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Posted 7th Jul 2022Posted 7th Jul 2022
HONOR X7 Smartphone
Hi, I am looking to buy a cheapish phone with 128gb for my mother who lives in South Africa. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this phone? What phone has more or less the sa…
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Posted 28th Sep 2021Posted 28th Sep 2021
Icloud backup
Hi, I have the 50GB per month Icloud storage for 99p. Perfect for me. Thus far I have used 30gb of storage. My phone is backing up, but every so often (per week) I get a message from iCloud …
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Posted 7th Jul 2021Posted 7th Jul 2021
Anyone any reviews on Paperlike for ipad?
I am looking to pay the 32 odd pounds for it, but would like any note taker’s opinions on this Screen protector please? (That money is pricey for me, for what it is) Thank you.
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Posted 29th Jun 2021Posted 29th Jun 2021
To all the IT geniuses here.. I need your help please
I need help please. I want to have the microsoft package on my laptop for mac, but don’t want to buy a yearly subscription of Microsoft 365. Are there any packages out there (and where and …
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Posted 24th Jan 2021Posted 24th Jan 2021
Help with payment method
Hi, This might be the daftest question ever asked, but I don’t mind looking like the fool of the day! I advertised a laptop on Facebook Marketplace, The person ended up asking me if I can…
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Posted 18th Jan 2021Posted 18th Jan 2021
Apple laptop or not.. Huawei D14
Hi 🙋♀️ Firstly, what I know about Apple laptops is quite frightening. However, after purchasing a Huawei D14, and having to go through (a potential) mission to get the pass…
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