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DEWALT CHALLENGER GORE-TEX LINED SHOES - £5.29 @ Tools Today (+ £3.95 P&P)
Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by Space_Man
looking for some Dewalt boots and came across this, too bad not my size,but for whoever is size 7this is bargain of the year add 3.95/5.95 for delivery
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They have all been cancelled clearly a price error. Not sure why they didn’t just say that.


Cancelled for me to




The out of stock excuse is just that. Nobody got these at that price.


I actually brought 10 sets, but the lot was cancelled, they sell on ebay for about £50 a pair.

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BERGHAUS Men's Explorer Active GORE-TEX® Boot £58.50 @ millets (£1 c&c or £2.99 del)
Updated 16th MarLast updated 16th Mar by mancdaz
The Berghaus Men's Explorer Active GTX® Boot is waterproof, comfortable and offers high performance during a multi-active challenge. They have PU synthetic nubuck and mesh with a 3… Read more

Additional discount is applied if you add them to your basket, bringing it to the price the op quoted.


Good deal for these boots, but be wary as there are a lot of reviews saying the quality is not good and they come apart after 6 months or so. I have no dog in this fight, just warning.


Price now up to £65...


Yeah - as stated in the deal post


Only size 11 and 12 left!

Salomon Mens Tibai GTX Gore-Tex Mid Boot, £52 with code at Cotswold Outdoor
Updated 13th MarLast updated 13th Mar by Tacavas
Use code for discount All sizes. Product features Materials: Upper: leather & synthetic mesh Lining: GoreTex Extended Comfort Footwear Outsole: Contagrip W… Read more

Happy to help, enjoy :)


My new boots have arrived. I have a specific arthritis called Hallux rigidus, which means I have a lot of pain on the main joint of my big toe. These boots are great. They limit the movement, and mean that I can walk to the shops and back without the normal days of pain that follows, even with my specialist orthotics. I know that the deal is dead, so no one else will see this, but thanks Tacavas.


I have Fascination that your pessimism will bring you Hard Times...


In store price only by the looks. They had a good selection of sizes. Prisma in Rovaniemi might be in Helsinki https://www.prisma.fi/fi/prisma/salomon-miesten-vaellusjalkinex-alp-mid-ltr-gtx


In store price only by the looks. They had a good selection of sizes. Prisma in Rovaniemi https://www.prisma.fi/fi/prisma/salomon-miesten-vaellusjalkinex-alp-mid-ltr-gtx

MERRELL MOAB 2 SMOOTH MID GORE-TEX WALKING BOOTS - £62.49 @ SportsShoes.com (+£4.99 P&P)
Updated 12th MarLast updated 12th Mar by Sonicthehodgehed
Very good price lots of sizes available

Gone for these, cheers


I don't recommend vibram, I have dlx with vibram and you can slide easily


I have had two pairs of Merrell goretex boots, both pairs leaked from new. The problem is not with goretex, it must be the way the fabric is joined.


Since when gore-tex stopped water proofing? Ah is it because it doesn't say "water proof" in the title?


not waterproof!

THE NORTH FACE Men's Resolve Parka from £45.21 @ Amazon
Updated 12th MarLast updated 12th Mar by dribspak
great jacket for the price have had mine for along time small is 45 medium is 65 large 68 sold by amazon DryVentThe North Face offers an extensive range of waterproof garments… Read more
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Racist against fat people! XXL £108! 😁😁😁


i did post the prices of the diffent sizes


Large £68 XLarge £105


Can only see small at that price?

SALOMON X ULTRA MID 2 GORE-TEX WOMEN'S WALKING BOOTS £64.99 + £4.99 p&p at SportsShoes.com
Updated 11th MarLast updated 11th Mar by yulu91
Goor price for a pair if Gore-tex boots, Size 5-8 available

Not at this price, men's cheapest is around £100 mark (maybe a few quid less but with limited sized).


Link? Actually don't bother because there isn't one.


