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Euro Car Parts Black Friday Biggest Ever Sale ??? Upto 50% Discount On Oil & Air Filters, £9.50 Off 5 Litres Of Shell Oil
26/11/2018Expires on 26/11/2018Updated 18th NovLast updated 18th Nov by superhans0113
Euro Car Parts Black Friday biggest ever sale ??? (Yes another sale) it RUNS FOR 10 days, From 16th to 26th of November, Not everything is discounted though, But i got a good di… Read more

it is different discounts % on different items, be aware there is also carparts4less who are the same company the prices are cheaper to start with plus 20% off, don't forget to check ebay as well both euro car parts and carparts4less are on ebay, and the prices are all over the place, even though they have to pay 15% fees on ebay, don't assume that their websites will be the cheapest, Other sellers on ebay may be cheaper than both of these sellers as well, i was after some 0w 20 oil, 5 litres and it was £65 on eurocarparts, £40 on carparts4less, £22 on ebay from carparts4less and £40 for 2 lots from a different seller on ebay, it seems one place isn't the cheapest for all items, just play them at their own game and buy the cheapest from each site.


There is something wrong on the site. I put the BLACKFRIDAY code and it just gives me 6% off discount. Is that a joke?? (annoyed)


I don't know how they get away with fooling the nation by manipulating Thier prices. Surely there has to be a law to stop shop dodgy pricing practices. They increase the price and offer a discount code every other day


Once they have your email, these offers are bombarded at you daily. And God help you if you put something in your basket and don't purchase. Forgot something? No. I bought it from eBay cheaper (highfive)


i decided to go for a Fram oil filter at £2.75 which was 50% off, i went for a Bosch air filter at £6.50 which was 50% off, i then i went for Castrol Magnatec 5W 30 x 4 litres for £29.45 reduced by £9.54, Comes to a total of £34.58 saving £22.89. i was going to buy these when the offer for screenwash popped up a few days ago, i am glad i waited.

TRIPLE QX Ready Mixed Screenwash 5Ltr £1 w/code Euro Car Parts (free c+c)
Refreshed 14th NovRefreshed 14th NovUpdated 16th NovLast updated 16th Nov by Rico007
First post so be nice! Just found this 5 litre screen wash for £1! Can’t go wrong for that price. Add to basket and add code ‘early’ to get it down to £1! Stock yourselves up

Just had email saying my order will be delayed 2-3 weeks due to no stock in warehouse charming 😏


Winter35 gives more off than the 'early' code :)


I ordered one, £1 with free delivery.


Try to buy anyway and choose free delivery, I "bypassed" the checkout point and paid, I will see what happens tomorrow if they cancel the order or not... Use weekend37 code


When I went to pick up the 3 I had ordered this morning, the guy said they only had 2 in stock (skeptical) Must have kept one for someone else (annoyed) Just ordered another 2 from a different store to collect tomorrow (y)

Major discount at EuroCarParts eg. Car battery for my Golf nearly half price (use code EARLY) - £47.29
Updated 15th NovLast updated 15th Nov by Gonz
I was only shopping for one thing but thought this discount was great, hopefully it applies to other items just as well. Seems like a good deal, please correct me if I’m wrong... … Read more

GSF is £20 for an £8 spark plug. they're all at it.


Not working for me.


GSF60 still works for 60% off


The mistake was relying on their catalogue. Rookie/lady error


Bought Lamba O2 sensor, visually connector was different, returned for replacment. Connector was same, but did not worked... Never again...

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EuroCarParts 50% car parts
Updated 15th NovLast updated 15th Nov by ali.mohammedhaider
Early Black Friday deal. 50% off car parts. Use code - early
Read More

Euro Car Parts are really dodgy with their prices. Like pRiM8 mentioned, they adjust prices before hand. Funnily enough, the code *WEEKEND37* results in a bigger discount than the "early" one which is supposed to give 50% off!


Dodgy with their pricing and pot luck if you get the right part from them at 1st shot.


This 50% off just means they have increased their normal price of the items on sale like they always do. These guys are dodgy AF with their pricing.




(lol) (y) 🏻

Prestone Max Visibility Ready To Use Screen Wash (4 Ltr) - £3.34 @ Euro Car Parts Using Discount Code 'EARLY' (incl. Free Delivery)
Updated 15th NovLast updated 15th Nov by indianajon
£4.99 normally, but £3.34 after using the discount code, "EARLY". Reduced price includes free delivery. This Prestone Screen Wash is specifically engineered to improve driving vis… Read more

Codes don’t work on this item


Or end35


Try code winter35


The, EARLY, code still works for me. Expires tonight though.


