Posted 8th Mar 2022
We booked flights to Florida with Tui for later this month, we booked to go in their Premium Economy cabin as we have done for many many years now.
Yesterday we received an email form them saying they had changed our seats - okay no problem so we looked up where they had moved us to only to find that not only had the seats changed but so had the cabin! We phoned Tui to complain and got told 'Oh well, we have refunded the difference, it will go on your card within 28 days". Not a word of apology, not a word of explanation, no mention of compensation just we have refunded the difference in price. Well that is good of them!! refunding the cost of something they are not providing even if it is going to take them 4 weeks when we pay instantly!! We do not want to fly in Economy, we pay the higher price to sit in a smaller cabin with more room, that way I do not feel too claustrophobic. We decided to cancel but Tui are refusing to refund the money we paid saying the tickets are non refundable, even though they have changed the terms of the contract and we should claim through our travel insurance. Why should the travel insurance have to pay for Tui's incompetency!! We have recommended so many people to fly Tui but never again, they clearly cannot be trusted and customer service is totally lacking They haven't even changed the plane, when we booked there were still 6 seats in prem ec and if the plane hasn't changed but our cabin has - why?!!!!!
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