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YouBeauty luxury beauty brand advent calendar £49.95 worth 330
-52° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
YouBeauty luxury beauty brand advent calendar £49.95 worth 330£49.95
Given the phenomenal success of other (IMO) less packed beauty advent calendars this year I think this is a great deal 50 pounds plus 5 postage (10 pounds off this weekend) for an … Read more

thanks! i agree. im happy with it :-)


why so cold. seems like a good deal

Make-up/Beauty Box, first one free using code ybd342 (cancel subscription to avoid monthly charges)
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Posted 2nd Sep 2014Posted 2nd Sep 2014
Make-up/Beauty Box, first one free using code ybd342 (cancel subscription to avoid monthly charges)
Remember to cancel by going to >my account >my membership You can add two items (some are out of stock) and the others are random. Hope this helps someone.

No comment on my future plans (_;)


I have not at any stage 'laid claim' to helping anyone in this thread. What are you talking about?


As my American friends and colleagues like to say, you're welcome! :) I have to say, some of your posts and research abilities cause me to believe that you're a lawyer in the making ... - though I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy! :D


Pretty much the same, then. There were a couple of others I was going to look into, but I'd already 'wasted' enough time on that template and thought it was enough to make them see sense (which, I guess it was, after Trading Standards backed me up). But, I agree, what I found out will be very useful for the future anyway. Thank you very much. That's encouraging to read! :)


Cancelling the recurring payment makes you liable for recovery charges as you have now knowingly entered into a contract & a missed payment may be recorded on your credit file. A free box of tat is seriously not worth the aggravation it is going to cause you.

The 'You' Beauty Advent Calendar now HALF PRICE £24.95 + FREE P&P
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Posted 29th Dec 2013Posted 29th Dec 2013
The 'You' Beauty Advent Calendar now HALF PRICE £24.95 + FREE P&P£24.95
Have been waiting to see if this would go down to half price this year and it has :) This could easily be kept for next December in a cool dark place...or give yourself a treat and… Read more

Well I'm a member and always get something decent each month for the £6.95 fee.


is it worth joining this site?


glad it is oos. was very tempted tee hee :)


Out of stock :(


Hot - would of had one of these for next year if in stock

You beauty discover box £6.95 delivered
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Posted 1st Nov 2013Posted 1st Nov 2013
You beauty discover box £6.95 delivered
The you beauty discovery box for nov a subscription box where each month you choose 2 products from a list the price is £6.95 delivered and can be stopped at any time This month o… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you for your e-mail According to our records you have used the offer 342 which means that you are getting the first box free of charge and you are charged for the box in October and November and you cannot cancel subscription until December. In December if you decide that you do not wish to continue with the subscription you will be able to cancel it. The only way we can cancel is if you send the box back to us once you receive it. You may be charged for the postage. Kind Regards, YBD


Limited Edition 'Balance Me' products  + £10 Voucher £19.95 RRP £100 from YOU Beauty Discovery
34° Expired
Posted 12th Oct 2013Posted 12th Oct 2013
Limited Edition 'Balance Me' products + £10 Voucher £19.95 RRP £100 from YOU Beauty Discovery£19.95
Box of Balance Me products and £10 voucher. No need to be a member of You Beauty for this one.

Even for travel sized products this is a good deal (if you use this product) especially with a £10 voucher included. I have been using this stuff for a few years, I've had lots of surgeries and have very little scaring thanks to their super moisturising oil! You Beauty is part of The (shudder) Daily Mail.


Debenhams have just started stocking this range ... Have not tried it but if these are smaller sizes (probably are) then it is an economical way to try without paying for full size. This sounds like a PR type company who send you trial sizes for a fee that covers their costs/shipping. I tried a box similar a couple of months ago from 'Latest In Beauty' as they were mentioned on Glamour magazine. Not bad deal if you like to try lots of new products without having to buy full sizes. Will give this one a look.


Perhaps I dont know enough about the product. I haven't heard of them before. Imo they sound like trial size items. not voting