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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Save on Nintendo, XBOX, Amazon and many more gift cards @ Zeek
On Zeek Amazon, Starbucks, Debenhams, Nintendo, XBOX, Uber, Swarovski and many other (sometimes reduced) gift cards are available. Maybe an option for late gifts ? :D With the … Read more

Forgot to post the answer from the Citizen Advice. Very helpful.... (mad) (poo) (mad) (poo) (mad) (poo) (mad)


Should be some laws to protect costumers in UK...Seems like anyone can scam easily everybody without any specific laws


Hope so... still waiting for news, I lost hundreds of pounds :(


Are we gonna get our money back?...Site doesn't work,app either... disgusting!. I raised a complain on Citizen Advice website.. let's see..


No longer on cashback sites..

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Get 10% extra to spend at Zeek - limited time Black Friday offer!
Get extra 10% if you spend 200 GBP on Cards. This is useful for the people who want to buy furniture or big electrical items at curry`s.Argosetc. I hope on the top of this extra am… Read more

Anyone know their (zeek) Uk contact number?


One minute they had John Lewis then when you go to buy with your credit John Lewis has gone. Not happy.


thanks for making me aware, im out!


Only if you pay cash and not credit. Sucks I'm afraid... (annoyed)


Got email from Zeek about this. It's 10% wallet top-up bonus rather than the normal 7% on Zeek Extra (new service giving top-up instead of discounts). Has giftcards for Debenhams, John Lewis, M&S, Argos currys etc. So you get 10% more and can stack Black Friday retailer promos on top

Zeek Voucher | Up to extra £6 off this halloween
First post, please be kind.. Treat yourself to an extra discount on your favourite brands this Halloween with our trio of spooky offers! Wherever you love to shop, simply enter y… Read more

No idea,havent tried it. sorry


Does that mean promos won't work I.e £3-6 off on zeek choice?


Its still an okish deal, your still getting 13% or x% extra when you transfer from quidco to zeek. Not as good as before but better than nothing


Looks like I won't be transferring my credit to zeek anymore lol.


This thread could do with a zeek aficionado right now. The whole thing just seems a little wishy washy right now.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
£50 Argos voucher for £45 using code Zeek
Use the code BIGRED to take £3 off the total making it £45. Works for existing users but would suggest using another code for new users like "Z33K5OFF" for £5 off £50 order. Credit… Read more

I had a look on their site. Weird how they don't say how much the monthly fee is :/


People often say complete savings charges a monthly fee so its not worth it. But it is! Because yess there is £15 a month fee which you can claim back every month proving you make a purchase of even a £1. They pay minimum of 10% cashback on thousands or retailer and giftcards are the cheapest!


You should create a deal, I've never heard of them so cheers for the heads up


If you have money in topcashback or quidco you get an extra like 13% I think if you payout to zeek :) so even more saving


Complete savings do a 20% off argos giftcards so it works out £40 for a £50 giftcard.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Spend £50 get £5 off zeek
Buy a gift card from zeek over £50 use code FIRST5 and get £5 discount go through topcashback and get another £6 for new zeek customers or £1 for repeat users.

Finished now by the looks. Message shows: 'The promo code has expired at May 2018'


This just worked for me thank you


Thanks ads, actually this code still working for exit customer. I just used it. Thanks ads a lot. P/S : I'm cluess why it was vote cold and expired.. it is useful code.


This still works. Thanks op as I had zeek credit to use up from TCB with the 30% boost.


Why vote cold for a free code that saves you £5 for doing nothing but entering the code in the correct box at checkout. I am clueless why most of the deals go cold on this site, seems like people vote on many factors rather than wether or not the deal is any good.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Off Zeek Gift Card Service
Get £5 off when you buy a gift card on https://www.zeek.me/ Loads of gift cards you can choose from. First Purchase Only, Min £50

I agree this is a good sitesaved me about £40 in halfords BUT every code on here does not work for me !!,


Don't know why this is cold though, zeek is awesome


£5 off £45 spend with code GLP2018

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £50 spend at zeek.me
Between 30 March and 2 April zeek are giving £5 for every £50 spent. Max £30 off on a £300 spend

Didn't realise it was a cashback offer.


