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hotukdeals.com was founded in August 2004 as a place for real consumers to share their stories, deals, vouchers and tips. The purpose of the site is to encourage honest advice from genuine consumers, and as such self-promotion and spam is severely frowned-upon. We all want to escape from the marketing messages and ads that surround us and get insight from other people about hot deals and products. Since joining forces with Pepper and its global network of deal communities, hotukdeals has grown to over 1.6m users in the UK and its members have contributed to 2.1m threads and 26m posts. As well as being the leading deal platform in the UK, hotukdeals is also a Facebook powerhouse, sharing deals and tips 24/7 to over 2.4m followers

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hotukdeals Team


CEO - Pepper

Finding products cheaper is my passion - I don’t stop until I’ve found the very best deal. Yes, you could call it an obsession! No matter if tech, travel, hotels or fashion. As I’m often more interested in the details around the price than the actual product, hotukdeals (and mostly mydealz as I’m based in Berlin) is self-therapy so to say. Every time I hear that someone paid too much for something, it gives me palpitations.


Country Manager

I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in the hotukdeals community for 11 years and I’ve loved being a part of it as it’s grown and changed. In leading the UK team my goal is to make sure that no matter what happens, the community remains the focus. Love travel deals, gin, a bit of fell-running, gadgets I don’t need and NIKE, and I’m on first name terms with the guy at the cardboard box recycling centre


General Manager

I joined in 2016 to build the team that supports hotukdeals, to ensure excellence in everything we do, and to make the UK office the #1 place to work outside of Silicon Valley. Hobbies include going on motivational cake-buying runs, changing lightbulbs, and pursuing the holy grail of universally acceptable office music.



Joined hotukdeals as a teenager and am now close to pensionable age. Married, 2 kids, 1 wife, 3 cats, supporter of Manchester City and ABMU. Lover of pies, Batman, Doctor Who and all things geeky. Often try to find and champion the quirky deals on HUKD to cement myself as King Nerd of The Nerdy People. Live long and prosper and may the Force be with you.



10+ years of experience in IT, member of hotukdeals since way back in 2010, lurker for many years before that! This weeks' obsession is currently brewing my own beer. Will give anything a go, from car mechanics, tiling a bathroom, building a brew-kettle, to converting a freezer to hold kegs with beer taps. Regularly tinkering with my Arduino & Raspberry Pi



I like gaming, opera and a bit of Alexa Bliss. When I'm not in the kitchen cooking my favourite Thai green chicken curry, you can usually find me flying my kite on the back field.


Financial Accountant

Like every single person that ever worked in this field, I love numbers.  I also dream in numbers.  I see the world in numbers.  If there's a problem that involves numbers, you can rest assured, a problem it will be no more. I eat salad everyday which is generally with a face of satisfaction as I am secretly and vividly imagining I'm eating a steak instead.


PR Manager

I look after PR for hotukdeals working with the press to make sure that consumers know who we are so we can help more and more people save money on their purchases. I love a deal on gifts that I can put away for birthdays, new arrivals and Christmas (as well as a cheeky pair of trainers for myself).



I’m a big fan of reading, writing, tea, Netflix and joggers, and since leaving my copywriting background to join hotukdeals in 2016, online shopping has become a habit (this is a lie – it began a long time ago and has gotten much, much worse. I really needed that spiralizer, OK?). When my screen time comes to an end, I double as a climbing frame for my 2-year-old. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m very convincing.



Mummykins to 3 soon to be 4 children. It's all about the deals baby and I never pay full price for anything. Joined the site in 2012 - got well and truly hooked and can be found hunting out the best deals on kids, baby, beauty, fashion and other random things as and when they come up. I can often be found enjoying a gin or 4 too!


Editor Team Lead

Social media junkie who heads up the editor team and helps out with a bit of social media on hotukdeals Also a gamer dad and dealaholic football fan who joined way back in 2006 (damn I feel old!) Love a deal stack and trying to save you guys & girls a heap of cash (unlike me, I still have the deal bug and constantly buy things I'll never need!)



