anyway.


I've always found these incredibly difficult to get good results with. Tried the Metal Gear Solid papercraft a few years ago and end up disappointed in my poor ability to create something nice.


Damn, that's pretty amazing.


What's the best type (or brand) of glue for these ? It's really frustrating when the bits get "unstuck" after finishing the model...


More papercraft freebies here as well: http://cp.c-ij.com/en/categories/CAT-ST01-0071/top.html Plenty of different projects of differing difficulties.

Build your own Papercraft Yamaha YZF-M1 Model
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Posted 6th Dec 2016Posted 6th Dec 2016
Build your own Papercraft Yamaha YZF-M1 Model
Free download of Papercraft datasheets and instructions to build your own Rossi rep Yamaha M1 and Laguna Seca track background... Should keep you busy for a few years....

but it's FREE lol


Thanks op




http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/papercraft/racing/pdf/B-block.pdf - rider http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/papercraft/racing/pdf/A-block.pdf - bike http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/papercraft/racing/pdf/C-block.pdf - background http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/papercraft/racing/pdf/D-block.pdf - foundation



Yamaha Majesty 125s £500 cashback £2799 @ Yamaha
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Posted 26th Feb 2015Posted 26th Feb 2015
Yamaha Majesty 125s £500 cashback £2799 @ Yamaha£2,799
Pretty good deal right now from Yamaha, I know you can buy Honda PCX for this price but service every 2500 miles compare to Yamaha 4000 miles and basically build and look of Majest… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

In my eyes, its a mad amount for a 125, especially one with a genuinely hideous front end.

8 Yamaha Music Apps for iOS FREE - 100% Off Sale for a limited time
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Posted 18th Jul 2014Posted 18th Jul 2014
8 Yamaha Music Apps for iOS FREE - 100% Off Sale for a limited time
To celebrate the 40th birthday of Yamaha synthesizers 8 iOS apps went free for a limited time. Description from Yamaha Page 'Free App Downloads In celebration of 40 years of Yam… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I can finally reach my lofty goal of emulating my musical hero.[image missing]


Thanks great find


Mobile Music Sequencer Cloud Audio Recorder https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cloud-audio-recorder/id501322254?mt=8 Free instead of 1.49 £ Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cloud-audio-recorder-for-motif/id491562334?mt=8 Multi Editor Essential https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/multi-editor-essential/id407145650?mt=8 Performance Editor Essential Voice Editor Essential https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/voice-editor-essential/id407143827?mt=8 Faders & XY Pad https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/faders-xy-pad/id405256647?mt=8 Free instead of 2.49 £ Set List Organizer https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/set-list-organizer/id441446092?mt=8

Free Yamaha THR guitar amp (worth £176) with certain Yamaha guitars @ Yamaha Music London
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Posted 17th Dec 2013Posted 17th Dec 2013
Free Yamaha THR guitar amp (worth £176) with certain Yamaha guitars @ Yamaha Music London
www.yamahamusiclondon.com/ For a limited time get a Yamaha THR5A free when you buy selected Yamaha Electro-Acoustic guitars. • High quality amplification • World-class microphone… Read more

Doesn't say how high the volume can be set to. If it's up to11 it would be really good!


if I only could afford the guitar... voted hot!


Gorgeous looking Guitar and Amp but way out of my price range :(


Yup I herd nothing but good things about these little practise amps. Nearly bought one myself last year. Great deal if your already planning on buying one of those electro acoustics, but not nearly enough of an incentive to drop a min of 700 notes on any of those Yamaha's.


Meant to be quite nice amps I believe!