How it all started

For over 15 years our global communities have been helping everyone to find and share the greatest deals and the best prices. Find out more about how we joined together and grew to become the biggest shopping family on the planet

1st Aug 2004

hotukdeals was launched

Jen Nikkel and Paul Nikkel launched hotukdeals in August 2004

29th Dec 2004

1000 members

Wooop! We have 1000 members

1st Dec 2005

First to empower users

We switched from editorial to allowing users to vote, surface content and decide the final position of deals

2nd Jan 2006

vBulletin is so 2004..

Switched from vBulletin to our own code

1st Dec 2006

The Hamleys moment

The Hamleys moment brought a lot of new users to hotukdeals - were you there?

10th Dec 2008

hotukdeals hype

We're the fastest growing search term in Google Zeitgeist

5th Apr 2012

We launched our first app

Deals wherever you are! We launched our first app in 2012

1st Jun 2013

Paul did 129 push-ups

He's been talking about it ever since

1st Jul 2013

Making friends

We started working with FR & DE

10th Nov 2013

Big plans

The day we kicked off the Pepper idea

22nd Feb 2014

1000000 members

Our 1,000,000th member just joined!

8th Aug 2015

First office

We set ourselves up with a base in Shoreditch

1st Jul 2017

Shiny new website

We updated our site with the Pepper theme

8th Dec 2018

2000000 deals

Our 2,000,000th deal was posted!