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Winter offer - 1TB lifetime storage for USD 29.99 @ Zoolz
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Posted 23rd Jan 2019Posted 23rd Jan 2019
Winter offer - 1TB lifetime storage for USD 29.99 @ Zoolz£29.99
Not the fastest but seems to be at a good price WHAT YOU GET 500 GB cold storage and 500 GB vault storage 2 users Unlimited externals/NAS drives Lifetime storage … Read more

They pulled the lifetime ones now.


Lolwut? Here's 1tb of storage for all your photos and videos... ...if you store loads of photo and video we'll charge you more.... Is that basically it?


If this deal only comes with 2 lots of 500GB storage how could one upload in excess of that?


Tempting however important to note: According to their user terms and conditions: 'If Zoolz believes that you are using our home service for business or commercial use, Zoolz has the sole discretion to amend your service to our Business service which may require you paying additional fees or termination of your account' 'Zoolz determines business use as excessive backup of media files e.g. photos or videos in excess of 500GB.' Ref: http://intelli.zoolz.com/terms/ May be risky hmmm


Seems like a great deal if the performance is half decent and the company is properly insured. Price says £19.99 + VAT so total £23.99

Zoolz Cloud Backup   1TB for a LIFETIME (One-Time Payment) £22.75
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Posted 19th Sep 2018Posted 19th Sep 2018
Zoolz Cloud Backup 1TB for a LIFETIME (One-Time Payment) £22.75£22.75
Zoolz Cloud Backup WHAT’S INCLUDED? 1 TB Storage (62% OFF Price) 5 users 3 external/network drives Lifetime storage Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS) Supports Wi… Read more



I've used it as a cheap online backup in tandem with my physical server backup routine. Ive restored from it when I've had the odd accidental deletion from physical backups and not had any issues. Do I think it will be around forever? No. Is it a good interim service for none critical files alongside a physical backup routine. Absolutely.


Reminds me of the time when I signed up with an ISP called Red Hot Ant about 20 years ago. Paid something silly like £20 or £30 for lifetime access to an 0800 (or was it 0845?) dial up service. At the time many said that it was too good to be true and wouldn't last. They were right!


I am sure some people have a use case scenario for a 1TB cloud which is not end of the world if they go bankrupt tommorow and all data is lost. (this can happen). however most people looking online will not understand this and might put all there files here and nowhere else which can lead to bad things. if something sounds too good to be true it normally is. 1TB Google storage for 20 years would cost you 1600 quid. 30 quid sounds way too good to be true. would i trust my data with them hell no, would i use it for backing up movies or a duplicate of other cloud non confidentials files, yes


I think I am saying the same as Creatishh.... It is not apparent, how Zoolz, which appears a small company, would fund an ongoing cost for AWS storage, which incurs a monthly cost, from a one off fee. Hence you can't really be confident your data will still be available at the point you want to restore it, which defeats the object of a backup. I suspect 'lifetime' subscription refers to the lifetime of the product, not your lifetime. That has been the case with other lifetime subscriptions such as VPN. When the supplier gauges that money coming in does not cover the cost of ongoing subscriptions they can deem the lifetime of the product to be over, retaining the profit from previous subscriptions. I would feel more confident in a backup to a removeable device I owned and securely stored, or cloud storage provided by a big vendor such as Google/AWS/Microsoft.

100 GB Free Cloud Storage 1 User & Lifetime Protection For External Drives & Data.
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Posted 14th Sep 2018Posted 14th Sep 2018
100 GB Free Cloud Storage 1 User & Lifetime Protection For External Drives & Data.
Zoolz leverages the reliable robust Amazon Cloud...

This isn't a "deal". It's their regular sign in free allotment. Also note that this is not 100 GB of space for data sync. It's COLD STORAGE meaning that you may have to wait for a few hours to dowload some of your data back. Still very useful for archiving stuff although I haven't really used it for long time which is where the value is supposed to be. *** also note that it's not "1 user" but rather "1 computer" which means that if you want to setup on a 2nd device you'd have to dissable the backing up on the first


Just managed to get this activated


Nor does Yahoo, so you were still semi-right! ;)


Didn't know that. AOL doesn't though.


