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Posted 16th Jan 2021Posted 16th Jan 2021
People's decision on Next Gen Console TVs?
As someone lucky enough to get a new console, but so far has a HD tv. I'm curious to what people decided that where in the same boat. We all have different budgets and situations, of cours…
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
Xbox : Seperating HDMI 5.1 audio to optical with 4k 120hz
Hi folks Got an Xbox series X but has no optical out. My Logitech surround sound has no hdmi in. The optical in/out on my TV is blocked by the bracket it's held up on. I figured I just …
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Would you upgrade your Xbox one S to one X now for £50?
I got a PS4 and Xbox one S I don't have a 4k TV So I don't see myself getting the next gen consoles for a year or so. I can trade in my Xbox, and with £40 credit I got. It's only £50 to up…
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