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Updated 14th Jul 2019Last updated 14th Jul 2019 by cmdr_elito
Tonic Water. Compo?
I've just noticed that my Tesco 'Indian' tonic water is actually made in the UK. Can I claim compensation for false representation? After all, it did cost me 45p (well 2 for 90p ac… Read more
Avatar deleted24508

Please do, breaking wind in their office will cost you more than 90p......loooool


That's something you can rely on ;) it's a "natural energy drink" apparently.


Why do you always have to lower the tone? :|


And what about this infamous drink?


how do you explain " elephant beer"

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Updated 16th May 2019Last updated 16th May 2019 by Broc_Mudflap
Fever Tree Tonic Water at my local COOP. Amusing product code. To me at least!
Sorry, not a deal at all, it's full price, but I had to laugh at the product code. Yes I am puerile. But I'm happy that way! This will probably go cold, but Tonic is best served … Read more

Sorry, I'm not an expert in this field. It made me laugh and I thought I should share. (cheeky)


Sorry, I'm new to interacting on this site. Just thought I should give it a go. Thanks for the advice (highfive)


Surely that's a product description and not a product code. Was trying to figure out why the stock order or the EAN was funny. (confused)


Me! That's a weird thing to say (confused)


Who notices these things? Who has the time