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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Fingerprint Recognition - DEEP GRAY CORE I7 16GB + 256GB - £746.79 @ GearBest
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Made hot 11th Nov 2018Made hot 11th Nov 2018
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Fingerprint Recognition - DEEP GRAY CORE I7 16GB + 256GB - £746.79 @ GearBest£746.79GearBest Deals
Part of their 11/11 sale. Top spec Mi Notebook Pro (can be Hackintosh'ed) The price drop is a flash sale

Has anyone received there order?


Yeah thats just about it, although undervolting actually helps the cpu achieve a higher sustained boost as it will able to sit below its thermal throttle temp as obviously less volts=less heat but this is also dependant on cpu binning ie if you are lucky and have a good cpu that can undervolt without issue. I guess also you might get 1% better battery life too. Also fan curve can work both ways quieter one for people who just want browse the web in silence or gamers who want an aggressive fan so that they get max performance in games with less thermal throttling


Just read up on them both and get it! Undervolting is supposed to stop high power consumption but the drawback is therefore you don't get high performance as it's throttled. Guess your bios change bypasses this Custom fan curve is just a custom setting for the fan speed/emp balance. Probably to make it quieter. Still have no idea which bios you would choose and why but at least I learnt something!


Sound advice!!


Haha. No offence but if you don't understand what I just said then you probably shouldn't be messing with downgrading bios' and undervolting. To be honest there's not any real need to do anything out of the box. Some techies just like tweaking stuff.

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Xiaomi Laptop Backpack Black £15.95 delivered w/code at Gearbest
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Made hot 6th Dec 2017Made hot 6th Dec 2017
Xiaomi Laptop Backpack Black £15.95 delivered w/code at Gearbest£15.95GearBest Deals
Get it for £15.95 using code : XMCBLBUK (you need to be logged in) This backpack is durable, water-resistant and breathable. Ergonomic support design with padded straps … Read more

This just arrived--ordered on like the 7--and it's great. Thanks OP.


Mine arrived today, unfortunately doesn't fit my HP Omen which is 15.6" Not particularly pleased with this. Bag however is very nice quality for the money


i have an older version of this. Very good quality.


It's a bag pre-loaded with chinese viruses! It would be good timing, if gearbest didn't take six weeks. I have gone and ordered this btw. Love Xiaomi.


Timing!!! My work laptop bag has just broken and I need a new one. Purchased.