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Ravenhead Essentials Fridge Jug 1ltr for £4 (+£4.49 non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 11 h, 33 m agoPosted 11 h, 33 m ago
1 litre serving jug with removable plastic lid Material: Soda-lime glass Fits most fridge doors Non drip pouring lip Dishwasher safe

https://groceries.asda.com/product/tea-pots-cafetieres-jugs/george-home-fridge-jug/1000156149155 This one? Will look later. Apparently it dribbles unless you poor slowly.


completely agree.the whole idea to share deals is for the benefit of members.so thank you


If it helps anyone who is doing local shopping then yeah £2 in Asda.


thanks mazsuper


thanks sacredarts

Inventor Chilly 9000BTU Portable Air Conditioner £212.49 Sold by Inventor Appliances and Fulfilled by Amazon
205° Expired
Posted 13 h, 40 m agoPosted 13 h, 40 m ago
For those of that can't stand the heat, and don't want an expensive system. This looks pretty good for the money. 9000BTUs for £212.49 and has prime delivery for Monday if you orde… Read more
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A Quantum Tunnelling AC is what you are looking for, it will extract the heat from your room and using it's Flux Capacitor it into another universe.


cant get it out of my head now


Have a portable ac unit, had a air vent to the out side so took that out and put the pipe in. Stood the unit on a stand with a bucket underneath for the water to drain into. I found a lot of heat came back through the pipe so I was looking at getting insulated one to help direct it outside better.


I've got a 5000BTU air-conditioning I think it is and it only costs 10p per hour to run. Simply simply lovely


Just went onto amazon to check my delivery date and it’s saying 1 in stock if that helps anyone still looking.

Duo pack (Iron Lights & Synth Riders) £23.99 @ Oculus Quest store
Posted 14 h, 6 m agoPosted 14 h, 6 m ago
2 good games here for the Quest... (If you already own on game, you can buy the pack still, just pay less, you get the discount on the one you don’t already own(y) ) Challenge… Read more
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Think you’re right, just wish I had the time (and the money) to do reviews (y)


Go for it. There's a few totally honest and critical YouTube VR content creators out there but they don't get all the stuff for free like the promotional ones do so they get less followers. People want to hear about all the latest VR games and toys but if you have to buy them out of your own pocket then it will start to add up. What we're getting now is effectively false news being forced by good old money as per usual. Or at least we're not getting all the facts...


I’m very tempted to start my own review channel, I pride myself on my none bias reviews (y)


Yeah I've been following BMF since from his first videos. He's personable enough but it's really nothing at all like the sort of critical review you'd get from someone who'd be happy to rock the boat. These guys are making their living out of promoting VR games and hardware. They tread a very careful line. If it were you or I we'd probably be way more critical. Don't get me wrong it's generally good information but it just avoids anything really truthful about the negatives. It's not the kind of place I'd go to find the full story on VR games. I generally use reddit for that but even then you get your fanboys who will tell you what you want to hear.


Maybe this review isn’t a good example of his, but I’d trust his over most other reviews on YouTube. He has been critical of of a few titles in the past. He’s recently started doing cross channel coop videos with other YouTubers (skeptical) They’re not so good, it’s put me off a bit, but he does also post videos on Quest updates and issues which is quite handy though. But I know what you mean about YouTubers being in the pockets of the Devs, nearly every YouTube channel I watch regarding the Quest, they’ve been given early access and gifts, it does make you think how honest they are afterwards (some definitely are swayed by the gifts (annoyed) )

Samsung MS23F301TAW SOLO 23L 800W Microwave Oven White - £79 delivered at John Lewis & Partners
147° Expired
Posted 16 h, 40 m agoPosted 16 h, 40 m ago
Bargain, this went crazy hot in May. Only 8 available, so hurry up, this was OOS over the past 2 months. As per usual, 2 years warranty with John Lewis. I think one of the good f… Read more
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Absolutely! It could be mine but it is brand new. It does not make sense!


