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Posted 16th Jul 2015Posted 16th Jul 2015
Are king beds worth the extra money over double?
Hi all, Looking to invest in a bed the matress and base will cost an extra £200 for king over double. Having never had anything but a single bed I would really appreciate any opinions or …
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Posted 13th Jul 2015Posted 13th Jul 2015
Dishwasher vs hand wash time wise?
I have inherited a dishwasher and have never had one before. Do they save time or are they just a bit of a mess about? From what i understand you have to give most things a quick rinse Loa…
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Posted 25th Jun 2015Posted 25th Jun 2015
Are 4k TV's worth it at the minute?
Is it worth waiting a few more months before getting a 4k tv or should I just get a normal 1080 full HD job? Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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