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Laptops have become some of the most important computing devices for students, businessmen/women and modern consumers. Getting a laptop from a top brand like HP, Dell or Lenovo can be safer but other options are available. Find the latest offers and deals on laptops right here on hotukdeals. Read more
Acer Nitro 5, Ryzen 5 4600H £749.99 @ Amazon
Posted 2 h, 24 m agoPosted 2 h, 24 m ago
Not in stock yet but can order. 144hz 8GB ram-3200mhz as one stick so can upgrade to 16. Ssd slot Good thermals.
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Have a look at this review before buying. There are a couple of downsides to this model (screen and keyboard) that are worth knowing!


And you can upgrade the ram the HP one had 2x4gb


Vote it cold. I voted hot because it's similar to the HP posted, for an extra £100 you get twice the storage and 144Hz refresh rate.


I suppose, don’t really see it as a good deal myself if you don’t know when/if you’ll get it.


"Not in stock yet, but you can still order"

Pixel 4 XL Grade A1 Pristine - 12m warranty Laptop Direct for £479
Posted 2 h, 51 m agoPosted 2 h, 51 m ago
Home Phones And PDAs Smartphones Google A1/GA01180-UK Compare View Printable Version Grade A1 Google Pixel 4 XL Just Black 6.3" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free A1/… Read more
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Price is good but sadly google new flagships are not much different than previous generation which you can get cheaply . Camera quality is same, getting latest software updates etc


Thanks for the info. I wasn't tempted by the 4 on release, let's see if I'm tempted by the 4a. Maybe I'll wait for the 5. I do like that holepunch though...


4a will have a bigger screen, slightly bigger battery, better CPU (but not as good for gaming if that's your thing), more RAM, a headphone jack and almost certainly a better camera. Specs aren't official for the 4a but I think that sums up the current leaks.


Ok still cheaper for those that want it as low as possible, (ninja)


Well this one doesn't it says so under product information Generic box, handset onlyNo charger included

ASUS M409 Full HD 14 Inch Laptop (AMD Ryzen 5 Processor, 256 GB PCI-e SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10) at Amazon £449.99
Posted 3 h, 21 m agoPosted 3 h, 21 m ago
ASUS M409 Full HD 14 Inch Laptop (AMD Ryzen 5 Processor, 256 GB PCI-e SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10)

U r spot on, It’s shocking that a lot of manufacturers still selling Ryzen 3 series for the same price I would say £100-£200 difference should be. As for the stress of the processor the Ryzen 7 4800 is arguably the strongest processor around right now. The Ryzen 5 is strong but not stronger than i7 10 gen


I agree, I read about it and was debating if the 4 series is a match for i5 8th gen. Somebody suggested it is a match for i7 10th gen. While the difference in between series 3 and 4 is huge, I think it is a big push to compare series 4 with i7 10th gen. Well, I guess it depends what you want the computer for. I am totally surprised to see series 4 laptops selling at the same price as series 3, was expecting at least £100 extra, particularly as series 4 is new.


Yeah huge difference in the series to be fair specially the Ryzen series 3 and 4 :)


Some people do not know it is a difference in between series, for them i3,i5 or R5 is more than sufficient. I did not pay attention to this 'detail' until not long ago and I have to admit, when I've purchased my i3 laptop, I did not even know what series it was. To make it worse, I still don't know now :)


£428 "Good as new" too from Amazon but pretty mixed reviews. Tempting though!

Dell Inspiron 5405 14" FHD, Ryzen™ 5 4500U, 8GB, 256GB M.2 PCIe Laptop, £509.19 at Dell with code
Posted 7 h, 49 m agoPosted 7 h, 49 m ago
Nice specs laptop on offer here, might suit someone. Processor AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U Mobile Processor with Radeon™ Graphics Operating Systems Windows 10 Home 64bit, English, Dutch… Read more

There is less production, and there is EVEN LESS demand. Yes people have got to stay home and do work and stuff, but everyones already got their laptop/desktop/tablet/phone....there is not really a strong "need" for people to buy new equipment for that purpose, not to mention some people are getting laid off with more and more getting fired later this year, so even if people have spare money they would rather save it for the future... As such, there is less supply but even less demand, hence the price drop, hence it is a BUYERS MARKET. 15 inch model on the other thread is too big/heavy, i prefer smaller /lighter laptop so have been looking at this 14inch model.....think i will wait as code should last until 29th July anyway.


