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...and Tesco are currently beating the competition at £10 (party) These were super popular last year, and it looks like Christmas has come a little bit early as Wilko ,… Read more

I get my Lindor by the kilo...


If the contents are indeed 400g, then Waitrose currently have a deal on the 200g boxes at £4.00. Get two of those and save yourself £2.00. Tin will likely go in the bin anyway!


There doesn't appear to be any photos showing the weight listed on the tin. However: There is a metro article from last year which appears to be based on a Facebook post of someone who was not happy with their purchase: The article mentions "LINDOR Christmas tins contains an average 32 individually wrapped truffles, double the amount contained within our bestselling 200g box of LINDOR truffles" This year's tins are already in the news: and the article mentions "now with 36 truffles". Assuming each truffle weights (200g / 16) 12.5g it would make sense if the current tins are (36 x 12.5g) 450g.


Probably net vs gross weight. Any photos of the bottom of the box?


Tesco website says 450g grams but Wilko and Ocado say 400g. Perhaps different sizes or Tesco include the weight of wrappers/tin or possibly just a error? Tesco seem to have the 450g one and the 400g listed on their website: 400g: (listed as currently unavailable). 450g: (currently listed as £10). 400g appears to have been the weight of the tin last year:

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Lindt launches sharing tin of Lindor chocolate truffles
Move out the way Roses and Celebrations (Apart from the teasers...) Defo a treat in itself, with a mix of 32 chocs per tub including milk, white, extra dark, milk & white, haz… Read more

I think they put this to satisfy the diet police.


Love the Tesco reviews copied from Lindt UK. Very unbiased XD


Looking forward to picking up a tin on 2 January when they are on clearance.


Love Lindt but 32 chocolates in a 400g tin. Not exactly a sharing tin and seems really poor value.


Would have been better with the coconut and strawberries & cream varieties as well (+ any of the other 2-3 I've seen in the US). £4 for 200g boxes at Sainsbury at present, so cheaper buying a couple of assorted ones ;)

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Any Lindt Lindor 200g chocolate box offers around at the moment?
Hey everyone, I just wondered if anyone knows of any good Lindor deals at the moment? Cheers!

got 2 boxes of mint lindt for £6.65 on amazon. they have lots of flavours... Assorted Coconut Dark Hazelnut Milk Mint Orange Strawberries and Cream White


Might be able to get you a code from Vodafone for a box for delivery fee, thank it's £2.38 Sorry just checked they've all gone... Apologies


My supermarket is a good app/website to check


Bought some at morrisons 3 for £10 last weekend (not sure if the offer is still on today but worth checking)


I bought some in Sainsbury's today for £3.50 which seems to be cheapest nationally atm Have all the flavours too.