How does it not work? The cashback will be given after midnight 2 april or something like that


Not working for me


Also got £3 off a £40 spend on Xbox gift card or currys pc world combine these with the £20 off a £150 spend at currys (vouchercodes.co.uk) gave me £38 off the 8tb Xbox seagate Drive Which was already reduced from £210 to £175 Ended up at £137 for 8tb seagate Xbox Drive with built in 2 extra usb 3.0 ports

Best Zeek deals from our community

“Inspiracard” gift card @ zeek for 70% off - £100 Voucher for £30
Posted 2nd Sep 2018Posted 2nd Sep 2018
Extra 10% discount on top of the 60% savings when you buy an Inspira Gift card worth (£100 you pay £36 / £200 you pay £72) giving you exclusive access to non public prices for over… Read more

Deal reactivated


Thanks guys for the update. Doesn’t sound a fair deal based on you comments. I will expire it ASAP


Avoid. I got discount on this, via work, and looked at the hotels available. Some cities only have 1, and it is twice the price of "branded" hotels, even with the so-called discount.


Android app is rubbish so cannot comment beyond that. Will stick with bedroomchecker.com.

5 months Now TV Sky Entertainment. £22.50 at Zeek
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Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
5 months Now TV Sky Entertainment. £22.50 at Zeek£22.50
Via Zeek. £22.50 for 5 months of Now TV Sky Entertainment.

i meant entertainment , not movies, as per this post.. here is a current entertainemnt two month deal - https://www.cdkeys.com/top-up-cards/nowtv/now-tv-entertainment-2-month-pass


This seems like a good deal unless someone knows of somewhere cheaper that is available now


Do you have a link to a movies coupon?


Had movies for over a year now, never had a problem getting one..


Yeah, don’t line Sky’s pockets unnecessarily!

Get 7% bonus when you top up your account @ ZeekShop
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019
Get 7% bonus when you top up your account @ ZeekShop

Er yea... that’s how the buy/sell business works.


Selection of gift cards has declined since they first started IMO..


Very poor company. They are now buying xmas voucher cheaply and selling them to their customers at a reduced discount!! making a huge profit!!

£220 gift card credit for £200 at Zeek
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
£220 gift card credit for £200 at Zeek£200
Get £220 to spend on gift cards by purchasing £200 worth of gift card credit, via Zeek.

Wow no way, that is disgraceful business and I’m very thankful I managed to get my gift cards as I spent quite a lot too.


Also https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.zeek.me


No they are indeed. they just aren’t telling anyone and keeping everyone’s money see here https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/got-any-credit-in-your-zeek-account-better-read-this-3177006


Wait I just checked their website and they aren’t bust, so not sure what you mean. either way I got a great deal (y)


Christ they went bust ? I got extremely lucky then I guess

Get £5 free when you top up £30 (in store)  to shop @ ZeekShop (can be used multiple times)
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Get £5 free when you top up £30 (in store) to shop @ ZeekShop (can be used multiple times)
Sorry if it's been posted already,but I couldn't find it. All you have to do ,scan a barcode at on of the PayPoint shops and buy Zeek top up for £30 .Then use the link to redeem yo… Read more

Haha funny enough, I popped in to a different Premier shop on my way home,to buy a few more vouchers yesterday and a guy at the till thought it's phone top up :D


Try the local stores,which have Paypoint logo.


How can I find the store near me?


OK, great, they did keep trying to scan the barcode but it wouldnt go through, there are some more co-ops a few miles away, will try them when I am that way, and hopefully it will work :) Thanks for your reply Thought the manager would know how to do it but seemed to not have an idea what it was about!


Hi, I use mine mainly in Premier shop near me,bought 6 vouchers yesterday without issues. Lady at the till just scanned it 6 times,took a money,gave me vouchers. When they scan a barcode,it's automatically shows in their system that you want a Zeek top up,if it's not,you can't buy in this shop.

Get 7% off with Zeek - Costa, Nintendo, Sony, Curry’s and more
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
Get 7% off with Zeek - Costa, Nintendo, Sony, Curry’s and more
This is a great place to save a little on online purchases. If you top up your account before buying you get an extra 7% discount. There is also a friends referral code you can ge… Read more

I used them for the first time in the other day and got £10 off Smash Bros so can’t complain.


