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Share your stocking filler ideas
Hi everyone! :) I thought it would be nice to share stocking filler ideas. No more than £5 per item. Would be nice to mix it up a bit this year rather than doing my usually bit… Read more

Olives Caramelised Ginger Dried Mango Candy Canes Coffee Tea Biltong


Not tough love, just a different time! I loved my Christmas fruits! Remember getting Brazil nuts too! If I got them for my kids now, they’d probably throw them at me!


You can fill half a stocking with a tube of pringles! I used to get one every year (:I


Mini Lego set or mini figures.


Match Attax , Monopoly Deal card game, Top Trumps, Smiggle £5 surprise bag , Pokemon cards

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Cheap stocking fillers
Hi any one know of any cheap websites for stocking fillers for kids. Cheers Shane

Gearbest is always good for me but order early. I know some people have had bad experiences with them. I haven't, but then again I only buy things for £1 or £2 maximum so not a great loss if they don't turn up!


Ali Express


Homebargains if you have one near you. They always have stuff for under £1. I was in there earlier and saw Disney colouring books for 69p which are £1 in Poundland and £1.50 on the works too. So far from homebargains I’ve got pens, notepads, bubble bath and Xmas socks in there all under £1 each :)


Amazon, poundshop, the works, poundstretcher, primark, superdrug, home bargins, B n M bargins😄

chickstick99 is good and often have deals on top that.

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Ideas for stocking filler gifts for wife....
I am looking for any ideas to what presents to get for my wife (in her 30's) to put in her Christmas stockings. Anything unusual ideas, but not rude :), would be good. I usually ad… Read more

Gloves is a good idea. A bat? I would be looking to spend about 50 quid total. Some novelty items are always good. Anyone know any good websites for things like that. I was thinking like that bazaar place. Those pants are awesome!!!!


Mouthwash, floss, toothpaste, antibacterial hand wash, dettol soap etc....


How much are you spending? Lipstick from Mac, Bobbi Brown or Charlotte Tilbury. If you're thinking 'different' and not too rude...:


I agree with a previous poster on the Lush Bath Bombs they’re always good. Another idea would be Spacemasks, self heating eye masks - perfect for relaxing. Mini Yankee Candle votives too!


anything normal and think yourself lucky, my missus wants a stuffed go with her stuffed crow, for crying out loud! :/

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Stocking fillers
My sister and I decided that we wouldn't buy each other Xmas gifts, instead just getting the kids. she's been going through a hard time recently, she's coming to ours for Xmas and … Read more

If she has a t.v. In her bedroom that isn't smart I would get her a fire stick on sale at £25, set it up with you tube, etc and just give her it when chatting, I wouldn't wrap it, say it was a good deal and you thought of her. Hope this helps, or maybe not :)


Haha my nails done, a big burly 17st man getting his nails done,can only imagine the nails persons face


I understand and sympathise with you there, I can even burn gravy. I was just thinking of another way to gift her something without actually giving her a present on Xmas day, how about treating her to a new haircut before Xmas or you both getting your nails done

tinkerbellian Is it worth ordering the two Birchboxs on here for £7.95 delivered , they normally have about 5 things in each which you could rewrap individually and put in a stocking with some nice bubble baths . Pop a box of biscuits or chocolates in , and you’ve got a luxury stocking well within your budget .


Have a look at there is loads of Amazon discount codes for all sorts of things and you never know you might see the perfect gift just from browsing, good luck.

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Updated 27th Nov 2017Last updated 27th Nov 2017 by bluep
Stocking fillers
Cheap stocking fillers for step dad??
Avatar deleted1769986

How cheap?


Instead of getting loads of cheap little things, how about getting one much nicer thing that will be more enjoyed? I've always though buying cheap stuff just to bulk it out is a bit naff. i get stocking filler bits but will be things that are nicer and little luxury things, not just cheap. i see that if I just get cheap stuff I might as well throw my money away anyway for ideas, here is what I have gotten my step dad. For his main main present I have gotten a raspberry flavoured craft vodka from a little Christmas market. then for smaller bits I have gotten some whisky stones (to go in the vodka). Some treats from hotel chocolate and some luxury butterscotch biscuits. as a silly thing I have gotten home a joke bumper sticker for his clapped out old van that says my other car is a Porsche (he has a vintage Porsche in his garage but chooses to drive an escort van that's about 20 years old) but my my step dad and your step dad will likely have different tastes so really you need to think of what he likes and go from there


It's no good, I have to say it.... Your mum! :D

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Christmas Gifts, Toys and Stocking Fillers 3 year old boy.
Hello, just looking for for a few ideas for my son’s Christmas. He’s 3 and loves: - spider man - all construction vehicles - Thomas the tank - Cars 1/2/3 and just cars in gener… Read more

Thank you 😘 that’s fantastic x


My son is 3 in December and into similar things. We are getting him the imaginext batcave, ride on excavator, the Spiderman homecoming figure that talks, a remote control car and wooden food for his kitchen amongst other things. There's loads of deals on here just keep your eyes peeled


This thread has lots of ideas for 3-6 year olds our little boy boy was 3 last year and we went for things like squirty bath toys, cars die cast cars, mini Lego kits the entertainer toy shop can be good for stocking fillers