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Fast Orange Hand Cleaner 440ml - £1.99 delivered @ Euro Car Parts
LocalLocalUpdated 17th AugLast updated 17th Aug by djt987
Euro Carparts .Reduced from £14.99 to £1.99. Using the code SALE50 reduces the price by another 63p.Plus free delivery.
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just got dispatched e-mail see what turns up


I wouldn't worry, I doubt anyone will get any as it wasn't stocked in any stores and I expect I am not the only one with pending sat next to the order status.


Argh to late (annoyed)


Ordered 3, I ran out of my last hand cleaner so fingers crossed this actually shows up unlike the last RTC offer from ECP.


Indeed, Ordered 3 for £4. Which is near enough 3 for the price of 2 at the offer rate. If TCB pays out, even better. Just a shame I didn't know about this deal earlier this week when I sorted out and placed an order for a relative.

Euro car parts online Voucher code applies to everything 33.5% off
LocalLocalUpdated 13th AugLast updated 13th Aug by stress321
Was pricing up roof boxes and came across this code. Gives a good discount seems to work on everything. Ends today
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Use CODE SALE50 saved more for me


Wow!!! Your post says everything!! Overly aggressive response!!(shock)


Voted cold as it's not a "deal" it's a normal voucher that they have every week for years..


Do you want me to check it works on every single item they sell?? It worked on everything I put in my basket, hense why I said "seems to work on everything"


Misleading!! Not on everything so cold from me.

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GSF Car Parts - 60% off car parts
Updated 8th AugLast updated 8th Aug by Craig_Chapman
GSF Car Parts - 60% off car parts *Excludes Clearance Items, Sealey Tools and Custom Car Mats
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The prices are more than other retail but not that much. Luk clutch in euro car parts was 190 gsf was 220. 60% off an had it for £88 wouldnt be able to get a clutch for a 1 series bmw for that price. Had timing chain, clutch kit, head gasket, head bolts, oil filter and oil and sump gasket for 274 delivered next day


I always buy parts from gsf and buy for my friends.ive noticed on big parts they are expensive. They put double prize on then discounted to half .they are cheap only on service parts


Im surprised they didn't fold years ago with the likes of ECP and CP4L.


Anyone got a current code for gsf?


WKD58 for 58% Most of the prices are outrageous but there are a few that are absolutely bargains.

GSF Car Parts weekend code
Updated 5th AugLast updated 5th Aug by traienuts
I know, I know, not a company liked by many, me included many times, but just tried this today and, same as the other weekend, discount works again, although now it's wkd59 instead… Read more
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I know their prices are inflated, way too much I would say, however with the discount code the prices can't be beaten anywhere else. That is, of course, if you can find the part you're looking for. So not sure why all this hate just because it's gsf, why not use them when their price is the best in town? Over the weekend only, apparently.


Inflated price then a "discount" code. Terrible company Voted cold


Oh yeah, no need to remind anyone that their normal prices are in no way normal, way too much everything around there...

National Tyres 5% off all tyres.
23/08/2018Expires on 23/08/2018Updated 1st AugLast updated 1st Aug by scottswaha
Had an email this morning with 5% off any tyres included. Helpful as usually they only have codes for the premium brands.
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Cheapest deal for my chariot. Cheers


Thankyou (y)

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July Sale On Parts and Accessories at 	Euro Car Parts
Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by thesimpsons_uk
Euro Car parts biggest July sale now on. Head on down to grab as much stuff for your vehicle as this will end soon.
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Certain parts are listed in stock, nothing turns up and then you get an e-mail weeks later to say its delayed a further few weeks. Ridiculous customer service, but if all is in stock then no complaints.


Just a update.... Car parts 4 less have phoned me LoL. I have been given a refund and I should await a another call from them to discuss a satisfactory result... Let's see... It's now 9.35pm. And no returned phone call..


batteries discount increased this morning until midnight agreed the "original" prce is a joke but the price with the code is the best i could find my car battery all the same


Thank you... I have just left them a 1 star review ...


The prices on line are way overpriced, but with the code the prices are good. Even people in the motor trade dont get those prices over the counter. You can get cheaper bits on eBay, but in the unlikely event they send the right parts, they usually last about 8 months before needing replacing with good quality bits.