Cheaper in sportsdirect.com


Very cheap, do they have men’s ? Just Paid £108 for men’s other week

Reebok Mens Les Mills Sawcut 4.0 GORE-TEX Walking Shoe at MandMdirect - 26.99 + £4.99 Delivery
Updated 8th MarLast updated 8th Mar by IvnDelSur
Add £4.99 to the price for 3-5 day delivery or pay £9.99 for unlimited 1 day deliveries for 1 year Next best price is £43 at ebay or £51.23 at amazon. Got one delivered today! S… Read more
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THey seemed good quality... Don't they. Probably will last 10 years with light use


Ordered them yesterday, arrived today. A stunning pair of Reebok walking shoes, Gore tex (waterproof) delivered for under £35. I'm an 8 and after a bit of fiddling around with the laces I've even got them slipping on/off my feet without undoing the laces. Best bargain I've had on here for ages, Thanks OP! (y)


You can simply tighten up the laces through each loop to tighten/loosen them in general. I find the trick is to get them tight enough so they'll stay on securely, but loose enough so you can slip them off without needing to untie the laces.


At this price you've got to take some risk :) You can always exchange them for a smaller/ bigger pair if they don't fit. MandMdirect as a seller are excellent for returns/exchanges.


Think I’ll pass if I can’t try them on first

Merrell MOAB 2 GORE-TEX® Smooth GTX Shoes, £59.99 @ Wiggle with code
Updated 7th MarLast updated 7th Mar by Toecutter
New account only LIMITED TIME /£10 off £50 SPEND. Top Features: GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane, exceptional breathability and waterproof performance Leather and mesh upper Metal … Read more

I'm an ugly old man - perfect! :D


Perfect fit for you, then ;)


Loved the last pair of Moab 2 I had, but the soles literally fell apart, avoiding Merrill at the moment hope they sort there quality. Trouble with TNF is your a waking billboard....


Some ugly old men shoes


Merrell aren’t worth the money anymore buy North Face Hedgehogs.

Adidas Men's Terrex CMTK GTX GORE-TEX® Low Rise Hiking Trail Running Shoes, £49 at Wiggle with code
Updated 1st MarLast updated 1st Mar by 00lloyd
New account only LIMITED TIME /£10 off £50 SPEND. adidas Terrex CMTK GTX Shoes are made for taking yourself out of the city and out to the trails. A tough hiker, a… Read more

I bought these for work, and the soles (the rubber lugs specifically) wore out within months. I probably wore them 20 hrs per week max. I image this wouldn't be a problem if you are buying them specifically for trail running, but definitely not suitable for use of asphalt/payment/road type surfaces. Just a little heads up ;)


Thanks OP. Ordered. Very pleased with my first pair which I use as trainers, walking shoes, cycling shoes etc


Been with Wiggle since about 2011/2012 and they have never spammed me on mobile so wouldn’t be concerned about that


Pretty sure that's for the courier...some couriers require a phone number, Highly doubt you would get spam texts from adidas lol*, could always just put in a fake one... *just realised it's not direct from adidas...lol


Tried to buy but kicks up an error on the delivery address - which looks like they are validating my mobile number, which im not giving them. So ill pay a smidge more else where without the risk of crap being sent to my mobile and the fact its a bit stupid risking loosing an order over what should be an optional feild. :)

Salomon Mens Tibai GTX Gore-Tex Mid Boot, £65 at Cotswold Outdoor
Updated 26th FebLast updated 26th Feb by sach7
All sizes. Product features Materials: Upper: leather & synthetic mesh Lining: GoreTex Extended Comfort Footwear Outsole: Contagrip Waterproof &… Read more

Good price, would buy if I didn't have a pair of Adidas AX2R mids that I've only used once hahaha


Salomon's are pretty pricey, most their other mid GTX boots are about £90-£110, so I'd imagine that RRP is fairly genuine. You need to go a size up for this btw


Is that rrp genuine


Can you walk 40 minutes from your car with these?


Usually best to order a size larger than you normally take with Salomon footwear.

Baystone Hi GORE-TEX, mushroom nubuck from CLARKS for just £34, was £60 + FREE DELIVERY
Updated 23rd FebLast updated 23rd Feb by themachman
Selected size available during time of listing which are 6, 6.5, 7, 12 & 13 Same with navy blue colour is for £60... Here is the link below to check out with all sizes availab… Read more
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yep they will be fine. Got lots of gore tex boots/shoes from clarks. can slosh about in puddles and your feet will be bone dry (y) Last for ages too, still got a few pairs form 10 years ago.


