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Posted 5th Feb 2017Posted 5th Feb 2017
Cash Converters - Warranty
Does anyone know the warranty for Cash Converters? Thinking of buying a console form their online action site but they don’t mention anything about warranty apart from that the item does not…
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Posted 16th Jan 2014Posted 16th Jan 2014
What is the best delivery service for sending TV?
The TV is 40 inch and weights 15.5k. Does anyone know a good postage service to return the TV? Parcelforce 48 delivery service cost £23.07 and i wondering if there is any cheaper service tha…
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Posted 17th Dec 2013Posted 17th Dec 2013
Boxing Day sale
Hey, in just wondering do computer components such as monitors go on sale on Boxing Day or either on January sale?
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Posted 20th Sep 2013Posted 20th Sep 2013
Ebay Resolution Center how to return item
Does anyone know how to use the resolution center to return a item. The item is a coat which doesn't fit and there policy says they will do a refund but they keep saying use the resolution c…
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