Hotmail supports + in email addresses.

Zoolz 1TB Lifetime Storage £19.99
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Posted 23rd Aug 2018Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Zoolz 1TB Lifetime Storage £19.99£19.99
Just got an email from Zool offering 1TB lifetime storage for $29 (£19.99) They advertise 500gb home cloud & 500gb instant vault 2 users Unlimited external/NAS drives Lifetim… Read more

Price excludes VAT, btw, so it is £23.99 all-in. I got the freebie 100GB cold storage a year ago and its been fine. With that, yes, you have to wait a few hours before you can restore files, but that's fine for long-term emergency backups. This deal also includes 500GB in an 'instant' vault, which presumably gives you immediate access.


Lifetime storage lol more like until they go under. Plus would you trust your data on someone's server that you don't know who they are??


COLD STORAGE: STORE MORE, PAY LESS With Zoolz innovative Cold Storage, you can instantly backup all your rarely accessed files for cheaper than storing on-premises; Your files will be stored on the secure, reliable, and durable Amazon AWS that requires 3-5 hours restore time or Zero restore time with Hybrid+. Once your files are ready to be downloaded, you will receive an email to restore. Need to store photos? Zoolz provides image preview of photos stored on Cold Storage.


Thanks for the heads up, I had no idea they operated like that.


i find google and microsoft clouds easier to access and use. Zoolz can take hours to download one file for use as another backup option its good, but for file access and retrieval its a nightmare

Zoolz lifetime of 1TB cloud storage for £24 inc VAT (500Gb cold / 500GB vault).
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Posted 17th May 2018Posted 17th May 2018
Zoolz lifetime of 1TB cloud storage for £24 inc VAT (500Gb cold / 500GB vault).£24
Seems a good price for all the features below. Zoolz have been around for a while. I did have the free 100GB and it has got rid of that, so not sure if it might be an idea to use a… Read more

Secure? Hahahaha. It's only as secure as the S3 bucket it's in. Google 'AWS data leak'...


I purchased a lifetime cold storage when this company was called *sky something, they didn't last long. This company seems to have been around longer at least. * I think this is the same company as the website was nearly the same as the old "sky something" company I was with, they even had a deal to migrate your storage to this company (zoolz) had to pay of course, so my lifetime storage didn't help there. Pretty sure it was this : https://stacksocial.com/sales/skyhub-cloud-2tb-backup-lifetime-subscription-2 See here too : https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/54zya0/skyhub_cloud_down/


Lifetime should mean lifetime. Otherwise we should be able to sue them for misleading information.


For those not sure about 'hot' and 'cold' storage, the guys over at CNET have provided this description, which was news to me and hopefully of help to others; In fact, your 1TB allotment consists of 500GB of "hot" (meaning instant, Dropbox-like) storage and 500GB of "cold" storage -- the kind you use as a semipermanent archive. (Note, however, that it can take several hours to retrieve files from cold storage.)



100 GB Free Cloud Storage for  1 User & Lifetime Protection for limited time @ Zoolz
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Posted 7th Jan 2018Posted 7th Jan 2018
100 GB Free Cloud Storage for 1 User & Lifetime Protection for limited time @ Zoolz
Decent reviews of about 4*. Best thing about them is that they use Amazon's cloud services. For a limited time for first 100,000 registerers 100 GB storage. Limited to one connect… Read more

It's actually not very useful. To use it you have to download their backup application (which is massive). The 2TB version lifetime 2 user version (£34) which I posted earlier elsewhere, you can simply upload and share individual files in lots of different ways to anyone, particular users with notifications etc, etc


The one on the far left


whats a DVD? :)


Certainly knows the difference between gb and GB (highfive)


128gb stick holds more than a 100gb cloud? This guy knows his stuff!

