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Yorkshire Bank, five-year fixed rate mortgage at 3.89%, no fee, £250 cashback
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Posted 2nd Mar 2018Posted 2nd Mar 2018
Yorkshire Bank, five-year fixed rate mortgage at 3.89%, no fee, £250 cashback
Yorkshire Bank is offering: Five-year fix at 3.89% Available up to 95% LTV No fee Free valuation £250 cashback Overpayments allowed Why I like this product Ok, t… Read more

Ah, yes, good point


I'm not trying to say I was right and you were wrong. Just something for people to think about. Yes certainly the bigger the numbers the more beneficial it will be. Not sure how many people have a 95% mortgage which is in the £1800 ball park per month. But you seem to have done your homework and have a plan that works for you. :)


You missed my bit about overpayments. My mortgage as a FTB last year was for just under £350k... by overpaying a bit here and there and keeping fingers crossed for 5% increase in house price per year (not inconceivable where we live) I’m hoping we can get a rate at remortgage time that will be £200ish less a month - which will then be allocated for monthly overpayments to pay it down even quicker.


You also need to looks at the numbers rather than just the LTV. Example: Borrowing £130k (reasonable figure for a first time buyer going for a free fee product) at the end of 5 years you will owe £113k Example: Borrowing £130k after 3 years you will owe £120k. Then you take a 2 year fixed at 2.5% (based on today's best rate plus 2x ¼ points rise). So borrowing £120k after 2 years you will only be a few hundred pounds better off. So you are swapping £200 (or so) for the security of a fixed mortgage for another 2 year. It may be a good thing if say your finances change (redundancy or a baby). Just food for thought. :)


My mortgage is due to renewal in february next year. Just before brexit, so hopefully situation will be clearer to know should we fix for long or short term.

Yorkshire bank credit card 26 months 0% interest on purchases.
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Posted 14th Apr 2016Posted 14th Apr 2016
Yorkshire bank credit card 26 months 0% interest on purchases.
Just received my credit card today. Purchases are 0% for 26 months. Good if your in need of a new card! Credit limit not known as yet.


£1000 Cashback with Yorkshire Bank for First Time Buyers
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Posted 14th Feb 2016Posted 14th Feb 2016
£1000 Cashback with Yorkshire Bank for First Time Buyers£1,000
If you save up for a deposit using Yorkshire Banks regular home saver account and in a year manage to save a 5% or 10% deposit then Yorkshire Bank will give you £500 or £1000 cashb… Read more

Nationwide is doing also £500/£1000 cashback for saving up for deposit PLUS another £500 cashback if you are first time buyer + You can couple this with the help to buy ISA that gives you up to £3000 extra when you save up to £12000 ( £200 every month)


True but the key thing is you're restricted to YB's mortgages which could be poor


Doesn't hurt to have both? you can only put 1k initial and 200pm into a help to buy isa


A "Help To Buy ISA" would give you a far greater bonus / "cashback" than this (up to £3k) and you have the flexibility of choosing a mortgage from any provider.


Agreed, especially compared to a deal a commenter posted about that's a full percentage point cheaper and 500 notes cashback, so essentially this one equates to an extra 750 quid in the short term for 1% more interest on twenty years of borrowing. Long term borrowing like this needs to be viewed over its entire lifespan. Put it another way, go ask someone who has a mortgage if they would pay 750 quid to knock their mortgage rate down by a whole percentage point. I bet they would bite your arm off.

Maximise on bank switch incentives - earn up to £900 - all-in-one guide
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Posted 10th Dec 2014Posted 10th Dec 2014
Maximise on bank switch incentives - earn up to £900 - all-in-one guide
UPDATED - 4th May 2017 Warning: long post ahead with lots of information. Any questions then please ask and I’ll do my best to answer. So, this money making idea is based on the … Read more

Barclays very easy to apply to online, they have a clever way of confirming its you so no having to go to branch with ID. Shouldn't take you much time


I saw this on the Martin Lewis MSE website today. Barclays New incentives £132 if you switch. New. Get £132 cash, and more if you've a Barclays mortgage/home insurance/loan. New switchers to Barclays* who sign up to its Blue Rewards scheme get £14/mth in yr 1 if they pay in £800/mth and pay out two direct debits. There's a £3/mth fee but that still leaves you up £11/mth or £132 in the first year, though note Barclays often scores poorly in our service polls. You can get extra cashback if you've certain Barclays products (see Barclays info). From year 2, you're at least £4/mth up after the fee. Anyone joined this Barclays Blue Rewards recently, any good?


Can anyone tell me an easily opened online current account? I'm currently leaving First Direct and given how bad HSBC have been with the switch, I'm worried they'll end up with me missing out on the leaving incentive


Ok great,should be by the 20th of the following month


Hi Tom, for some reason I can't message you. Switch took place today, so shouldn't be too long to wait for the incentive

Switch your Main Bank Account to Yorkshire Bank and get £150
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014LocalLocal
Switch your Main Bank Account to Yorkshire Bank and get £150
Current account switch offer - http://www.ybonline.co.uk/personal/current-accounts/ Simply use our Current Account Switch Service to transfer your main bank account and to close y… Read more

Ok to switch immediately, I did


Received the £150 today :). Can I switch accounts now? Or should I wait a bit?


It's the omphaloskepsis kind.


What kind of ridiculous comment is that?


Probably to make sure that you are not a Lancastrian.8)