Says not included in discoun

Rain X Rain Repellent 200ml - £3.14 using WEEKEND37 code @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 11th NovLast updated 11th Nov by muhammadilyas
Excellent price for this I thought. Use code WEEKEND37 and it comes to £3.14. Next cheapest online seems to be around the £5 mark. You can also get the Rain X Anti-Fog for the s… Read more

All the better to see heaven with.


I’m not doing it weekly for the tiny improvements hat I can’t remember and probably more down to a cleaner windscreen and wipers than this.


when it goes away can't you just add some more?


Pointless if they use couriers that won't deliver. Not exactly dangerous chemicals. "Sorry, one of more items in your basket are not available for delivery to your postcode. Some products that are classed as 'Dangerous Goods' cannot be delivered to your address by our couriers." Just lost my order


I’ve used this and while it does seem to help a bit for a week or so, it goes away and makes the glass more smearing so ultimately worse for visibility. It doesn’t increase safety, good clean wipers on clean windscreen do a fine job and in heavy rain just drive slower and increase distance. I can imagine this stuff makes people drive faster because they don’t realise how heavy the rain is when motorway driving.

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FTX Bugsta 4wd 1/10 RC car from euro car parts £71.38 with code @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 11th NovLast updated 11th Nov by powerbrick
FTX Bugsta 1/10 RC car from Euro car parts for only £71.81 using code weekend37. Didn't think the could would work but I have my dispatch notification so all looks good Bargain … Read more

TBH unless you really want new have a look on specialist websites classifieds, such as: Budget? What terrain will it be used on? what age group? as these can be be highly dangerous. You would want something with a good parts supply as things often break.


as well as glue the rims you should turn inside out and tape up with some Gorilla duct tape, glue then balance (y) Got a few RC cars. Doubt you'll be putting 5/6S through a 1/10 like this though.


It looks similar to the brushless version of this model, although I've not compared the spec's in depth. I bought a brushed RC car and upgraded it to brushless with lipo batteries. They did sell a brushless version too that uses the same drivetrain. Yes parts will break more easily, screws will vibrate loose and the plastic drive cog doesn't last as long but providing you don't slam it in to reverse from forward the wear isn't too bad. Oh and glue the tyres to the rims or they'll come off! XD


Any recommendations...I’m looking for one for myself my son for Christmas!


the drive train is not designed for the extra power. Might be rapid till it destroys itself :D

Triple QX Concentrated Screenwash £5.19 Eurocarparts on eBay - 50% off when buying 4 or more - £5.19 @ Euro Car Parts eBay
Updated 8th NovLast updated 8th Nov by duckmagicuk2
Euro Car Parts on eBay are selling 5L concentrated screenwash for £5.19, however if you buy 4 or more it’s 50% off the lot. So 20L of concentrate is just over £10
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This is even cheaper now! £3.49, and the deal still works. :-o


Sorry, only just caught this - I don't know for sure, as the washer bottle is hidden inside the offside front wing. If I had to guess, I would say it was frozen in the pipes as the nozzles are heated.


This deal should be freezing. Been on much cheaper regularly before & also the concentrated means it protects down to -6 instead of -5. What a joke.


it is summer wash there is -75C in offers


Was it frozen in your screen wash bottle?

50% off wiper blades using code @ Eurocarparts
Updated 7th NovLast updated 7th Nov by bodley59
Eurocarparts have a flash sale with 50% off wiper blades for one day only (7 November 2018). Use code FLASH50.
Read More

Mine were cheaper here with code RAINGRAM


Have a quick google of your blades you need first, had mine for £30 with discount for front and back where as amazon has them for £22


I never said eBay.


Added 60% on but 50% discount (lol)


Seconded :o

GSF Car Parts weekend code
Updated 7th NovLast updated 7th Nov by J4GG4
I know, I know, not a company liked by many, me included many times, but just tried this today and, same as the other weekend, discount works again, although now it's wkd59 instead… Read more
Read More

But they could be cheaper on the other sites. Need a product code or link to compare. I'm genuinely interested to see a deal that proves gsf are cheaper.


Reviving the good ol'thread, are we? See my post from July, as an example.


Out of interest could you show an example?


Don't use them then, I won't argue with you. I would never buy anything from them at full price, however with discount codes I did use them quite a few times and their prices were much lower than ecp or cp4l.


Not true, Their prices are still way more. For example just now I found a water pump GSF - £158 ECP- £42 CP4L - £38 They are consistently always higher in price with the discount code applied than almost everywhere else.

Top Tech 150pc Tool Box with Tools now only £39.99 @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 7th NovLast updated 7th Nov by flightlevel390
Top Tech 150pc Tool Box with Tools Our Top Tech Tool Box is great for use at home or on a car as it’s stacked with 150 various tools. Everything from sockets to spanners all suppl… Read more
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Personally, I’d pay the extra for Halfords tools, which have a lifetime guarantee. They (Euro car parts) advertise incorrect parts for your vehicle, and then refuse to take the unused parts back. Opieoils are far better for general maintenance/service parts.


