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Free Yazoo Milkshake (no added sugar)
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Posted 10th Feb 2017Posted 10th Feb 2017
Free Yazoo Milkshake (no added sugar)
Decent freebie, click link, fill in details and print off note doesn't work via mobile so do need a printer

This Deal Is great


​you won't be able to unless you have multiple computers, it's linked to your IP address


Mathaeus, Generally you may have a point - however this product specifically advertises itslef as no added sugar and no added sweeteners. Cheers


I'm sure no one who buy this kind of thing cares but 'no added sugar' means 'we have added sweeteners' which are worse for you than sugar even will be.. and if it says 'diet' on it AVOID AVOID AVOID :) no wonder major illnesses amongst our species are thriving! Do the NHS a favour people research the food you feed the children you claim to care about :/


Anyone know if I printed the coupon off several times would I be able to use all of them?

free yazoo milkshake
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Posted 22nd Mar 2016Posted 22nd Mar 2016
free yazoo milkshake
free yazoo milkshake with printable voucher

co op were very rude about it after about 5 milkshakes on different days they gave some petty excuse that it was 95p and not £1 so they couldnrt accept it


Really good! They work in morrisons and there is a 2 for £1 offer in morrisons and the coupons work to get 2


Worth a try, but it still isn't working. Thanks anyway.


try again later I had same then it worked later!


Site is still taking your details, but then says they have run out of coupons.

Free Yazoo Smoothie
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Posted 23rd Nov 2015Posted 23rd Nov 2015
Free Yazoo Smoothie
Yazoo is giving away FREE cartons of smoothie. follow the on-screen instructions to create a personalised card for a friend. You can simply choose to send the card and coupon to yo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



all gone.. expired


I used three emails.The first two came within mins.Third took a day to come.


Me also in my virtual mailbox


I received my voucher in the mailbox today :-)

Free Yazoo (Possibly) or other prizes.
73° Expired
Posted 7th Jul 2015Posted 7th Jul 2015
Free Yazoo (Possibly) or other prizes.
If you go to this website you can win a prize. There are many, but the majority are £1 digital vouchers. At Morrisons the 1 litre Yazoo is £1, making it free. There are also many o… Read more
Free yazoo yogurt drink - Free voucher
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Posted 9th Nov 2014Posted 9th Nov 2014
Free yazoo yogurt drink - Free voucher
Free yazoo drink with voucher containing unique code.

this os expired know!


Your ment to take it to the till then there you go free smoothie


Can't see as to how to print the voucher. Am I missing something?


Have to be connected to a printer, I'm on a tablet and can't be bothered to switch the computer on XD still voted hot though


You don't have to be so rude about it - just explain it and leave it at that

Free Yazoo Yogurt Smoothie
200° Expired
Posted 6th Oct 2014Posted 6th Oct 2014
Free Yazoo Yogurt Smoothie
Try the the new Yazoo yogurt smoothie for FREE. Visit our Facebook page and click on the offer link. Print out the £1 money off voucher and redeem at your local Morrisons store whe… Read more

All 5,000 vouchers have gone now :(


only in morrisons and apparently co-op has just started stocking these.


I could not find this in any supermarkets yet




says i got max number of coupons printed and i havnt got one yet o.o

Free 2 For 1 Cinema Tickets For Reel & Showcase Cinemas @ Yazoo
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Posted 11th Mar 2011Posted 11th Mar 2011
Free 2 For 1 Cinema Tickets For Reel & Showcase Cinemas @ Yazoo
There is already another post on HUKD with this offer, but I thought the lack of awareness on how to get the voucher without a purchase warranted another thread. All credit goes to… Read more

Ta :)




thanks printed one out!


thanks got one for Bristol


thanks. Showcase Leeds are on the list X)

2 For 1 Cinema Tickets @ Yazoo
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Posted 7th Mar 2011Posted 7th Mar 2011
2 For 1 Cinema Tickets @ Yazoo
When purchasing a promotional 500g bottle.

this voucher is still valid till 30 June :)


BOGOF in Tesco too


Heat from me too- can be used at my nearest cinema, have printed out 5 vouchers!! Am gonna set up another email addy to and see if I can get more! Thanks OP!


Great offer for me Cinema is on the Uni Campus and it is a 2 min walk from my house.


Worked for me with L and 3 random numbers. The only cinema in Manchester area is the Showcase at Belle Vue. From terms & conditions - Only 5 vouchers allowed per person. The offer is only valid from Sundays to Thursdays with exception of Showcase cinemas where offer is valid on Mondays to Thursdays only. This promotion will end on 30th June. The offer is not valid for films operating a pass ban which may mean some films are excluded for the initial weeks following release. Cinemas will determine on a weekly basis which films are eligible to be redeemed against the 2 for 1 voucher.

Free flight when you buy Yazoo & another flight
23° Expired
Posted 16th Feb 2010Posted 16th Feb 2010
Free flight when you buy Yazoo & another flight£1
Hello, Here at YAZOO we want you to be first to find out about our new exciting flight giveaway! For a limited time only if you buy 2 bottles of 500g YAZOO or one of our 200ml YA… Read more

cold rubbish. is one of this free + something !!!!rubish




This will go perfectly with my Hoover free flights :thumbsup:


From terms & Conditions : "excluding all applicable taxes, flight supplements, a £5 booking fee and credit card charges". As the taxes and flight supplements are mostly always more than the cost of the actual flight on budget airlines, I don;t think this is will be worth it. Besides, you have to buy 3 items in the first place which would probably equal or exceed the cost of the original flight. Just my 2 cents. :-D


its not a free flight, its BOGOF

Free Yazoo bottle cooler
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Posted 1st Oct 2009Posted 1st Oct 2009
Free Yazoo bottle cooler
Free yazoo bottle cooler, only 10,000 available so hurry up and claim yours :)

thanks very much, i will try and fingers crossed.


Thanks. I never got mine before.


500ish left!


Hi just entered my dtails. Got an email reply straight away. Clicked on the link which said "Thank you your bottle cooler is on its way!" Here's hoping!! Heat added. Thanks a lot!:thumbsup::-D


I got mine ages ago, shame I never drink Yazzo

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