How does this compare to the 15 inch posted a few days ago. Is it indentical apart from the screen size?


Eh. Exactly the opposite to what i have witnessed. More demand with home working and home schooling. Less supply with social distancing, various restrictions and reduced production lines. How did you get 3 likes... incredible! It's entirely a sellers market right now, not a buyers market at all. I will keep holding out.


Can't have it all. Well actually you can but you've got to pay for it.


Agreed. I want this processor with that screen and build! Lol

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DELL Inspiron laptop 15 5000 i5 8GB 256GB SSD £483.12 at Dell Shop
Posted 9 h, 42 m agoPosted 9 h, 42 m ago
Been looking at new laptops and does cxompare to current dell deals??

Ok thanks,I'm never sure when to buy or if to wait for something better,it's a full time job choosing a laptop (annoyed)


6.6% quidco cashback. It will further gives u something back


That's the one. Ordered two days ago and wondering if I should cancel. A lot of talk on the other thread about the screen not being IPS?


Hi is this the one that you refer to


The other deal (CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U) is much better (based on benchmark performance).

ASUS M409 Full HD 14 Inch Laptop AMD Ryzen 3, 256 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, Fast Charge, USB Type C - £379.97 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 14 h, 11 m agoPosted 14 h, 11 m ago
Fast Charge and USB Type C connection... (y) RAM needs an upgrade to at least 8 GB (y) ASUS 2020 X409 Experience the power of an everyday classic Whether for work or play, … Read more

Just leave this here for others not metal body but ok spec -


Ridiculously expensive for a last-gen Ryzen 3!


There is a lot not to like here, only 4GB RAM, its ASUS, price is hefty.


These ASUS M409/X409/M509/X509 don't have a 'traditional' heat pipe attached to the CPU, they just have a heatsink attached and the fan blows air through a narrow channel out the side. Consequently, temps skyrocket very quickly and in the laptopmedia test hit nearly 100°C. (which isn't necessarily a bad thing if the components can handle it, but that might explain the fan noise) A shame really as everything else looks pretty par for the course at this price. I think the ones that come with Ryzen CPUs (M409/M509) have IPS screens. The ones with Intel chips (X409/X509) come with 'Full HD' screens.


This is not bad, even R3 and 4GB RAM, still ok to use it for basic tasks and not only. The price seems ok for me. I compromise on specs for the form factor, this ticks the boxes. The only thing is, if you really want IPS screen, double check, lots of sellers claim IPS but not many laptops at under £500 have IPS. In fact, I only came across one with IPS under £500. Not an amazing deal, but decent.

APPLE 16" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2019) - 1 TB SSD, Silver at Currys for £2149
Posted 16 h, 59 m agoPosted 16 h, 59 m ago
This model has been in and out of stock across various retailers over the past week but it seems Currys have got their hands on some more of them at £2149 which is a couple of hund… Read more

There are literally hundreds so sorry I’m not going to mention them all! examples, who all pay 10% cashback are, Currys, Ebay, Argos, Debenhams, ASOS, Superdrug, B&Q, Bose, Selfridges, JD Sports, Clarks, Robert Dyas, perfume shop. I could go on......


yes but worth mentioning. can you list all the retailers and how much they give as i cant seem to see it on there site.


Yeah, that’s £2,500 worth of goods - I’ve not got that much to spend every month! :D


u forget to mention the maximum cashback u can claim is £250 per month.


I guess this is out of stock now.

Lenovo Duet Chromebook (Wifi) - Ice Blue + Iron Grey - £279.99 delivered @ Lenovo
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Finally available in for sale in the UK. Cheaper than the Curry's deal posted previously. Specs taken from Processor - MTK P60T Processor ( 2.00GHz ) Operating Syst… Read more

It's a Chromebook and a detachable Chrome OS tablet. It's been getting rave reviews and supports Android apps. It's outstanding at this price point.


Yeh am sure my dad did that, but Lenovo kept asking for payment and didn't take responsibility about the parcel getting lost. Anyway sorted now.


Just tried a fresh Newsletter sign up as a test and when logged into the student site, the coupon sent for that gives the error: Coupon code is not valid for the current cart. Please input a valid one. I do think there was something about previous coupon codes as plenty of people were stacking them on monitor deals. For the normal site, the coupon does still give 10% off.


