Brits Say Travel Is More Important Than Going To The Pub

London - 30 November, 2020. As we come to the end of the second national lockdown, travel deals platform HolidayPirates, in conjunction with, surveyed over 5,500 of their customers across Europe to find out how the pandemic has affected our travel, leisure habits and attitudes to work.


Being restricted to our own homes has shown the importance of travel for so many of us. Of the British responders aged 18-35, 65% said they missed travelling, compared to 37% missing being able to eat and drink out.

Phil Salcedo, head of the UK market for HolidayPirates said, “These results give an interesting insight into what we’ve missed most during this enforced period at home. It comes as no surprise that so many of us have been dreaming of travelling again, but for British millennials it’s even more stark than that; the results suggest it’s more important than going to the pub or, maybe more understandably, the gym”.


It seems that Brits have a different attitude to diet and exercise than their European neighbours. Nearly a fifth of those surveyed in France have taken up online gym courses, compared to 6% of Brits but the numbers are reversed when it comes to take up of alcohol deliveries with 13% of Brits and just 3% of French. More French and Germans than Brits said an annoyance was not being able to go to the gym, with 27% and 23% respectively compared to 19%, whereas 30% of Brits also stated that eating too much was a concern but this was only noted by 20% of French and Germans.

Lockdown has seen us all spend longer at home, but the results of the survey show that us Brits have spent our time very differently to our European neighbours. Where Brits have increased their online presence through streaming films, tv and music (58%), this only accounts for 30% of French activity. 20% of the surveyed Brits have taken to downloading podcasts and audiobooks, but it was only 10% of French responders.

Across all three nations, on average 35% have spent their additional free time decorating or renovating and 60% watching more television. Nearly 70% of Brits and Germans have done more online shopping compared to only 42% of French. A third of the Brits surveyed have done their food shopping online, in contrast to only 10% of French and 20% of German responders. 


As governments around the world urge us all to retrain, 94% of Brits are sticking to what they know and have responded that they are currently happy in their jobs. 65% of us have made no effort to further our careers through online training and webinars.

Dan Plant from hotukdeals says “Surprisingly, only 61% of respondents said their lives have changed during lockdown. But it seems that, whilst the world has been in turmoil over the past year, Brits are comfortable in the safety blanket of their current job and haven’t seen the need to do very much to future-proof themselves.”


Survey notes

Of the 5,561 responders to the survey, 1,101 were from the UK. The survey was also carried out in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

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