Used to use zeek all the time, but after the shyster move with Zeek Shop on Quidco cashback, no more


If you're a new customer to zeek marketplace you can get an extra £5 off using a referral code and then you can usually top up and save too


Be warned this is Zeek Shop not Zeek Marketplace, there no discount on gift card. I made this mistake the other day after getting an email from them advertising this. I was buying a Nintendo top up & I would of saved more if I'd topped up my Zeek Marketplace account (which is what I thought I was doing at the time) then got the discounted Nintendo top up. This mite workout cheaper for buying some gift card but I recommend checking Zeek Marketplace site first


Yes, it should show in your account in the More section. The share and earn section is there for an extra £5 off too, but you will have to know someone who has an account to get there code.

£50 of UK Nintendo eShop credit for £41.50 @ Zeek
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Posted 2nd Dec 2018Posted 2nd Dec 2018
£50 of UK Nintendo eShop credit for £41.50 @ Zeek£41.50£5017% off
Hi! I've been looking to pick a few things up in the Nintendo eShop and saw Zeek had the cheapest eshop. cards £15 card = £13.90 £25 card = £23.20 £50 card = £46.50 Zeek have a f… Read more

Somehow still working, fyi friends


I think yes


Is this still valid?


Wow, they're using my deal and telling that's their offer? What's zeek extra?


Anyone else get a marketing email mentioning HUKDs? "Nice spot! Good to see you got in on our sneaky little Nintendo offer on Hotukdeals. You seem like the sort of savvy shopper who’d like to get more out of their Christmas shopping with our new service, Zeek Extra. "

Zeek Marketplace Black friday 2018 discount
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Zeek Marketplace Black friday 2018 discount
Black friday promotion. There isn't any code or specific link, so don't forget to use Topcashback for another extra pound. https://www.zeek.me/gb/ Important: The amount … Read more

thanks a lot, great tips!


For customers is kind of dodgy, because you are not going to know until you receive the bonus if you are one of the first 500 buyers and there are too many conditions that make easy lose the bonus. My advice would be dont do it, just if you need to buy something try to reach the limit for the bonus.


thanks OP for such great details (y) Let's say I only purchase in order to get his offer, however if there is no need to put code in ... then how do I know I am qualify at the payment stage?


FIRST 500 CLAIMANTS ONLY!? HAHAHAHA good luck zeek is such a joke


I saw couple of times 100 pounds but 0% discount. I never saw any ryanair per example.

Debenhams gift vouchers 12% off from Zeek
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Debenhams gift vouchers 12% off from Zeek
Debenhams gift vouchers 12% off at zeek website. Posting from mobile..unable to upload a picture. Mods please move this deal to vouchers if its more suitable there.

Are we able to use these in thier concession stores, as I have seen something in the Maisonsdumonde concession.


These are not physical gift cards but a digital version that can be used instore or online. I managed to get £52 worth vouchers with 12% discount yesterday.


It's been 4% Since yesterday. The only 12% I saw was £300+ vouchers. You can use online or in-store


Showing as 4% now, has anyone bought these before. Just wondering if they supply actual Debenham gift cards itself?



zeek - £3 cashback for every £50 you spend on our 18 top retailers
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Posted 26th Sep 2018Posted 26th Sep 2018
zeek - £3 cashback for every £50 you spend on our 18 top retailers
Get £3 cashback for every £50 you spend on our 18 top retailers! See FAQs for full list of the featured brands. Cashback can be earned on the following brands only: Odeon, John Le… Read more

zeek became joke.


bear in mind that as well as a very small discount, (or even 0% discount) that zeek sometimes add a processing fee. The last time i bought a £50 amazon gift voucher from them it ended up costing me £50.50.... so why bother?! Since that, I just dont trust them anymore!


But any discount is welcome. You can get extra discount by adding zeek credit upfront


Discounts are very poor these days. Too much effort for very little discount.

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DiscountZeek Discount DetailsExpires
£5Save on Nintendo, XBOX, Amazon and many more gift cards @ Zeek2/03/2019
% offSpend £60 get £5 OFF plus Quidco Cashback @Zeek15/12/2018
10%Get 10% extra to spend at Zeek - limited time Black Friday offer!20/11/2018
% offZeek Voucher | Up to extra £6 off this halloween28/10/2018
12%Up to 12% off at Topshop and Topman at Zeek16/01/2019