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Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Hi guys, My EE sim only deal is out of contract. Currently on 30GB for £20.84 with BT Sport. They've offered me 40GB 5G for £15. E.U roaming included. 12 month contract. Anyone know of any…
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Posted 27th May 2021Posted 27th May 2021
EE Retention Deals
Hi guys, My EE sim only deal is out of contact and my discount will be ending soon. Currently get 30GB 4G and BT Sport for £23 Been offered: 100GB 5G £20 40GB 5G £14 200GB & BT Sport £…
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Posted 12th Apr 2021Posted 12th Apr 2021
Sky Package
Hi, Was considering joining Sky as my TV, phone and broadband provider. Moving from Virgin Media as its costing me a bomb. SKY have offered me: Super fast broadband 57/71mg Line rental pay …
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Posted 10th Mar 2021Posted 10th Mar 2021
S20 FE
Hi, Was considering buying a Samsung S20 FE as my next phone. However I've read online that some users reporting issue with the screen, mainly touch screen issues. I know they have released …
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
Mate 20 Pro Upgrade
Hi everyone, Would like to change my phone soon but with so many options struggling to make a decision. Currently have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Would like a phone that is on par or better spec …
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