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Triton Thicknesser 317mm TPT125 + Spare Blades £298.95 @ Yandles
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Triton Thicknesser 317mm TPT125 + Spare Blades £298.95 @ Yandles£298.95£334.9511% off Free P&P Free
A reasonable price, but factoring in free delivery & spare blades, it's the best value thicknesser I can find anywhere right now Product Description High performance planer/… Read more

Sub £200 just a year ago. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/screwfix-triton-tpt125-317mm-electric-thicknesser-240v-3297063?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3297063&utm_campaign=2021-04-02 I’d like one but I’ve read similar to above that a good setup is required to get the best from it and I don’t really have the space


I love mine, but beware feeding your material in and taking it out, otherwise there’s a lot of snipe.


Our company used to sell very similar to this. They aren't very heavy duty and had issues with gears breaking, motors burning out, in feed and out feed rollers slipping. Also the blades dulled very quickly... Other than that they were OK.


2yrs ago these were £250. They've shot up in price.


Would this be good to do 200x100x2400 oak sleepers from Bradfords or with that size is it better to bring a hand tool to the sleeper?

Rockler Drill Press Fence (£19.99 if you can collect) @ Yandles
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Posted 17th Nov 2020Posted 17th Nov 2020
Rockler Drill Press Fence (£19.99 if you can collect) @ Yandles£26.48£73.9964% off
OK, the RRP of £73.99 seems excessive, but at £20 I think it's a great price - you couldn't make a DIY version with these features for that money. If you happen to live near to Yan… Read more

Oh no! I ordered one of those too - I had a mail this morning saying that the whole thing was delayed due to significant demand, but nothing to say that items were OOS... fingers crossed I got in there early enough! (confused)


same, pretty annoying!


Well Yandles have chopped the universal clamp kit from my order (OOS and no ETA on more) but I’m still getting the drill fence.


I had a bit of a search and it appears silverline are now the importers of rockler gear in to the uk I also grabbed a really nice aluminium router table plate. they have the undrilled version for £24.99 normally £75, and a phenolic version for £20.00 normally £50. The plates that are pre-drilled are still at normal price. https://www.yandles.co.uk/alum-pro-router-plate-for-non-triton-routers-4-38/p23734 https://www.yandles.co.uk/phenolic-router-plate-for-non-triton-routers-1-12-x-4/p23740


i grabbed a couple, one for drill and the other for a router table. just arrived and they are quality kit. very happy with the purchase.

Rockler Universal Clamp-It Kit £13.98 delivered at Yandles
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Posted 17th Nov 2020Posted 17th Nov 2020
Rockler Universal Clamp-It Kit £13.98 delivered at Yandles£13.98
Rockler Universal Clamp-It Kit Down from £41.99 to £9.99. The clamps alone are £19.99 so this is a great price.

I think it is + delivery on that too though. Great if you can collect from store but assuming these are a regional store as can't say I've heard of Yandles before. Either way, both are better value imo than the posted deal as not sure what is so special about this one and I'd assume most DIYers will have at least a couple of clamps laying around.




Personally I'd go for the below if you already have clamps you can make use of: https://ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Faithfull-Faiclsq8-5023969316482-Clamping-Square-Set-4Pc


yeah for some clamping tasks, but not all. ill use a pair for clamping up sheet material. the link you posted works well for another type of clamping.


Free apart from the clamps.. which you'd have to buy (skeptical)

Triton Thicknesser 317mm TPT125 @ Yandles - £259,95
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Posted 8th Jun 2020Posted 8th Jun 2020
Triton Thicknesser 317mm TPT125 @ Yandles - £259,95 Free P&P Free
Have a lot of people taken up a woodworking hobby during the lock-down or what? I have been looking for a relatively cheap "Planer/Thicknesser" for over a week and these things ar… Read more

I got caught out with the extraction....i managed to fill the barrel, cyclone and it even filled the shop vac bag and jammed the nozzle. Whoops. Wrecked my blades, replacements were only £15ish from ebay so a lesson learnt!


I bought 2/3 of these used a couple of years back - not used much. Way louder than table saw. I always don ear protect'n with 'em. Check avail. / cost of new blades before buying. Used mine on pallet wood - can be hard on blades -


Gotta give it to Yandles & Son! Placed the order yesterday@ 14:05 and 11:30 it was here! Been too busy to have a go, but will in the coming days hopefully!


Time machine alert! Was £200 in september last year. Beware this is extremely loud (especially if you're using a shop vac in combo!). Ear defenders are a must.


Hot, grabbed mine from Yandles a few weeks ago at this price and very happy with it. Snipe is manageable, tables were aligned out of the box and the finish is excellent. Echo the chip extraction comments. If your vac or whatever isn't up for the job it'll get clogged up easily and actually better to run without a hose then deal with the mess. I use a Chinese cyclone, 60l barrel and a 1400w TItan workshop vac, no issues.

Kreg Drawer slide and hardware jigs - £18.99 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Yandles
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Posted 25th May 2020Posted 25th May 2020
Kreg Drawer slide and hardware jigs - £18.99 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Yandles£22.98£54.9858% off £3.99
These two jigs are pretty great, but normally fairly expensive. Can get either one on its own from the same supplier for 18.99 right now (bank holiday sale).

Yeah absolutely not worried about it, just a little surprised.


should be easy to find online as you say. if not, i received manuals for both jigs so you could contact Yandles for them. mind you, it's not difficult to work out how to use them.


Mine was delivered today to, still in the packaging though. in no rush for it haha


No problem. Mine too. I was surprised at the lacklustre packaging. Also no manual for the cabinet hardware kit - which is fine, I’ll find one. But it seemed odd.


delivered today. thanks again OP

Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw Kit 4pce Package Deal £192.37 @ Yandles and Sons
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Posted 16th Jul 2016Posted 16th Jul 2016
Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw Kit 4pce Package Deal £192.37 @ Yandles and Sons£192.37
Great deal and good value for a DIYer looking at cutting large sheet goods quickly and precisely. USUALLY PRICE on ebay ranging between £235-£300 whilst other retailers around £23… Read more

wish the makita saw was this price! good find tho.


Yandles. They do not sell Yankee Candles.