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Posted 30th Jun 2020Posted 30th Jun 2020
Lego July Freebies NOT!
Hi all. Is any one else baffled and annoyed here like me!? Ive been waiting for the UK July Lego calander to be released as the US one has two great freebies this month: https://www.thebr…
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Posted 15th Jun 2020Posted 15th Jun 2020
lego VIP "Offer Code"
Hi Just logged into my VIP account at Lego.com and there is a new way to earn free points in the earn points section titled "received offer code, enter it here". Has any one received a code…
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Posted 8th May 2020Posted 8th May 2020
abiluff.com trustworthy or not?
hi all Ive found the below set for £50 on the below link. £17 cheaper than the next cheapest price: /index.php/lego-harry-potter-and-the-goblet-of-fire-hogwarts-castle-clock-tower-75948.h…
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Posted 13th Apr 2020Posted 13th Apr 2020
Lego.com free promotional sets
Hi Just as I look to buy the most expensive lego set I've ever bought ("Lego Boost 17101") there are no free promotional sets available with purchases! Thats after giving away the 40" anniv…
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