Please elaborate. Do you mean the tool company or euro car parts? I was about to get some parts from them for the first time but now holding back. What should I know? Cheers


Yes, is not same as before. GSF better...i guess.


I agree - last order I had to dispute transaction through PayPal to get delivery. Shocking company now. Avoid


Don’t buy from these cowboys. Hopefully they’ll cease to exist come March 2019

ECP Flash Sale 50% off Brake pads & Discs - 1 day only
Updated 7th NovLast updated 7th Nov by dippdopp
Enter Code FLASH50 at checkout to receive 50% off discs and pads today only. Plus I got free same day delivery.

I bought some McGuire's stuff on a 50% off sale with Europarts....went into the store to collect....cheaper on the shelf without any sale. Conmen.


Ah damn... Just bought a set of brake discs and pads today!!


When I ordered new brakes from them in August they sent me second hand used ones, vowed never to use them again. Against my better judgement ordered 5 Ltr -15 winter screen wash, they sent me 1 ltr All Seasons screen wash. Screen wash must be one of the most basic things you can order from a car part supplier, if they cannot get that right what hope is there? :/


Only exclusion I can see is performance parts


Can’t get it to work, is it only certain brands?

Pioneer MVH-X580DAB Radio Bluetooth Car Stereo £84 @ Halfords
Updated 4th NovLast updated 4th Nov by defconluke
I've had this car stereo for two years and it gets great DAB reception when I've driven across the country when paired with… Read more

Fitted mine today in about 90 minutes start to finish. Picked up a few accessories (DAB antenna, harness to use the steering wheel controls and FM aerial adaptor) and it works perfectly. Bluetooth picks up instantly, tuned in to all the local FM/DAB stations without issue and definitely improved the sound over the stock head unit.


so tempted so undecided...


Although reviewers seem to report good results by using a splitter and their car's existing aerial.




As per the OP comments I believe....

Aldi Smart car Battery charger £13.99
Updated 2nd NovLast updated 2nd Nov by delvey1987
Aldi have the smart charger available from the 16th of this month. Similar to the lidl model however has an lcd display which I think shows the actual voltage. Similar to the ctek … Read more
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And I am a recent graduate mechanical engineer but that means sweet FA My 15 years of driving tell me that if a 12 volt car battery is showing 7 volts is is knackered Yes you can charge it back up to 12 volts but it will not perform anywhere near as well as it did. And as for the personal insults, go get a life. J had been only trying to help you. God Damn snowflake


You are talking through a whole in your ass. I'm a graduate Electronics engineer who happens to know a little about this stuff (evidently, unlike you) and have stated this charger has a serious design flaw in the algorithm after reading the full instruction manual and by practical use. It can't distinguish between a fully charged 6v battery and a fully discharged 12v one. These are serious design flaws rendering the unit useless in the case of a fully discharged battery ( and for the record, my battery is less than 9 months old). The way around it is to apply a constant current DC source across the battery terminal for 5 min to bring the battery EMF above threshold but I don't expect you or anyone else to understand this and BTW don't reply to any of my comments (my last anyway - too many stupid people here).


If your 12 volt battery is lower than 7.2 volts you need a new battery


Don't touch with barge pole. Find a regular one from Halfords or somewhere.


Don't buy this thing, it is rubbish. If your 12v discharged battery is <7.2v then this lamentable product will see it as a fully charged 6v battery and you can't charge it. I have just bought one and this is the case.I've just measured the voltage across the battery and the current and getting 6.8v with 0 amps charging current. Don't touch this with a barge pole.

TRIPLE QX Xtreme Cold -75c Winter Screenwash (1 Litre) - £1.95 @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 2nd NovLast updated 2nd Nov by Tyton
A really good WINTER screen wash, for a "normal" UK winter this stuff needs to be diluted 1:2 (water:concentrate), diluting it 1:1 gives you protection down to -26C. Slight warning… Read more

Will not deliver to Glasgow ! Step 3 of 4. Delivery Options Sorry, one of more items in your basket are not available for delivery to your postcode. Some products that are classed as 'Dangerous Goods' cannot be delivered to your address by our couriers. Items Unit Price Quantity Total Price Delivery Options TRIPLE QX Xtreme Cold -75c Winter Screenwash (1 Litre)Product Code : 542771210 Unit Price£2.99 DeleteRemove Total Price£17.94 UK Delivery More infoClick & Collect from Check stock at your local storeInternational Delivery available


Nice with lemonade.


Prestone is/was £2.50 for 4 litres in Tesco


"Mild Winter Conditions = 50% (2 Parts Screenwash / 2 Parts Water) (Estimated Freezing Point -26c)" Voted hot! We'll need some heat if a mild winter gets down to -26oC :D Bought 3 Bottles. Should see me through the winter.