Now only 6


Now only 6, 6.5 and 13 left so great if you are a Grand Tour presenter


Yes. I have shoes that are similar and I walked 5 miles along hilly pavements the other day and no bother.



Mclaren F1 Team Wear huge reductions and free P&P £25 @ mclaren eBay store
Refreshed 13th FebRefreshed 13th FebUpdated 20th FebLast updated 20th Feb by sneakypez
**DEAL BACK ON! ** A few prices are a little more, but not much.. OPEN FOR LINKS: It's that time of the year when the F1 team's clear out last seasons kit. It's very good quali… Read more
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He says a medium


WHat size the waterproof?


Look mate I have an extra mclaren cap in m/l and a water proof jacket in m that I decided not to keep. If you want either of them I can sell it to u the same price I got them for, ie £6 for cap and £36 for jacket. Both are brand new arrived yesterday morning.


NO reply from them. I don't even think they are going to bother


Just keep a look out u never know it might go down on price. I will keep a eye on the item in case it does

Berghaus Mens Paclite 2.0 GORE-TEX Shell Jacket Red/Red £59.99 plus £4.99 Delivery at M&M Direct
Updated 13th FebLast updated 13th Feb by thekudos
Berghaus Mens Paclite 2.0 GORE-TEX Shell Jacket Red/Red £59.99 plus £4.99 Delivery at M&M Direct
£64.98£707%MandM Direct Deals
Berghaus lightweight packable GORE-TEX jacket ideal for keeping you protected and comfortable in wet conditions. Printed branding. 100% polyamide with ePTFE membrane shell. Polye… Read more

Some people just love burger houses


PTFE is a dangerous cancer (and other issues)producing chemical. See Dupont and worldwide contamination of Teflon.


I like the red :D


There are no rules no but posting negatively against people's deals doesn't help. I had a look at your profile and you do it alot. People like you put people off posting. There should be rules against negative people like yourself putting people's deals down. By the way please show me this exact coat, exact colour for cheaper, brand new and I'll gladly shut up. If not, please try and keep your deal bashing posts to yourself or build us a time machine so your £20 cot deal does exist.


You might not like it, but If you see any of my attitude or postings are against the forum rule please free to report it to forum rule.. You are the first one being sarcastics, using the wording time machine and now try to turn it around..

Musto Transition Gore Tex jacket at TK Maxx (£275RRP) - £104
Updated 7th FebLast updated 7th Feb by MissingRT
TK Maxx have some nice musto things in at the moment, perfect for all this drizzly weather. My last Musto Gore Tex jacket is on its way out after only 15 years of hard service... … Read more

It’s kind of weird to comment on your own deal (lol) but my transition jacket arrived yesterday and I’m thrilled with it. Go me XD

Un Atlas Lo GORE-TEX, men's walking shoes, 30% off in the sale and another 30% with voucher code - £56.35 @ Clarks
Updated 2nd FebLast updated 2nd Feb by taraweeh
The original price was £115.00. I think the fact that the voucher code is working with this sale item is a glitch.

Not working 😔


Just got an email to say mine are on the way. Woop!


This was a price glitch as the 30% off on top of the reduction has been removed. My pair are on their way the receipt says £80 but I only paid £56.35 :)


This offer is in store too.


Yep, just had the soles on a pair of Clarks disintegrate. Very unhappy at the poor longevity of the rubber. I'll think i'll stay away.

Scarpa zg65 Gore-Tex Boots £39.50 @ Blacks
Updated 1st FebLast updated 1st Feb by AndyWalker85
Scarpa zg65 Gore-Tex Boots £39.50 @ Blacks
size 11 only Backed by a reliable GORE-TEX® membrane for weather beating certainty, the Scarpa ZG65 XCR Men’s Walking Boot are the perfect walking all-rounder. A great hillwalking… Read more
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Any one else had an email 😡


Spot on (y)


Depends, I had an pair of old all-leather scarpas, that last me more than 10 years of hard use till the soles worn out. I had a look for a more modern pair at the shops, but was not impressed at all by the quality, so decide to pay 80 pounds and have my old ones resoled. Hopefully they'll last another 10 years.


Alas, size 5 :


Thanks :)

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