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Posted 22nd Aug 2020Posted 22nd Aug 2020
Replacement for Oneplus 7 pro
Hi, My Oneplus 7 pro has screen burn and Amazon are accepting it back for a refund. What similar or better spec would you recommend for up to £600. Had a look at Poco F2 Pro currently £47…
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Posted 19th Apr 2020Posted 19th Apr 2020
Intex Pool with Filter - overnight storage
Hi, Pool newbie question here... I bought the Intex Easy Up 10ft pool with filter. The aim is to keep it filled (since it's taken several hours to fill) overnight with a cover. My questio…
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Posted 6th Jul 2019Posted 6th Jul 2019
Echo 2nd Gen stuck in blue light with cyan circle
Having returned from holiday, I switched the power on, on my 2nd gen echo dot and it is stuck in a cycle of blue light with cyan circle. I've tried all the troubleshooting (reset using mic a…
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