You're a star, cheers! (y) (y) (y)


Get past 39 tabs and it gets stuck.

ASUS ZenBook 14 UM431DA 14” Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5, 256 GB SSD, Blue - £549 delivered using code @ Currys PC World
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
£549 down from £599. £50 dearer than the i3 variant from Amazon. The discount code attached gets you free next day delivery. More screen Enjoy a big screen without a massive … Read more

Buy one and try then comeback and ket us know.


ZenBook 14 meets the ultra-demanding MIL-STD-810G military standard for reliability and durability, undergoing a punishing test regime that includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. It has also passed ASUS internal laptop tests that far exceed the standards set by the industry.


Overpriced for the spec and build quality imo. My wife has an earlier edition of that laptop and the keyboard is not great, the screen is poor and the build quality feels quite cheap. We paid a lot less though (admittedly it was an 8th Gen i5). I'd be waiting on Ryzen 4000 series to filter down. If I had £800 to spend I'd go for the HP ENVY x360. Nice build quality:〈=en-GB&pup_e=1&pup_cid=55877&pup_id=2S897EA%23ABU&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9IX4BRCcARIsAOD2OB0-VIF338rsSyt1INrTcpkcO8ljs9s73nm9FpxPBMIqGVtCbv7mQEUaAlWeEALw_wcB The 4500U is decent but not world beating but great battery life. Having said that it's no slouch, keeps up with many of the 10 series i7s from Intel (like the one in the lenovo linked to), more cores but less threads.


Military as in lowest bidder contract to meet badly defined terms.


Military? So I can go to a war wit this laptop in my backpack? What a load of bs.

New Dell G5 15 (AMD) £806.64 (using code) @ Dell Shop
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Processor AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H Mobile Processor with Radeon Graphics Operating Systems Windows 10 Home 64bit Graphics Card AMD Radeon™ RX 5600M Memory 8GB, 2x4GB, DDR4, 3200MHz… Read more

AMD 4800H absolutely, from my point of view. But hey if you use the code DFCPREMIER you put down the price to £1019.15. And it's in the air a reduction of the VAT in the UK (not confirmed, Rishi will talk on Wednesday).


Can any one advise me, should I go for the amd r7 4800h with the 5600m radion or the intel i7 10th gen with the nvidia 1660 ti. Both are the same price (£1199 before discount) but can’t decide


Thanks. I didn't realise he'd undervolted. All the reviews I watched said this wasn't yet possible with the current AMD software. I stand corrected.


Yep, there's a second m.2 slot Or if you have the 51 WHr battery (which all models do at the moment as far as I know) there's space for a 2.5" SATA drive, but you need to buy a bracket and cable for it, and this will also take up the space used by the second m.2 slot. You can see it here The review models Dell sent out (like the one Dave Lee had) had 68 WHr batteries which took up that space, but none of the retail models do. That's with an undervolt (assuming Ryzen Controller, which is 3rd party, not made for the 4000 series and didn't work for me) and a cooling pad. I never had crashes. Looks more like a software issue or even hardware issue. The kind of crash you get when you undervolt too much and the CPU/iGPU doesn't get enough voltage.


One important thing to note is you MUST sign up for a Dell account and activate Dell Rewards BEFORE making a purchase. They won't retrospectively credit your account after you make a purchase, if you didn't already have Rewards enabled. I don't even remember honestly, I always have keyboard backlight turned off. No screen flickering at all. The screen was really nice.

Huawei Matebook D14 - Ryzen 5 3500U / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD / 1080p / Backlit Keyboard / Windows 10 + Freebuds 3 Earphones £549.99 @ Huawei
625° Expired
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th Jul
Update 1
Now live
Offer Live From Saturday 4th July 2020 Good offer here vs the one I posted a few days ago via AO that is now expired. That was £539.10, whereas this is £10.89 extra BUT you'll get… Read more

Sounds terrifying!


How does this compare to the dell inspiron deal from a couple of days ago?


What an absurd comparison. Google is a software, rule-abiding company; CCP runs a dictatorship where fair rules don't apply. Apples and pears, or light and darkness


I thought the thumbnail was a steam iron at first and thinking pretty sure Huawei don't make irons


Here you go:

2019 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" Touch Bar, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD MV992B/A Space Grey / Silver £1299 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Prepared to put a jumper on, but decent saving.
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Windows Hello and FaceID are not the same thing. Not event close. Thanks for playing, better luck next time.


