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Posted 19th Mar 2021Posted 19th Mar 2021
Any electricians about to offer me some advice?
So had my oled65CX up and running since Tuesday, around lunchtime today my tv just start turning itself on and off. Constantly. arranged a repair for the tv, come home this evening and plug…
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Posted 13th Nov 2020Posted 13th Nov 2020
How do I redeem a non uk region game on my Xbox
As above. I want to purchase the new Cold War game. Cheapest I’ve found the cross gen version is £47.52 on g2a. However I can’t unlock in uk. Thanks
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Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
Sky smarters
Does anyone use this? And if so what does HW mean in the bottom bar
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Posted 31st Oct 2020Posted 31st Oct 2020
Laminate fitter meant to fitting towards back end of this month
Do we think that carpet shops and the fitting teams would be classed as essential? I’m now slightly concerned. I’ll phone united carpets next week and see what they say. But what’s your thou…
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Posted 29th Oct 2020Posted 29th Oct 2020
Which LG smart remote do I need
I have tried to look online. But can’t seem to find a straight answer. It’s for uk6750pld
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