This is the only thing that stopped me buying it. Interesting, checking on other brands, it seems most of the decent microwaves have this limitation. I'm not getting it, it may look smarter, but I rather see the food inside of it...


Interesting limitation with this- internal light is too dim to see if food boiling over


Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but it's OOS (lol)



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Russell Hobbs Buckingham brushed stainless steel Kettle 3000W / 1.7 litre for £27.51 delivered @ OnBuy / Ozaroo
Posted 18 h, 2 m agoPosted 18 h, 2 m ago
Russell Hobbs kettle for £27.51 including delivery. It boils water. Done. "Russell Hobbs Buckingham Quiet Boil Jug Kettle 1.7L Stainless Steel 3000W, 20460 DescriptionRussell … Read more

My first one broke just under the extended warranty time, replacement broke within a week!


I have similar kettle...extremely loud. It is also very hot when boiling. I wouldn't recommend it.


Have kettles become more expensive lately? (confused) I can't remember ever paying over 20 quid for one and not on a deal either.


Same, started off nice and quiet but now it roars away! Not impressed but it’s all Tesco had and needed it then and there!


Didn't want it

Just Buy 6-speed electric stand mixer (5L bowl, mixer, beater & dough hook) for £67.02 delivered from Czechia @ AliExpress Deals / Just Buy
Posted 18 h, 59 m agoPosted 18 h, 59 m agoShipping from CzechiaShipping from Czechia
Decent price for a 1500W 5L stand mixer, shipped from Czechia too so quick delivery and no VAT. It comes with all the expected like the dough hook, beater paddle and whisk balloon.… Read more

1200W or 1500W lot of difference in the description


if you make bread make sure this doesnt have an auto cut off after a set time, many of the cheap ones do that to protect the motor and dont give enough time to mix the dough. For an extra £30 yes half again I know you can often get the kenwood ones around black friday and to the end of the year.


Haha. It is what won out over the Czech Republic. :{


Where is Czechia? Sounds like a fake country from the Marvel comics


Anyone used one of these? I tend to think that a cheap stand mixer is a false economy, but obviously you can spend too much as well.

eufy by Anker RoboVac 30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 11S - £143.74 (£139 with fee free card) @ AnkerDirect DE & FB Amazon Germany
16/08/2020Expires on 16/08/2020Posted 21 h, 33 m agoPosted 21 h, 33 m ago
Apply 40e voucher on page. Cheapest I have ever seen. Price includes delivery to UK. £139 with fee free card. £189 on UK site.

Not working for me unfortunately "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address."


40 euro voucher you need to add as mentioned.


Comes up as €186.19 for me?

Arlo HD Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System - £279.99 @ Amazon
Posted 22 h, 30 m agoPosted 22 h, 30 m ago
Arlo HD Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System | Wireless Wi-Fi, Night Vision, Indoor or Outdoor, HD, Free Cloud Storage, 3 Camera Kit, VMS3330

I stand corrected! I scrolled down and read the details for the Arlo Ultra which is 4k. What that is doing on a sales link for an earlier model is anyone’s guess? (confused)


If you Google the model on all the other sites it say 720p.


It says 4k in the details. The images are a little confusing as there is a group pic showing the original base unit which accompanied the 720p cameras. I have the 720p cameras and they have been fine, apart from one camera dropping connection from time to time. I agree that the motion sensor can be a little frustrating as it only picks up movement across the field of vision :{


The same experience for me - once these die, I would not buy arlo again.


I've had these for a number of years now. Your experience may vary but pretty much every one of these I've had has either lost got a red tinged display (ir malfunction) or let in water or lost its ability to detect properly. I'm about 4 years into my ownership experience and have sent 2 back to Amazon to get a replacement but they invariably fail too. Not sure if it's a design fault or I'm just unlucky. I've since replaced some with the pro 2s and so far they seem better. If I do need to replace again I may well go for the eukys as they seem cheaper better and don't really depend on a subscription model to provide all the premium features like arlos do. Just my penny's worth.