Windows hello came out in 2015, with support for finger print, face unlock, iris unlock. Even the original xbox one allowed facial login, incidentally developed by the same company apple bought for their tech. I assumed everyone knew that.


You're welcome to give me an example if you think I'm incorrect.


Haha look you are obviously not into technology, that's OK.


It wasn't.

Big Discounts on Dell - Laptops and more e.g. XPS 13 Laptop - £1326.99 delivered at Dell Shop
20/07/2020Expires on 20/07/2020Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Have been in the market for a top spec laptop, Dell put out a new voucher code today "EARLY14" giving a pretty big discount on some of their best machines. This Dell XPS 13, with … Read more

Some people are recommending the on-site pro support option but it's not cheap


Is the additional warranty worth it from Dell - anyone had any experience? Is it worth upgrading from 1 year to 4?


Yes. Not sure if TCB/Quidco will pay out if you use any promo codes. Worth a try anyway.


AmEx will give you £100 back as long as you have enrolled for the Dell offer regardless of any other cashback (TCB/Quidco) or promo codes. You just have to spend £750 on and pay using the AmEx card


Hi On the hp main site. I get discount via my work's perks at work scheme so knocks good chunk off it. But can't decide whether 13in screen is just to small

Dell 15.6" Inspiron 5505 Laptop - Ryzen 5 4500u - 8GB 3200mhz RAM - 256gb NVMe - Backlit KB - £509.15 delivered using code @ Dell Shop
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Good deal here for Dell's new 5505 Inspiron range Using NEW codes: DF CPREMIER or also code: MUPREMIER (thanks to The sweet spot £500 mark, with the new 4000 ser… Read more

No and it depends on the cpu. The 15 inch 4700u 256gb gets WiFi 6 and a bigger 4cell battery


If you go to YouTube,search TN Or IPS or VA you will see a comparison between the three panels


It's not.a VA panel either. Don't think you can get them on laptops.


is this the exact same as the 14 inch one (apart from the screen size)?


As several people have put on this post it is not an IPS screen it is a VA screen. I have ordered this but i also looked at a Huawei D 14 which was put on here yesterday, but that has the old AMD 3500 but it has an IPS screen that has 250 nits this Dell has 220 nits. I also visited Currys and looked at a Inspiron 15 3000 the screen also is a VA screen and looks good and alot better than aTN screen. I purchased a Lenovo 2-3 months ago the one at £267 which was a good deal but it had a TN screen which was awful.I had to return it to Lenovo because it was faulty,so bought this instead

HUAWEI MateBook 13 2020 AMD Ryzen 5 Space Gray £579.99 @ Huawei Store
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
8GB 256 SSD Comes with free headphones worth £89 and is very well reviewed. Currently £209 off usual price for the 256SSD version. Windows 10 Home 13inch 2K Vivid Full View Displa… Read more
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I'd say possibly Tuesday


Just ordered one today thanks OP. Any idea when i can expect it? Ordered from the Huawei uk store


Ahhh okay, 3-4 hours is not great for me as I’m looking for portability and using on the go. Cheers (y)


So its a tough one to say really, for my personally I only really use it in the flat so therefore always have a charge to hand so it running out quickly doesn't really bother me. However, the battery life isn't great, depends on what your're doing of course but you're looking at about 3-4 hours with average usage I would say.


What’s the battery life like? As I’ve been seeing mixed reviews on HUKD

13" Apple MacBook Pro 2020 - Retina display, Core i5, 10th Gen, 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, Touch Bar - Space Grey @LaptopsDirect (warr 1yr)
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
lowest price i found when looking to buy with job bonus! (y) Tech Spec: Display: Screen size - 13.3in Resolution - 2560 x 1600 Refresh Rate - 60Hz Screen Type - LED Battery… Read more

If you have UNiDAYS, never buy directly from Apple. is your friend. Thank me later. (y)


These cost an ARM and a leg


No, you can still access Apple discounts if you are a totum member. It links you to an apple sub- site called NUS extra Store Home


I don’t think so. Sure Totum doesn’t link off to Apple anymore (UNiDAYS or Student Beans only from outside a college or uni network)


Tenner and you Totum student for a year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3” Tablet (Platinum) - Intel 10th Gen Quad Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD £756.93 Amazon
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
You MUST select Amazon as the seller for this price. Product Description Surface Pro 7 adapts to you, instantly transforming from laptop to tablet to portable studio. Pair with … Read more
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this is a windows pc and that is an android tablet, if you want to run windows applications then yes this is much better, if you want to watch videos and browse the web a bit the s6 is better, if you want to do digital art then probably the surface is the best bit of kit although for just drawing the ipad is best.


is this better than the tab s6 then?