1TB Offline Storage For Life - £19.99 @ zoolz
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Posted 26th Sep 2017Posted 26th Sep 2017
1TB Offline Storage For Life - £19.99 @ zoolz£23.99
Pay once for cloud storage. You get 500GB of quick access storage (instant recovery) and 500GB of vault storage (several hours to recover files). Others who have used the service … Read more

I think you are nit-picking. Ok so you won't be able to store "all" of your files. I have removed that statement (it was a quote from Zoolz). I have included VAT. I explained the two different types of storage in the original post. I agree that "Lifetime" is meaningless. I removed that statement but once again it is coming from zoolz. No storage in the cloud is "lifetime" but anyone looking to use this type of storage should be aware that one day the service will expire. On the other hand, using hard-drives for backup also has a limited life. Having said all of that, the deal should be weighed up against other similar deals (all will claim "lifetime" storage or not mention it at all). Si there a cheaper way to get a total of 1TB storage in the cloud? I'm not here to explain the pros and cons of cloud storage. This is a deal site and the only real criteria that should be used is "can this deal or a very similar deal be bought cheaper elsewhere".


In context, here's an objective suggestion why fair-minded HUKD members will downvote this deal as being generally misleading. Examples:The opening statement of "Pay once and backup all your files for life!" is clearly misleading as it includes the word "all" which would only apply to an unlimited storage option. It is convention (requirement?) on HUKD to quote the actual price to be paid inc VAT, in this case it is £23.99 not £19.99 as currently stated.Most people's initial perception of 1TB storage is not unreasonably 1TB, not the quasi 1TB that the merchant splits into 500GB of one type of storage and another 500GB of some other type of storage, where the different types do not immediately appear to be explained for the uninformed.The merchant's definition of "lifetime" may not be the same as the customer's reasonable expectation of "lifetime".Regardless, I voted hot but would have preferred a "warm" option.


Compared to other similar online storage, the price appears to be very good. Now whether anyone wants to use it or not is their decision but voting cold just because somebody doesn't like the product is not what this site is for.


I totally agree, and in fact I posted the exact same deal about 3 minutes after you, and it got rejected (duplicate)! So often on UKHD most comments are personal (and often uninformed or incorrect) opinions of that particular product or service. As you say, the heat should be added or removed based on the value of the deal for that product, whatever it is, and weather you'd ever buy it or not. Heat added from me because the fact is that £24 is a bargain for 1Tb of secured offsite storage, even if it only lasted for 6 months, let alone a lifetime!


That's a fair comment

Zoolz 1TB LIFETIME cloud backup - £23.99
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Posted 28th Jun 2017Posted 28th Jun 2017
Zoolz 1TB LIFETIME cloud backup - £23.99£23.99
Were giving away 100gb for free the other week and signed up back then. Company has been around a few years and gets good reviews. Hopefully the deal helps someone out. WHAT’S INC… Read more

Kind of. Dropbox is good for syncing files across multiple machines as well as backing up. This has a client running on your machine to auto backup but don't think it syncs. Also 500gb is instant access backups (like Dropbox) and another 500 cold storage (takes hours to restore).


Does this work in he same way as Dropbox?


OK you convinced me.Heated


Thanks OP for that... just "subscribed" to the service...


​How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking

Free 100 GB Cloud Backup Storage (includes NAS) for LIFE @ Zoolz
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Posted 13th Jun 2017Posted 13th Jun 2017
Free 100 GB Cloud Backup Storage (includes NAS) for LIFE @ Zoolz
You can snap up 100GB of free storage (including NAS) with Zoolz (100,000 can get the deal in total – about 30,456 spots remain last check). Though it's 'cold storage' designed for… Read more

Looks like I missed out on this: Hurry! Only this many accounts remain: I ignored the message, signed up and got the offer anyway.


I clicked on the link and it shows £19.99 not $ eqivilant of ~£22. I'm struggling to fill in the 100gb though lol maybe someone can make use of it


I will wait for 2TB Lifetime storage for $50, they offer it time to time.


Did anyone get an email through just now? 1TB lifetime storage (500gb cold & 500gb instant storage) for $30? Seems like a brilliant deal for like £22


It showed me 0 remaining but I've signed up and it's given me