Samsung RB31FERNDBC Black 60cm Frost Free Fridge Freezer £369 with code @ Crampton & Moore / Ebay
238° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Use Ebay code "packup15" to get price. Here is a link to samsung website. https://www.samsung.com/uk/refrigerators/fridge-freezer-rb31fernd… Read more

Damn missed out


Oh man. Out of Stock


I was thinking the sams thing. Recently purchased an item of AO.com which must have been damaged at some point in transit. The replacement process was really quick and stress free. Voted hot for the price.


Yes but a pain in a backside if you have aftercare services that is poor. Which is also stated in some reviews...


Fridge Freezer purpose is a cold one ;)

Xiaomi Weiyuan Smart Handheld Leafless Fan - £7.88 With Code @ Geekbuying
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th AugShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Cushty Highlights No leaf and anti-touch design, no need to worry about hair entanglement and children's safety, Two-stage supercharging brings strong wind power. Three w… Read more

Pretty good. Geekbuying one of the most reliable. Been around for ages


£5.99 on amazon UK, similar? amazon.co.uk/Fishyu-Portable-Rechargeable-Bladeless-Non-Blade/dp/B07SPR3VDH


What's the chance of this actually arriving from China? (poo)


Well there's no blades to... Erm entangle anything (lol) (lol)


Are these any use for cooling my "downstairs" area, asking for a friend obvs?

Russell Hobbs Maxicook Slow Cooker - £19.99 in-store @ Lidl (Pinner)
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th AugLocalLocal
Whilst looking fruitlessly for the LG TV I did notice this slow cooker at an excellent price. I got mine last Christmas it's wearing well timer is good searing pan unheard of at th… Read more

Great price for a 6 litre! (y)


not bad, thanks :D


Plenty in stock at Harrow Wealdstone


6 litre


What size is this?, I'm asain and have a typically huge family!!!

Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £49.99 - Lidl
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th AugLocalLocal
Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Update: If you download the Lidl + app and register an email address you can save an extra £5 on any spend over £25 or more. Therefore this hoover c… Read more

Thank you, I will see if I can get in-store. H x 🤞


Sadly not with Lidl :( aldi only


They only had a candy model in my local store today which I believe is loosely similar. Priced at £49.99


I had a dyson cordless hand held. Great for a few months but battery power and suction rubbish now (even with new filters).


Is it possible to order online. H x

PRO ELEC 16" Pedestal Fan 	PEL01936 , Metal High velocity motor £35.45 Delivered @ CPC
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Great value for a metal powerful fan with 4 blades. Not much stock anywhere for this type of fan at this price. There is more than 1000 in stock. Free standing pedestal fan with… Read more

The Aldi one sounds like a plane taking off. It's so noisy that I've never used it.


Or https://www.aldi.co.uk/kirkton-house-retro-pedestal-fan/p/801012368538600


Cheers mate. Sold me the 18" or 20". Only £5 difference between the two (y)


I have a similar 4 metal blade fan like this - quite noisy compared to a 3 plastic blade fan


Those with noisy neighbours will like the consistent drone. I always have a fan on, when I really need to concentrate on my Banking. ;)

ELZO Portable Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank Function 2600mAh, £7.69 prime / £12.18 non prime Dispatches from Amazon Sold by ElzoDirect
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
ELZO Portable Rechargeable Fan with Power Bank Function, Handheld Folding Mini USB Desk Fan 2600mAh, 3 Speed, Battery Operated Electric Hand Fan for Home, Office, Travel and Outdoo… Read more

Good deal for the price, heated. I bought this 'Coopa' 4000mAh battery fan when it was discounted to £10.99 a few weeks back and am seriously impressed with how powerful it is even at the lower settings. Get a solid 6h of use at low and maybe 3.5-4h at the highest setting. It also feels like an Apple or Xiaomi product, given the design aesthetic with matt plastics, soft white recessed LEDs etc.


Hot!! No, cold!!




Thanx. Ordered 🔥🔥


Never noticed the power bank option.