Nilfisk C135i 1-8 Xtra Pressure washer FOR 88.80 with code @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by pridderz
Thanks to : Wowhats 18 m ago These codes currently work at 11:46am....BE QUICK before they are killed! (strong) GSGJULY46 will make it £89.63 SAVEJ365 will make it £105.40 … Read more

I did a click and collect and delivery order. Received an email without an order number about not being fulfilled and will get a free valet kit, Then received another email today when the delivery was due saying order not being fulfilled and free valet kit. Phoned the local ECP about the click and collect with order number and guy said yeah its here ready for pick up, then asked if it was definitely there and he said after looking into it theres no stock in the company. No idea how there system could say its there for collection and then that is not, tempted to take a drive round just incase


I honestly don't know, I would say phone depending on how far away the store is. Sorry I can't be of more help


Mine should have been in store this morning at 10:00am. I phoned the store and they don't have it there. They are going to call the customer service and contact me back. It's not looking good...


No Nilfisk pressure washers showing on ECP site now


Should I risk calling them before hand to check to save on the trip or will that spook them and the order would be cancelled? Phew, so much suspense - hitchcockian almost ;)

Shell Helix HX7 SAE 10W40 Part Semi Synthetic Car Engine Oil A3 B4 5L 5 Litres - £18.84 @ Euro Car Parts eBay Store
Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by BattleBeast1
free delivery!
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That's actually very true...even main dealers would do the same.


No good for old FWD fords though epec CVH with narrow oil ways.... 20w50 only any good in an old pinto with an oil sprayed camshaft.... back in the day ford sold 20w50 for petrol and 15w40 for diesel, their 10w40 and 5w30 where 'performance' oils... all oils mix, mineral semi fully... any oil will do for topping up... if you look in your handbook it'll most likely list different viscosity oils for different seasons


Great price


If he's got a older vehicle why run semi synthetic as all and not use something more like this especially designed for the job like this:


What's wrong with it compared to the likes of Millers Trident, Castrol GTX or Triple QX so long as it's the correct viscosity?

46.5% discount on eurocarparts
Updated 25th JulLast updated 25th Jul by APPLE-SAM
Saw this deal on the independent . Not sure where to check the T&Cs. But voucher looks legit
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The code was working yesterday on a radiator but today when I went to order it wasn't working so had to use the RETAILMN46 code instead...darn that's 0.5% saving lost lol Don't forget TCB for home delivey 3.67%, free delivery if order over £9.99 or a massive 26p for Click & Collect.


Unfortunately, their site doesn't say what IS included. So it's more a case of searching and hoping it comes good.


Should have just listed what is actually included. That's basically a long list of no's. :D


Whenever I buy something I check what the usual going rate is and find out if I'm getting a good deal, I don't care what discount etc got me to the cheapest price. If people don't do their research then that's their own fault. Yes ECP's pricing structure is shady at times but if I'm getting a better deal than purchasing the item from Halfords for example, why do I care? One example is the Turtle Wax Liquid Wax. With this discount I paid £2.80 per bottle. At Halfords and Amazon, the same bottle is £7 or £6.25 respectively.


Please explain how Darwinism relates to this? And no, if other people don't do their research on how much something costs then that's yours/their own fault. Whenever I buy something I check what the nearest price is, I don't care what discount etc got me to the cheapest price. Obviously I'm not so easily offended by a companies choice of pricing structure.

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 5ltr - £16.04 @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 24th JulLast updated 24th Jul by Bervaglio
Credit goes to @aforball for posting the voucher (not sure why it didn't get hotter! ) but I thought it would make sense to post this as a separate deal especially for those just… Read more

@Yvonne.Eastment thanks, I have now marked it as expired as the code doesn't work anymore


now expired


Yup I see they’re all on eBay but getting the filter from a dealership. Cheers mate for your help. Looks like shelf life of oil 5 yrs so getting two of these bargains :)


If worried about the warranty buy the oil filter from Hyundai and keep the reciept.