One of the newer members of the Mod team, starting in 2016, I try to welcome and assist new members whilst ensuring that all deals are valid, correct and working fine. You'll usually find me lurking (and PM-ing) most evenings, once my two little dudes are tucked up in bed. Residing in the beautiful rolling greens of Lancashire (think Yorkshire, but better), I'm entirely caffeine-fuelled, work in the Aerospace industry by day and at night prowl the mean streets of hotukdeals. Kind of like a rubbish Batman.


Partnership Manager

I've been at hotukdeals since January 2017. I'm a regular gym user, not so much for the health benefits but to help deal with my stressful relationship with Arsenal FC. I try to live my life the Arsenal way but I think I would be out of a job if my deals were 4th best.


Moderator Team Lead

Stumbled across the site 10 years ago and despite almost quitting daily during the hotukdeals Christmas Lights competition in 2011 i'm still around. Outside of work my family really enjoy spending time with me, I try to play football a few times a week, enjoy going to gigs and I probably shouldn't still be collecting Nintendo toys at my age. “You know, this is a business. I’m not doing this for an ‘Esther Rantzen Heart of Gold’, or if Esther’s handing out awards, then do it for my charity work. Five fun runs in two years."



My passion for a 'wee'  bargain led me to hotukdeals waaaaaaay back in 2005 and it's become a big part of my life!  You'll find me hunting out deals on the forums and making sure the latest hot offer lands on your Facebook feed! I have a love / hate relationship with running which is fuelled by my LOVE of food! I'm a happy girl after a run,  lamb korma, bottle of beer and the latest show on netflix.



I joined the site all the way back in 2006 and have been hooked ever since! Lover of gaming, and all things tech related. I also spend way too much time in Photoshop. When I'm not online, I try to keep active as much as possible. I play Ice Hockey in my spare time and really enjoy it. I've also been trying (unsuccessfully) to grow a beard, and I'm determined not to give up, no matter how patchy it may be.



Saving money is one of my many hobbies! I’m also a musician, tech fan, PC enthusiast, gamer and dropper-of-terrible-puns. I'm that guy that tries to buy things like a deal ninja, striking when the time is just right. I've been wandering the forums for around 9 years, finally joining in 2010.



Bargain hunter, music lover, foodie & occasional gamer Joined early 2016 and loving it.   Not strictly from an I.T background having worked in social care and then a good few years in retail so this has been a real learning curve but one that I have enjoyed!


Partnerships Manager

Deals, Arsenal, Eat, Gym, Sleep - repeat. My love for chocolate is the reason i have to go to the gym, call it a balancing act. Dairy Milk over Galaxy all day, every day. If you haven’t added lime cordial to your G&T drink you’re missing out.  Recently joined in 2017 and really excited to be part of this passionate hotukdeals community.


Forum Supervisor

I joined hotukdeals over 10 years ago looking for bargains for my family and ended up staying around to watch it grow.  I'm a busy Mum who can't live without my Kindle and enjoy movies on the big screen (Marvel fangirl - I may be a little bit of a geek) as well as a wide mix of TV but avoid all things football (unlike the rest of my family and some of the other Mods - meh).



Old timer, joined the site in 2006 looking for a voucher code and have been here ever since and I do love a deal glitch/misprice. I can usually be found snoring on the sofa where I seem to spend the majority of my day (LIFE!). In fact i'm known as Sloth to my colleagues due to my slight tendency to doze off and avoid moving if possible. When I do actually move I can usually be found on the sideline of a football pitch somewhere watching my boys play whether in School or League games or being made to run the line.



Big lover of creature features, anime, marmite, dodgy kebabs, scotch eggs, fancy dress & inflatables! Passionate about my family & I’m owned by 2 hairy, slobbery St. Bernard dogs. I first joined in 2009 looking for baby offers, caught the bargain hunting bug & started posting deals. First to admit I'm not the "techiest" of people, but like to think over the years I've improved a bit & can now confidently work the blu-ray player.