20" High Velocity Floor Fan - £35.94 @ CPC Farnell
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Finally found somewhere that has stock of these

Ordered and was delivered yesterday. Went for the 20" instead of the 18". Yes it's noisy and yes you won't be able to hear the TV that well when it's on, but boy does it do the job! Personally I think this is the nearest you will get to air conditioning without having air conditioning. Will blow you away... literally!


I'm blown away by this deal! :D


Ordered this but i'm worried about the noise now, fan i have wasn't pushing enough air for the sweaty days :S can't cancel I hope i like it because i don't fancy sending it back.


Not a fan of the noise


Ordered thank you

Sharp KH-6I19FT00 60cm Touch Control Built in Hob with Boost & Timer Function £169 Delivered @ Crampton & Moore
13/09/2020Expires on 13/09/2020Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Cheapest price online that I can see as includes delivery. Comes with a 2 year warranty. Sharp KH-6I19FT00 60cm Touch Control Built in Hob with Boost & Timer Function Auto … Read more

Be warned, Sharp Appliances in Europe are made by Vestel (Turkey). It has nothing do with Sharp except the brand name. (Which is a pity, Sharp Appliances used to be great quality!)


Tempted by this but also looking at a brand on Amazon called Gionien which seems to have popped up and is getting reviews: https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/GIONIEN/%E4%B8%BB%E9%A1%B5/page/86D71D94-A876-4D71-8948-5BA5469E2922 - anyone have any experience with them?


What are reviews like for this model?


Induction rules!

Vaunt 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner (Fan/Cooler/Heater/Dehumidifer) - £239.99 @ ITS
192° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
SKU: VNT17150 Barcode: 5055284460359 This impressive solution from Vaunt delivers 4 applications in 1 unit. The 17150 delivers Air Conditioning, a Fan, Heating and is a Dehumidifie… Read more

nonsense :D £200 install?! Proof please. Here's mine. Typical installation costs From cheapest company I could find that will do it in my local area https://www.cooleasy.co.uk/professional-installations 3.50KW 12,000BTU needed for 30 square metre room size Upstairs bedroom £595 up to 4.1kw First floor installations add £110 plus vat = £705 plus Vat = £846 TOTAL Plus extra if you want an electrician to hide the cable from the internal unit in the wall so it's not visible in the room. Extra if you want more than 4m of interconnecing pipework (i.e. if inside and outside units are not vertically aligned on your house) So the installation I would need is likely to be around £1000, excluding the cost of the actual aircon units which is £750 for the LG 5kw model. I haven't got £1750 to spend so I spent £250 on a portable one and vented it through the wall myself and it's fine for me, albeit a little noisy as I mentioned. Even if you are able to fit a split unit yourself, all of them need to be commissioned by an F-gas engineer. That's the law. Fitting yourself and then having it commissioned would be ~£300 see e.g. https://www.cooleasy.co.uk/easyfit-installation


I ordered it yesterday and it arrived 15 mins ago, so that’s exceptional service from the company. I looked at the unit and it looks sturdy and ok, we purchased it for the smaller bedroom as we have exotic pets in ( Guinea Pigs) and they are struggling in the heat, whereas I love it and it doesn’t bother me... hence we will use it in the smaller bedroom predominantly. It looks just as all the other standard air con units within the price range and to be honest they all do the same thing more or less... we will not have it on all the time, as I don’t want to bring temperatures to ridiculous low vs outside as that’s not healthy as such, but we will be happy if the pet room remains around 20-22 degrees... will add further updates once I test it after work 💪🏼 (y) 🏻


I’ve had both a portable in the past and joe fixes Aircon with outside extractor of course it’s in a different league but you can buy x4 of these for the price of one fixed to the wall, the key think I found with the portable ones is the venting like someone said otherwise you’ll be fighting a losing battle with the heat also you want to Swich it on as early as you can


One with two units, one mounted on the wall inside, one outside. Same like one in this deal: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/electriq-12000-btu-split-air-conditioning-unit-3521464


I have one, it’s our first summer using it and it’s been a godsend, but, it’s a bit noisy, we have slept through the noise mind you and it’s made the last few nights comfortable, the user manual is hopeless re programming etc , you just have to experiment.

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