hotukdeals Code of Conduct

We expect all members to abide by our user code of conduct. It applies to the website as a whole, across the board in all threads, messages and posts and by registering on hotukdeals, you agree to adhere to these rules.

I. Members
  • Every single hotukdeals user is a real person. Please respect their orientation in life and their opinions at all times
  • Choose a user name and avatar that is inoffensive and don’t try to imitate other users. As we’re unable to verify the external content we do not allow profile quotes to contain links, social media profile information or references to other sites.
  • Be tolerant. Trying to deliberately stir up arguments, upset members, or generally being disrespectful isn’t permitted

II. Content
The community and their expertise is the driving force behind hotukdeals, so we try to take a liberal approach when it comes to what we can and can’t talk about on site providing all users are respectful toward one another.
As a general guide, we don’t permit the following; please respect our position in regards to this list-
Content is prohibited if it
  • Is illegal or encourages illegal behaviour
  • Is pornographic
  • Is intentionally disturbing
  • Contains malicious communications, swearing or soap-boxing
  • Is disrespectful to other people or groups of people, their views or beliefs
  • Impersonates someone or is personal or confidential information
  • Intentionally targets, harasses or bullies an individual or group of people, their views or beliefs
  • Is hate-speech or encourages hate-speech
  • Denies the existence of systemic racism, or downplays the effects of racial injustice
  • Is spam or self promotion, or otherwise incentivised
  • Contains the publication (whether text or image) of private messages without the consent of the sender
  • Contains discussion (threads or comments) relating to politics or religion
  • Comments or threads that we feel amount to objectification of another person - this particularly applies to off-topic posts about images in threads

III. Behaviour
Users are expected to work with the rest of the community, not against it. As such, the following behaviour may lead to your user account being suspended or banned
  • Trying to break or interfere with hotukdeals and it’s usability
  • Attempting to derail threads, or voting in an unfair manner
  • Creating multiple usernames specifically to avoid user account restrictions or suspensions
  • Any other malicious use of hotukdeals is strictly prohibited
  • Conduct not in the spirit of being part of a money saving community (gloating about scalping, profiteering etc)

Enforcement and Communication
All users have access to the report button. We encourage users to report any content or behaviour which they feel should be reviewed by the community support team. If a user is attempting to upset you, try to avoid retaliation - use the report button and let site staff deal with the situation for you. If you or your content is reported, a community support team member may contact you
  • Advising you that your content has breached our terms
  • For serious or repeat breaches, you may be temporarily suspended from hotukdeals, or you may have restrictions added to your user account
  • Your content may be moderated, edited or removed, depending on the type of problem
  • You may be permanently banned from hotukdeals community if you can not respect the site, the guidelines and its users
  • Merchants and stores may also be banned from hotukdeals if they provide poor customer service, or attempt to self promote / incentivise posts on our site

Privacy Statement
  • As a member, you are fully responsible for your posts. If you change your mind about a comment you've made on the forum, you are able to delete it.
  • Users can choose to delete their own account via their profile settings. Once requested your account will enter a pending deletion state for 30 days. At the expiration of this the deletion is processed and your username will generate an anonymous ID, subscriptions and email address will be deleted from the system, however any comments you have made will remain on-site (they will be assigned to your anonymous user ID). If you log in within the 30 days then the deletion request is revoked but if not, this action of deletion is irreversible so please think carefully before requesting deletion.
  • You’re in control of the email address stored, and can amend this at any time.
  • We advise members not to use their real name as their username. Usernames can be changed every six months
  • We will never share your email address with a third party. If a legal complaint is made about something you wrote on hotukdeals, you will be notified and given the option to delete or defend your comment

Site Staff
The community support team are here to help the community, and keep hotukdeals as user-friendly as possible. They do not make the rules on site, but their role is to support the community by enforcing site guidelines. Please respect their position and understand that they are real people, too.
  • If you disagree with a community support team decision, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum to send a brief description.
  • Admin will have the final say in any disputed decision and on all aspects of the forum.
  • The opinions and views of our members are not necessarily those of site staff or administrators
These rules and the Code of Conduct can be changed or updated at any time, please check them regularly. By continuing to use hotukdeals you agree to follow the code of conduct implicitly.