Paul Watson

Paul Watson

I am Paul Watson, a published author, freelance journalist and co-host of the False Economy podcast which explores the spending patterns of celebrity guests.

A person's feet up on a table in front of a screen showing Netflix.
Unravelling Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl film for Netflix and its intriguing duration

Wes Anderson is bringing Roald Dahl's The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar to Netflix, leaving fans eager to learn more...

Person using an Apple Vision Pro
Mark Zuckerberg sticks the boot into Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is here but is it as groundbreaking as we expected? Mark Zuckerberg certainly thinks not.

The Apple logo on a building
No more ducking around: Apple update ends common autocorrect annoyance

Apple is going to change its autocorrect settings so it will no longer change a commonly typed word to 'ducking'.

A coffee table with an Amazon Echo on it.
Amazon’s Alexa ditches celebrity voices

Amazon's Alexa has discontinued the use of celebrity voices, so you'll have to get your fix of barking orders at...

The characters of UK TV show The Office.
There’s yet another version of The Office on its way

A 13th version of Ricky Gervais' UK classic The Office is set to be released, this time set in Australia.

Logo for Max
How can you watch Max in the UK?

HBO Max is no more. From now on it will be called Max. But how can you go about watching...

Hand holds an iPhone
Is voice imitation the next deep fake?

Apple has created a feature that will allow iPhones and iPads to generate digital reproductions of a user's voice.

Starlink logo on a box
Starlink offers UK users a big discount and an end to the misery of bad rural broadband

Starlink is making a play to win over rural customers in the UK by pledging its high-speed broadband service at...

Logo of Eurovision Song Contest, multi-coloured heart.
When did the UK last win Eurovision and does history show there’s no chance in 2023?

The United Kingdom is hosting Eurovision 2023, but history suggests that victory is unlikely.

A person's feet up on a table in front of a screen showing Netflix.
Free TVs with built-in ads: is this the future of TV?

Companies are making more money from selling ads than TVs, so the future may be free TVs with a secondary...

Logo of Eurovision Song Contest, multi-coloured heart.
Which songs are favourites to win Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

It's the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool on Saturday night, but which songs are tipped as possible winners?

TV remote points at blurry television
How will the Hollywood writers’ strike affect my favourite shows?

The Writers Guild of America has taken strike action and that will disrupt all kinds of films and TV shows.

TV showing Amazon Prime Video logo
Is Citadel set to be Amazon Prime Video’s biggest flop?

Amazon's Citadel is being touted as one of the biggest TV flops of all time.

A computer in a coffee shop loads a VPN.
How to watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world with a VPN

A lot of BBC content can only be accessed within the UK, unless you use a VPN.

Woman listens to music on her phone with Sony headphones.
New Sony ANC earbuds compete with AirPods Pro 2

Sony's new ANC earbuds are winning plaudits, but can they really topple the AirPods Pro 2?

Man watching Netflix on TV.
Saving money on streaming services: Tips for reducing your costs on monthly subscriptions

Tips for reducing costs on streaming services. How can you make your monthly bills lower?