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Free Drill Bit Set its.co.uk worth £14.99 with another purchase
Just received a voucher with my its.co.uk catalogue, seems to be the same with everyone. Enter the code at checkout when purchasing any other item to receive a free 'Vaunt 13 Piece… Read more

You'll need these to drill through the ice this deal is gonna create...


How is it worth it? I'd tried the pound shop myself


No they are not good value however as long as you put another item in your basket you will get them free just delete one of them as it will put two in there to start with, but not good value with postage to pay


Are these actually good drill bits? Worth the £4.95 delivery? :)


Shocking deal lol BOGOF and Postage Do you work for them ?

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Rotorz 4 Axis 2.4Ghz 4 channel Predator Airplane @ Zoombits - £16.35 delivered with code
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Posted 7th Mar 2018Posted 7th Mar 2018
Rotorz 4 Axis 2.4Ghz 4 channel Predator Airplane @ Zoombits - £16.35 delivered with code£16.35
Saw these at the one of the shows last year (Ideal Home show i think it was)... and thought it was pretty impressive. Good as a gift that looks good but is not too expensive. Code… Read more

There are RC planes that most of us end up crashing more times than flying...... and then there is these new generation drone planes that self balance themselves enough for a good flying experience


The thing is, I've got a radio controlled plane somewhere (probably in a box in a cupboard and I can't be bothered to see what make it is) that had a 300 metre range - that cost me £20 on Amazon.


Its £16 worth


Inside joke


Depends how close you stand to the prison walls.

Hitachi 18v Li-ion Impact Driver £119.99 @ ITs
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Posted 20th Oct 2017Posted 20th Oct 2017
Hitachi 18v Li-ion Impact Driver £119.99 @ ITs£119.99
On Clearance. Model: WH18DGL1 18v cordless impact driver features a high power motor producing max 2600rpm no load speed, 3200ipm impact rate & max 170Nm tightening torque. … Read more

I used to have this, much better than the crappy Milwaukee I now suffer with daily. Only downside was the charging used to take about 90 minutes.




it's £99.99 now? :)

Dewalt D25013N Dewalt Tradesman SDS+ Hammer Drill (240v or 110v) + Free Drill Bit Set (ITS) £76.94 @ ITS
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Posted 31st Aug 2017Posted 31st Aug 2017
Dewalt D25013N Dewalt Tradesman SDS+ Hammer Drill (240v or 110v) + Free Drill Bit Set (ITS) £76.94 @ ITS£76.94
The Makita is 750w where as this is only 650w, both however have the same concrete and metal drilling capacities and BPM. The Makita however offers 2.3j of impact energy wher… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Well done for the OP for taking the trouble to give us some useful information rather than just regurgitating the marketing drivel from the web page, like most people do (despite being asked not to). Nah - connect the 110V version to the mains and you instantly get more than four times the power!


Extremely tempting, but don't know if I'll ever use it enough or near its capacity to make it worthwhile (like many other things I've purchased to be fair!). If I go for it, will I need to buy this as well? Dewalt DT70PACK Dewalt Keyless Chuck and SDS Adaptor Or, I could go for this similar(?) drill perhaps at half the price: Skil Masters 1758/1765 2Kg SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill


Good drill, I have used one for many years now. Never. Let me down enough power for most people's needs


It's worth noting the Makita doesn't have a chiseling / rotary stop mode so that could be a deal breaker for some anyway.


You’re the OP. Put it in the main post if you’re that passionate (lol)

SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC at Zoombits for £10.09
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Posted 25th Aug 2017Posted 25th Aug 2017
SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC at Zoombits for £10.09£10.09
Transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s Just found this with free P+P so thought i'd share, seems a good deal to me.

I think it is but best wait and see what Brilly advises :/


Wow, Thanks for that fantastic advice, I'm just about to breath out, in about 4 seconds will you remind me to breath in again? just in case i forget how life works. Oh while were here, Is it left foot then right foot to walk or vice versa? Is it time to breath in now, maybe I should wait.....erm, oh, erm Oh what to do? ok i'm just going to breath in now and to hell with the consequences.....Wow it worked. so its in out in out. Hurrah, Brilliant, Maybe the simple stuff should just be left with us simple folks? Thanks for the help (highfive)


I just bought a sandisk ultra plus, 32gb £13.50 is that a decent price?


yes really, its quite simple. as i already said - if you want this right now its ok. if you dont need it right now then wait for better cards to come down to this price or as agharta points out a better card for slightly more


I picked up a Toshiba Exceria M302 32GB for £10.89 this week and being a U3 card it writes at a minimum of 30MBs which works well for its intended purpose: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01EAKB3L0/ I wouldn't save 80p on a card that might write at a third of that speed.