The screen and stylus capabilities put it far above anything else available at this price point bar an ipad, which obviously is extremely limited in its own ways.


You have to deal with them for any issues rather than Microsoft. It would be no different to purchasing from a third party seller on eBay. You never know if they are sending you an international version, refurbished, returned etc. With Amazon you should get complete peace of mind.


does that give it anything less, surely warranty is still covered with amazon / microsoft?

APPLE 16" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2019) - i9, 1 TB SSD, Silver - £2149 delivered at John Lewis & Partners + 3-year warranty
1155° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Price matched the Curry's PC offer, but this comes with 3-year warranty included. Cheapest I've ever seen. Great specs and huge SSD, should be powerful enough for any kind of profe… Read more

I seem to have found a bit of a glitch with the Currys website tonight, I was gutted to find I missed the 2019 1TB MBP and it was showing as out of stock for delivery and also no local stock. So tonight I was playing around with Google Shopping and ended up on Currys website, still showing as out of stock for both delivery and no local stock, but it allowed me to add it to my basket. I thought I'd chance my arm and go all the way through and it allowed the order, followed up shortly after with confirmation and a little later a dispatch and courier confirmation email. Worth chancing it if anybody is still after one.


That’s right but not available for delivery in my area


It does appear in the Currys website but there doesn’t seem to be stock anywhere in the Uk and it’s not available for delivery


Says 1TB here


Curry’s only have the 512GB in stock at this price, not the 1TB

Asus Vivobook X512FA 15.6", FHD, i3-10110U, 4GB DDR4, 128GB SSD + 1 Year Office 365 @ AO - £349
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Similar to the other deal I posted but you get a 15' screen instead of 14, as well as a better processor.
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Laptop now OOS


Just seen this one is OOS. Someone must have thought the same. It was £379. I actually have the same laptop through work but it was £700 brand new. Great looking laptop, it uses m.2 sata drives so has it's 3.5in SSD bay free for an extra SSD and a Ram slot in addition to the soldered on 8gb RAM. I run 16gb RAM and have put a 1tb Sandisk SSD in mine. Perfect little laptop for all my needs (Work, Playing Civilisation, Streaming, Photoshop etc) I would say the screen brightness is a little bad but you really need to be in the Dell XPS, MacBook, Asus ZenBook Pro etc to get miles better. Those are all £1000 plus


Actually many would disagree but I would personally go for this refurb one.


Gaming? That will be tough for under £600 min, unless you mean old school games like Sims etc. I personally would get something like this. ASUS M409 Full HD 14 Inch Laptop (AMD Ryzen 5 Processor, 256 GB PCI-e SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10) It’s 25% more the what the OP posted but IMO worth it. 1080p, 8gb Ram, Ryzen 5 quad core, PCI ssd. Way more laptop for the money and will actually last for a few years to come. The one the OP posted will get over slow fast. Duel cores aren’t good for much and 4gb Ram is criminal on anything in 2020.


Been trying to find a laptop around this price for my girlfriend. Is this the best currently available at this price or can anyone reccommend another?

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2020 - 14 Inch Laptop with FullView 1080P FHD (Ryzen 5 3500U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home - £529.99 @ Amazon
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
With powerful system architecture and software stack capacities, the laptop provides you with the large screen and light weight possible for a laptop of its size; with a thickness … Read more
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We all know that we don't get anything in life for free. Since this discussion however, it seems the gov are already looking at alternatives, including a possible voucher handout!? Whether a handout or drop in VAT, the working class are going to be hit big time, after all someone's got to pay back all this billions from Covid!


as long as the retailers pass it on


It's already been done in other countries and they are talking about the UK doing the same to help boost the economy. However, it won't stop them from increasing other taxes no doubt (mad)


Like a reduction in VAT will be passed on in current circumstances.


I think if you look at the benchmarks the difference isn’t great and the average user would not notice the difference.

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