Cheers buddy. Purchasing now. Hyundai hiked their service plan prices so I’ve been going independent. It’ll be pretty tight to invalidate the warranty when this looks nigh on the right stuff

Sony DSX-A410BT Car Stereo £69 ebay / Halfords
Updated 23rd JulLast updated 23rd Jul by kharma45
Currently £99 on Halfords website but only £69 on their Ebay page. Good little stereo with bluetooth connectivity etc. £99 price comes with free fitting etc but if you know what y… Read more

Looking at the manual doesn't the connector and fascia plate come with the unit? Looking at pg 31 in the manual Edit - and going by this video


I got the deal from Halfords for £99 which I thought was a bargain as it includes the iso connector, fascia plate n fitting. If you were buying separately cost a lot more even though it’s been said it’s easy to fit if you let a pro do it if anything goes wrong you can blame them!! Sound is really good too!!




Do your indicators work though?


The cable hasn't split, it's the connection inside that's the problem. Loose wire maybe.

Euro Car Parts - 46% off (not everything)
Updated 23rd JulLast updated 23rd Jul by EndemicAlarm
46% of Euro Car Parts I believe it does not work with everything as it never applied it to all items in my checkout but worth a shot. USE THE CODE: RETAILMN46 UPDATE: Min £10 sp… Read more
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Oooooh. OP's code saved me 46% but your code saves 46.5%!


I have just used code SAVINGU465 on ad blue and it worked price went from £16.49 to £8.82 so pretty good free delivery


is it not *UP TO


Great post but what a random amount to discount! (y)


Also has to be over £10 spend.

Intex Easyset Swimming Pool (Round) - 2.44 mtr (without pump) £19.99 at Euro Car Parts
Updated 22nd JulLast updated 22nd Jul by Misslovely
A great way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained over the summer at a very good price, Size244 x 76cm puncture resistant pool, with free delivery or click and collect. "This … Read more

Back in stock


The link seems to be broken, I will expire the deal as it's most likely sold out.


No direct link! Can't find the dam thing


No I hadn’t got mine and rang customer service. Apparently they were flooded with orders and so are waiting on stock it should be arriving before the end of the week. I decided to cancel my order and click & collected from my local store that had stock. Really pleased with it so far. Took a while to fill it up.


Pool cover is currently £3.99 @ Smyths toys

Top Tech 186pc Tool Set With Silver Aluminium - £86.99 @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 20th JulLast updated 20th Jul by OBH6UK
Great tools. Decent price
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Agreed, Halfords Pro or Advanced are the one to go for. But most of us already know that!


These look identical to halfords version, which are cheap sh!t.


Cheap tools make my cack hang


Cheap tat. Go to Halfords, B&Q, Screwfix etc if you want good tools at resonable prices.

Top Tech 150pc Tool chest with Tools - £42.49 @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 20th JulLast updated 20th Jul by qbs
Lots of tools Great price
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If you're not concerned about poor quality tools damaging what you're using them on, then fine, go ahead, but tools failing when you've got pressure on them aren't just a nuisance, they can cause injury. You've also got the added work/inconvenience when you find bolt heads rounded by sockets or spanners that aren't quite the right size. Kits like this contain things you don't want and will never need. Stick to what you need and you can save money without sacrificing quality. You don't need to spend Snap-on money either.


Can this be the second reincarnation this week? :)


Expensive quality tools being a necessity is a bit of a fallacy for me. Unless you run a garage or workshop or do tool based work for a living, cheap tools are fine. I was an aircraft fitter in the RAF for 10 years and then a design engineer. My work tools used to be snapon or similar. Very nice to use as well. My tools at home are all cheapo ones. Always have been. Have changed exhausts, brakes, alternator, timing belts, done car servicings, changed toilet cistern, done a bit of loft plumbing to swap float valve, fixed oil boiler, kids’ bikes, garage door, neighbour’s guttering, fixed 2 electric guitars and an electric piano, fixed petrol lawnmower, wall socket changes, fixed washing machine ...... 2 dishwashers. There’s loads more. I get stitched for it all. My spanners are mostly from pound shops. Screw drivers the same. Bought a cheap socket set from a boot fair and gathered odd sockets along the way. My tool kit is probably worth no more than £100. Good quality saw blades and drills etc are another thing to be honest, but even then it depends on what you need and how much tool work you need it for. Same goes for power tools. I have decent power tools but for someone periodically putting up some shelves or a curtain rails, why the hell would you fork out £100+ on a dewalt or ryobi drill? You get what you pay for. Balance the price against the use.