Good price bought 3 bottles to see how it compares to prestone extreme, this is £4 cheaper per 4 litres. Cheers op

Champion Wiper Blades half price now from £3.24 @ sainsburys
Updated 30th OctLast updated 30th Oct by RMD777888
5 different size blades on link

Wiper blades


Save yourself a few quid and do as I do - carry an old rag, and lean out your window every so often. Cold. X)


Later than some people seem to think. When the blades don't seem as effective as they used to then give the blades a quick wipe up and down with white vinegar a few times. This will usually be enough to restore them to almost-new. Replace the blades when either this fails to work, or when the blades start to split at the extremes. Often the cause of smearing is grease on the windscreen rather than being a problem with the blades. If this is the case then add 4 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda to a mug of tepid water, stir well and use it to sponge the windscreen clean, then rinse the windscreen well with clean water.


I couldn't find them in Redditch or Northfield. Got some more expensive, better brand online elsewhere instead.


Fits fine on my Ferrari 458 Italia.

Top Tech 1/4" & 3/8" Socket Set - 60pc £15.67 Euro Car Parts
Updated 29th OctLast updated 29th Oct by winter_zombie
Top Tech 1/4" & 3/8" Socket Set - 60pc 3/8" Drive ratchet handle with 3" extension bar, 3/8" to 1/4" adapter, 3/8" Spark Plug socket (5/8") 12 pcs 3/8" Dr.Socket 11,12,13,14,… Read more

It was over 6 weeks before I could get a refund from them when I last made a order.. really bad customer service and attitude. Pay extra and get the Halfords professional range, it has a life time warranty. AVOID Euro car parts..


Looks cheap and nasty, look at that driver.

Start/stop battery for fiesta etc - Yuasa 4 Year Guarantee YBX7100 Start/Stop 12V EFB Car Battery £85 @ Halfords
Updated 28th OctLast updated 28th Oct by harlzter
Normally £140+ at other retailers save a wad of 💰

Oddly enough they use a different tester to see if you current battery needs replacing.


I always switch my start/stop off when I'm in busy traffic simply because I find it a gimmick what can only cause wear and tear on vital engine parts and the battery with the constant restarts. If I'm in a traffic jam I'll leave it turned on because of the longer stopped times.


I've done 50k on my s/s clio and not a problem yet. so far its working well


Or the Flywheel


Start/Stop technology are robust, reducing emissions by up to 10% or being a giant PITA because it engages when you're stuck at the traffic light, for 3 seconds ... im convinced it's neither good for the starter motor nor the battery.

BOGOF on 5w30 5L fully synthetic low saps C3 Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £32.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Updated 27th OctLast updated 27th Oct by HPMan
Ends at midnight tonight BOGOF on 5w 30 Triple QX fully synthetic low saps C3 engine oil with code OIL12 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to … Read more


thought PD was peugeot diesel


I'm sure the PD oil relates to Volkswagen specific spec so the first one.


Here we go.... (highfive)


I use Shell Helix Ultra in every car i do, or have owned , after years of testing ... best oil £ 4 £ ive used.

RAC 6/12V Trickle Car Battery Charger was £54.99 now £29.99 @ Argos
Refreshed 16th OctRefreshed 16th OctUpdated 26th OctLast updated 26th Oct by GAVINLEWISHUKD
Thought this was now a great price & worth sharing with the colder weather ahead - was £54.99 & now down to £29.99 with Free C+C - next best price I could find is £44.99 &a… Read more
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Yes that's fine if you have accidentally left your lights on and your battery has gone flat. It is no good for a maintenance charger. By the time spring comes and you get the car out the battery has gone past a recoverable state and it's then another £100+ for a new one.


Sorry if I am ignorant... Why would you buy such bulky chargers when you get portable jumpstarters for the same price? The jump starter fits into the glovebox and are of less hassle. I was under the impression that such battery chargers were outdated technology. I once had to charge my car's battery using my friend's charger which involved removing the battery from the car, charging the battery overnight at home, re-fitting the battery back in the car. Means you cannot start your car until the battery holds "some" charge and was too much hassle carrying around a heavy battery. With a portable jump starter, you can start your car instantly and it costs almost the same in the market(see link below). And I do not have to remove, refit the car battery. Absolutely no messing...The charge on the jump starter is good enough for like atleast 5-6 starts.


No, but I am a motorist since 2008 and never had to use that thing... and I am not using my car everyday, at times 2 weeks gaps


My car battery has not been replaced since it was manufactured which was in 2007.


You'd do well to get 10 years out of a battery! 5 years tops in my experience. Though with care and regular charging this can add a few years to their life. It's more important for cars that are only occasionally used.

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