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Magners 20 x 440ml Cans £10 at Morrisons instore
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Posted 14th Nov 2017Posted 14th Nov 2017LocalLocal
Nice deal to stock up for Christmas - spotted and purchased from Morrisons in Reigate Works out at just 50p a can you know! Cheers (highfive)
Leg of Lamb £4.99 per Kilo at LIDL
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Posted 5th Dec 2014Posted 5th Dec 2014LocalLocal
Made a trip to LIDL in Dorking this afternoon and noticed a cabinet of fresh whole legs of lamb at just £4.99 per kilo, 50p per kilo cheaper than the £5.49 Morrisons deal. Trust m… Read more
6 Bars Cadbury Caramel (4 plus 2 free) 99p at LIDL
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Posted 17th Jan 2014Posted 17th Jan 2014LocalLocal
Looks a pretty good deal having seen other offers at 4 for £1 elsewhere. Plenty on the shelves at LIDL Dorking store. Total weight of bars 233 grams. Enjoy!
Cocker Hoop Ale 500ml bottles 79p each at Lidl
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Posted 28th Nov 2013Posted 28th Nov 2013LocalLocal
Delicious looking bottles of real ale from Cockermouth (in the Lake District)! 4.2% alc/vol and just 79p down from 99p for a 500ml bottle, spotted in the Dorking store. Looks like … Read more
Henry Weston Medium Dry Cider 500ml 2 for £2.00 at Lidl
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Posted 12th Nov 2013Posted 12th Nov 2013LocalLocal
Henry Weston Medium Dry Cider shelf label £1.39 for single bottles but purchase 2 and it shows as 78p deduction "Cider Multibuy" so £1 per bottle. Can be used in multiple purchases… Read more