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Bosch dishwasher SMV68MD01G £588 delivered @ applianceworldonline
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Posted 26th Mar 2018Posted 26th Mar 2018
Bosch dishwasher SMV68MD01G £588 delivered @ applianceworldonline£588Appliance World Online Deals
Just bought this, biggest inside I could find 14 place sets. Low water usage, auto open, digital display projected onto the floor for how long is left on cycle. Just about silent 3… Read more

Half price would be Hotdeal..


What makes a good deal? 10-20-30% off?


Why is this cold? £588 from £749 I thought was a good deal. Just cos it’s expensive? Makes no difference still a decent deal


I have one and its excellent. Paid about this amount before Xmas


Still happy with my used £20 Bosch

BOSCH SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - £186.97 delivered (error?) @ Currys
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
BOSCH SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - £186.97 delivered (error?) @ Currys£186.97Currys PC World Deals
Must be a pricing error! Wouldn’t want to use the work glitch incase! XD £400 everywhere else! 13 place settings Water consumption: 9.5 litres per cycle Noise level: 46 dB(A) En… Read more

Have a word with Zoea's mum. She has one that she doesn't use very much. Just convince her to wash up one more day each year and it's yours.


Actually disappointed, I had an alert set up for a dishwasher and was trying to buy this (fierce)


was just ordering and oos :( mines on its last legs


I had same problem, spoke to agent , they not available and there nit getting anymore in


Oos don't waste time if your trying to order this

Bosch Dishwasher. £359 with discount code. Includes free installation and old appliance removal - £359 @ Co-op Electrical
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Posted 20th Nov 2017Posted 20th Nov 2017
Bosch Dishwasher. £359 with discount code. Includes free installation and old appliance removal - £359 @ Co-op Electrical£359Co-op Electrical Deals
Looks like a great dischwasher. Currently £500 for same item from John Lewis. Use code CPM20 to get price down to £359. Also includes free install and removal of old appliance. Usu… Read more

This one. Just 2 year guarantee though.


No. Its stainless steel. Arrived yesterday and works great.


We got this one for £639 Would have had £100 cashback too if JL hadn't been taking the pee but missed out. If that's too pricey the iq300 model is £539 on webbs


What's the budget? Run a price match with JL on the Siemens stuff but took me a few attempts and had to be on the ball when they pulled it from stock...then they say it's valid for 28 days...had to time it perfect as they waited till deaths door to put it back online


Maybe one time but JL are chancers at times and they do their best to hide from price matching but pulling from stock. They are always knowingly undersold too. As when they are alerted to a match they sometimes honour it but don't modify the price. ASA should have hooked that slogan from them many moons ago

Bosch dishwasher £269 Erdington Currys PC World instore only
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Posted 18th Oct 2017Posted 18th Oct 2017LocalLocal
Bosch dishwasher £269 Erdington Currys PC World instore only£269Currys PC World Deals
On display clearance liquidation, 50% off marked price, Erdington Currys PC World instore only £269.99 ÷ 2= £134.95
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Did u found any?


*which* Bosch dishwasher, do you know? And is it still there? Erdington is a way to go from here to find it's gone!


Is this the kingsbury rd branch?


50% off all clearance models mostly ex display

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BOSCH Serie 6 SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - White £309 at hughes
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Posted 14th Jun 2017Posted 14th Jun 2017
BOSCH Serie 6 SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - White £309 at hughes£309Hughes Deals
BOSCH Serie 6 SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - White The price is £329 but dad20 code takes £20 of the price

I went in to store and I told them I want the same dishwasher at there best price. As know way am paying £309 as its out of my budget. Asked them whats the best they price they can do. And they offered it at £290 without a fuss. John Lewis price matched it for £309 with the code DAD20.(had to submit price match for and explain the code) ALTHOUGH last week the same dishwasher at JL was for £329 but last week saturday the price went up to £349. Currys selling for £349. ( although last month with there coupon this was working out at £294. The deal was posted here by somebody) Argos is selling for over £400 So £290 is a good deal and considering it's made in germany


Been looking for a good dishwasher. How did you bring it down to £290?


Very good deal showing in stock for me. I managed to pick this up for £290 delivered from Hughes. Little bargaining


Showing temporarily out of stock?

BOSCH Serie 6 SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - £294.00  Currys with code
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Posted 10th May 2017Posted 10th May 2017
BOSCH Serie 6 SMS53M02GB Full-size Dishwasher - £294.00 Currys with code£294Currys PC World Deals
BOSCH2 code for £35 off Excellent price for series 6 dishwasher...

Got the SMS68M02GB for £315 delivered after my Hinari Sunrise was laid to rest after nearly 20 years


My dishwasher turned 19 earlier this month, and decided to finally give up the ghost after a short battle with leaving the dishes dirty-itis. It was a Bosch... it will be fondly remembered for its service and i will replace it with a Bosch.


I emailed John Lewis, apparently the code just gives free installation, so I was denied a price match.


​Depends if the cashback was a curry's thing.


We bought one of these from Currys but it didn't arrive so we canceled it and went to AO all that said this is a very good machine