Cheap tat dont waste your money


Paying any money for bad quality tools is just a waste of money. Done it once - paid twice.

Top Tech 12 piece emergency roadside kit inc 100psi tyre inflator now £9.99 delivered or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 19th JulLast updated 19th Jul by lynseycorrie
Today only apparently - Still £19.99 on their eBay site. Thought was and excellent price as you get a safety hammer and a 100psi tyre inflator included. 12 piece emergency roadsid… Read more

Mine was delivered yesterday even after a full refund (y) 🏻


Mine arrived on Wednesday. I had just about given up hope of getting it.. it was part of a birthday gift and the birthday was over a week ago. However I gave it to the intended recipient today and she was very impressed with it. So worth the wait I think! Lol.


You are right. Mine coming tomorrow so text says. Patience is a virtue.


Yes mine has now too - I ordered mine before I posted. Apparently arriving tomorrow (highfive)


back in stock and mine has now shown as dispatched

Euro Car Parts 35% Discount for any purchase
Updated 18th JulLast updated 18th Jul by mobiletech
Get 35% discount in Euro Car Parts when you buy online use the Code MID35 for any purchase Whatever car parts you need, Euro Car Parts supplies quality items from some of the bigg… Read more
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I fell for one of these deals a few weeks ago, it was a code for 45% off brakes. Learned apart carpartsforless on here a few days after (euro's sister company) which was cheaper than euro with the code. Won't be falling for their underhand 'promotions' anymore so it's a cold from me!


Voted hot by me, even though they ALWAYS have discounts. Ordered some parts earlier today which were £4 more than carparts4less, but free same day delivery & arrived in less than an hour, quicker than a pizza! Well worth a little extra & will be easier to return if I have any problems. Nice to have some physical stores left!


It’s not for any purchase is it *Excludes performance parts & tools


Hot from me, worked on 5lt ready mixed anti freeze for same day click and collect, worked out cheaper than just 2lt from Harry Halfords so cheers!


Tried this at the weekend on some £14.49 coolant, took 29p off so hardly 35% Popped in-store and it was £8.99 Now the coolant is up to £15.99 and the "35%" discount is a massive 32p...mmm.... TRIPLE QX Red (Ready Mixed) Antifreeze/Coolant 5Ltr

Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger with Jump Start Function £34.99 @ Lidl
Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by daz.con
Excellent price for 12ah charger with 75ah jump start function.Suitable for home or workshop/garage. Jump start is very useful especially winter time if your battery is weak. Inte… Read more
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I have yet to try mine but from the comments here it sounds ok. I bought mine from Lidl for £49.99 just recently and I see on here they are cheaper, my battery is 14AH so I don't know if this one is a bit more powerful???.


As a battery charger its ok but charging current drops off quickly and takes a while to fully charge battery this was on a 12v battery. On 6 volt battery it ruined the battery by cooking it (it was on 6 volt charge) as a jump starter it worked on an 1100cc car but not on anything larger and would not crank any diesel. My advice would be pay an extra £20 for a 20 amp charger from a more reliable company (dont mean Liddle but charger manufacturer) main problem is the internal resistance is low for a jump starter, unit probably made in china and you get what you pay for


Can any of those who bought tell me if their fan is noisy?


Had no luck finding this in two London stores it sold out on the first day in one store .


Had no luck finding this in two London stores it sold out on the first day in one store .

50ft expanding hose  £7.99 inc. free Delivery or C&C Euro Car Parts
Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th JulUpdated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by Neardark
I have been looking out for one of these for a while and this seems like an amazing price. I know it's not as long as some others I have seen, but it's long enough for our needs an… Read more

I would avoid these completely, these things can leak for so many reason we had two go in a week


Bought similar off Groupon - got a refund as poor quality - let me keep it too, it's rubbish but still going two years later!


Had xhose and cheaper equivalents and they've all failed. Great idea but way less durable than a standard hose. If it's for regular use then I'd look elsewhere.


Expect to pay about £1:25 per week before it fails iv'e had 2 from thse so I should know.


I’ve had a cheap version like this from poundworld (before it closed) and it didn’t last. The ends came lose and leaked, just ordered a heavy duty one off Amazon (not xhose) for £33. Yes it’s more but it’s twice the length, 3 times the silicon and comes with brass ends to prevent leakage.

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