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Posted 8th May 2020Posted 8th May 2020
Best way to extend wifi range in standard terrace house?
I always plan to sort this, forget, and then get reminded by a deal thread (currently the TENDA Nova mesh deal). I have a 3 bed terrace with Virgin 200mb and a superhub 3 (though same issue…
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Posted 6th May 2020Posted 6th May 2020
What are my rights of return for wrong product delivered?
I ordered a garden rug from a company that was cheaper than the Amazon price. Since then I've found the company are really hard to contact. Anyway the product turned up today, and it's the …
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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
What is the deal with Amazon seach?
I've always thought Amazon's search tech is rubbish (deliberately or otherwise), for example searching for a phone case is awful no matter how specific you are. One thing that's always bugg…
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Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Garden plants. Talk to me.
I'm a novice trying to sort out a yarden in the north west. One third gets the sun from 11am until 2pm, the rest is shady. It's tiled, so we're only talking pots here. I really like greener…
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Posted 11th Mar 2019Posted 11th Mar 2019
Best future proof 49/50in TV under £1000?
Hope this is in the right place: I'm looking for a TV replacement for a friend, currently rocking an old 40in from 2008! The £1000 is just an upper limit, 5/600 would be fine. Mainly wat…
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