Meet the dedicated team behind hotukdeals!

These are the teams of people that you see today around the site, posting deals and commenting in discussions. A lot of these people were regular users, just like you, before joining us!

Our Community Support Team

Community support specialists are at the core of the community - they are the ones talking to you, reviewing deals, comments and reports. They're here to ensure everyone can trust the information on the site and to provide help and support, so you can feel comfortable contributing to the community. If you've any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our Deal Editor Team

Deal editors prioritise finding you the best content; they hunt out deals of their own (particularly in their areas of expertise) and work closely with our partnership management team to source the best deals for our users. Our deal editors can request discounts as well as assess deals which are sent to us by our partners, and to ensure complete neutrality both teams adhere to a set of guidelines which focus entirely on how good the deals are. Community members can then vote on those deals and share your opinion, just like on every other deal or voucher on site.

Our Partnership Management Team

Getting great deals by building relationships with retailers is the main job of our partnership managers. You won’t usually see them interact directly on the platform but their role is just as important as other teams. Partnership and Business Development managers are a bridge between our community, our editors and the merchants, aiming to bring you exclusive, negotiated deals tailored specifically for the smart shoppers in our community - either from companies we already work with, or setting up new relationships. As a result, you get early previews on sales, extensions to your favourite deals, and unbeatable code stacks.

Our Marketing Team

Sharing our deals on social media to help our users get their daily deal fix, curating our newsletters to give a bitesized view of the hottest deals of the moment, creating helpful content and ensuring everyone gets to know how great our community is is the main responsibility of our marketing team.

Our Management Team

Our Management Team are there to ensure the community can thrive, while keeping a positive and open atmosphere. Some of them are founding members of Pepper sites.

And that's not it!

As hotukdeals and Pepper continue to grow, many other teams are working hard behind the scenes to make sure hotukdeals is easily usable and remains the best place to find the hottest deals and trustworthy information. These guys help to improve the performance of our site, its ease of use, improve or create features (as well as bringing you all the Flamedeer fun!), look after our staff and our offices, and pay the bills. Every single person connected to Pepper contributes to making the hotukdeals community work.

Having multiple teams in different countries means we have a gold mine of people to talk to and information to share. Our global team share deals and expert knowledge, they help one another to make their own local platforms as amazing as possible. This also helps with practical stuff, like spotting and putting a stop to global trends of self-promotion, and sharing information about non-UK sellers on platforms such as Amazon and eBay — allowing deals from the better ones and being wary of deals from those we are less sure about. Having a diverse bunch of editors, moderators and staff from every background helps our staff to make balanced decisions and develop fair policies with the community at the centre.

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