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Yes I'm sorting though the fun Christmas list. And my partners brother has requested.. socks. Easy enough normally. However he lives in Ireland, in a run down house, no heating, ha… Read more

I second the bridgedale ones. (highfive) so warm and comfortable


He does keep posting pictures of the ends of rainbows


I always go for Damart thermo stuff - just an example here.


I think I would be looking for; 1 cushioned soles 2 longer socks rather than short ones 3 merino wool content. These look okay, but you might do better on other websites like Great Outdoors that someone mentioned;


These any good?

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socks and sliders ...
Can someone please tell me why it's acceptable to wear socks and sliders in public, you know shopping etc? I just don't get it. Most of the people who seem to wear them have socks … Read more

Updated, modern twist on the old socks n sandals issue (lol)


Oh as you know I love me sliders and socks. Dead comfy, Especially when a bit chilly. Can't be white socks though! Nar, none of that lark. Black socks only and any colour slider you wish (y)


I've never heard of 'sliders', apart from the TV series and the american meat-bun product. They look like sandals for name-brand bellends.


@themachman If ever there was a thread with your name all over it - it’s this one! (fierce)


butt floss (maybe?)

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summer hiking socks
hi, any recommendations for light hiking socks? doing the west highland way soon, 95 mile/5 days. thinking around 4/5 pair for £20 price range? I have been looking but it's hard t… Read more

thx, go outdoors have a good choice, surely get something there.


Rohan normally unless I'm in CH where socks are about £25 a pair but are seriously good.. About to test drive a Salamon pair from Go outdoors at £12 a pair on sell off. Starting the SCP next month


allready have walked 20 mile/day in bridgedale light socks i got for £15 for two pair with no problems, just looking for any deals and suggestions. was looking at yuedge in price range but they seem to be a heavier/winter sock.


You are walking nearly a hundred miles and you want to spend £4 each on a pair of socks!? Madness! The foot is the most used part of the body when walking and that suffers the most wear and tear so invest in some good quality socks else you’ll not even complete a full day let alone the week as your feet will be fudged! Anything by smartwool or darn tough is what i use and i do 20mile hikes each weekend!

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Work Socks recommendations
Any decent deals or recommendations for work socks that keep good elasticity? Thanks.

I'm a hgv driver.


I wear Yuedge very comfortable socks and hold their elasticity.


I get the karrimor walking boot socks from sports direct usually 2 packs of 3 for 9 quid, they dont slide off your foot and into your boots like the ones my work supply, i wear them all the time, in and out of work


Depends on the work doesn't it. Are you a deep sea diver or an accountant?


Yes .

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Thread for darning socks
Hi, Found a small hole in one of my socks so went to my sewing box to get some thread. Unfortunately the only thread I have left is a tad thicker than the sock material. Should I g… Read more

Turn the sock inside out, and see if it's gone!


You could use the saved thread to Make ties to keep the socks up, in the style of baby bootees. Perhaps you could unwrap the slightly too thick thread ( you'll Probably find it is made of several strands) and re wrap the thread to the correct thickness. If you have any silkworms handy, you could make your own silk thread. I saw this done once in China. A cheaper alternative might be to spin cobwebs together. These frequent the eaves spaces of many older houses, or the wallets of many hukd members


Is this the darning socks thread? :D


If I were you I would carefully unravel the top of your sock and use that thread to darn the hole. Then I would unravel a similar amount from the other sock so you have spare in case of further holes. Either that or cut your foot off.


Have you sought advice from Father McKenzie?

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Can you return socks to h and m?
They are unworn and in original packing unopened. Did not like the material, just wondering if i can return with a few other items? Or are they classed as an item you can not retur… Read more

Every pair of socks I've ever bought from Hennes has developed holes, so definitely return them!


Socks should be fine to return unused, not a big deal.


If you bought online then you need to read this.


Yea probably just felt thin as hell. They were £12 for 10. If they are that qualify i may as well just buy the asda basic ones at 7 pairs for £3


Didn't like the material? It's just a sock. Unless they were extremely expensive I wouldn't worry about the material, I'd just wear them. I bet that once they are on your feet anyway you won't even notice them.