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Posted 8th Mar 2022Posted 8th Mar 2022
Tui nightmare - do not rely on them
We booked flights to Florida with Tui for later this month, we booked to go in their Premium Economy cabin as we have done for many many years now. Yesterday we received an email form them s…
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Posted 6th Jan 2022Posted 6th Jan 2022
Ford Mach-e
We ordered one of these in an extended rear wheel drive back in late May with a 20-23 week delivery. Two months ago it showed on the website as being in transit, we took this to mean it was …
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Posted 30th Dec 2021Posted 30th Dec 2021
'Jumper' laptops
I am looking for a new 2 in 1 laptop/tablet and keep seeing what looks like quite a good one made by Jumper. Has anyone ever heard of them? Are they any good? Has anyone got one that they us…