Milwaukee Cordless 18v Li-ion SDS+ and Combi Dill Kit £359.99 @ ITS
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Posted 13th Aug 2017Posted 13th Aug 2017
Milwaukee Cordless 18v Li-ion SDS+ and Combi Dill Kit £359.99 @ ITS£359.99
Milwaukee M18BSET2B513B M18 Cordless Li-ion Triplepack kit including the M18 BPD Hammer Drill Driver, HD18 HX SDS+ Hammer Drill and M12 TLED Torch together with 2 x 5.0Ah & 1 x… Read more

Dill kit? It's only £1.25 for dill at Tesco, and I'm pretty sure plants are usually cordless.

Iristag multifunctional smart tag Zoombits £7.25 each 10% off 2 or buy 4 £21.75
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Posted 2nd Jan 2017Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Iristag multifunctional smart tag Zoombits £7.25 each 10% off 2 or buy 4 £21.75£7.25
Like this little device, does so much for so little!! My keys are so important to me, took me a day to find them last week!! Turned up in the local Asda. Won't happen again once I … Read more

Maybe, maybe not. It'll cost you £7.25 (or £5 from My Memory if you buy 2). I'd have to pay £115 for the P9. (_;)


So I take it it wont work with my P9 Lite running Bluetooth 4.1 ?


I will keep you posted. I know it works on iPhone 5, so good enough for me.


The app, on Android anyway, has not been updated since 2015. There's no guarantee the app will run correctly with current phones.


"Posted 6 years, 11 months ago" Even a bankrupt would be free by this time. Used them many times with no issues whatsoever.

SanDisk 64GB Cruzer USB 2 - Zoombits £6.90
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Posted 27th Jun 2016Posted 27th Jun 2016
SanDisk 64GB Cruzer USB 2 - Zoombits £6.90£6.90
Not the quickest, but a lot of storage for money Technical Details: •Capacity: 64GB* •Colour: Electric Green •Compatibility:SanDisk SecureAccess software: Windows XP, Windows Vist… Read more

Mine came today it was sent on 28-06-16 by accelerated bulk airmail from Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Electric green much paler than expected. Not tried or tested.


I still have not received mine either. it's been 7 days now. Wish I'd known they'd be so slow to post.


I live in london and still nothing received... must....be....a....teenie....little....more.....patient .


ok mate . thanks :) I was beginning to get worried.


Probably about 7-10 days

Bitmore Eye 3D Virtual Reality Headset MK2 £19.99 @ Zoombits
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Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016
Bitmore Eye 3D Virtual Reality Headset MK2 £19.99 @ Zoombits£19.99
The Bitmore® Eye™ VR headset utilizes your smartphone, & it is compatible with hundreds of free and inexpensive VR apps available online. So whether you want to watch 3D movies… Read more

For £20, though? I've got a similar headset already and it's good fun to mess around with. The Gear VR only works with the S6 and S7 but these work with any Android or iOS phones powerful enough to run Google Cardboard and other independent VR apps (which there are a growing number of).


if you have a samsung smartphone you can get a gear vr for 50 on gumtree or ebay I've had it for a few months, and even with the "premium experience" compared to other smartphone solutions, I still can't say I use it very much. It's not very comfortable, and the screendoor effect is VERY pronounced. I'm waiting for the HTC Vive to go down in price a bit / be available in store at shops. That's real VR. Everything else is just a disappointing stop-gap

SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 Nano Stick - Only £22.79 delivered - 3 DAYS ONLY @ zoombits
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Posted 1st Feb 2016Posted 1st Feb 2016
SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 Nano Stick - Only £22.79 delivered - 3 DAYS ONLY @ zoombits£22.79
Absolute Bargain. Features and benefits Extremely compact high-performance USB 3.0 storage Plug-and-stay storage for notebooks, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, car audio systems, a… Read more

Kingston duo usb otg which is the usb 3.0 version does not get warm while transferring data/using to playback! It seems to be just these particular sandisk that I have come across to be hot when in use!


You do when you take it out of the port! With it getting that hot I'm more concerned about how long it will last and may be the possibility of data lost!


Mine don't. Warm up when shoving data on them.


because you dont want it to burn out? I've had two microsd cards die on me coz of this


tbh most usb 3.0 thingys heat up quick when doing data transfers

Toshiba 16GB TransMemory Mini USB 2.0 Drive - Black + FREE Emprex mouse £5.49 delivered @ Zoombits
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Posted 16th Dec 2015Posted 16th Dec 2015
Toshiba 16GB TransMemory Mini USB 2.0 Drive - Black + FREE Emprex mouse £5.49 delivered @ Zoombits£5.49
just thought I'd share this great deal offer I received via email

You can regularly get a 16gb drive for £2-3 or so on offers, so you're paying £2.50 to £3.50 for a Poundland mouse.

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