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Life would be so much tougher without dishwashers to handle washing up, but how can purchasers find the right dishwasher for their personal needs? This HotUKDeals buyer’s guide looks at the various types of dishwasher available and how to find the right one for every situation. Read more
BEKO DIN15X11 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher £199 @ Currys
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
13 place settings Water consumption: 11.5 litres per cycle Noise level: 49 dB(A) Energy rating: A+ Quick wash: 30 minutes
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Now 229?


Meant to say this gets a decent write up in which magazine.


Cheers. Ordered.


Can also get £50 off a £500 spend if buying another large kitchen appliance with code LKA50


Free £20 currys voucher with £150 spend @ Vouchercodes

Double discount on large kitchen appliances - 10% auto adds then another 10% with code LG steam washer £298.89 more in op @ eBay / AO
Refreshed 22nd AprRefreshed 22nd Apr
Few bargains to be had with this if you are looking for kitchen appliances. Add any of the items in the get deal link to basket and it takes 10% off then add the PRO10 code and i… Read more

Thanks, it's an interesting read but from what I can see 6 years is just the amount of time the customer has to claim there was a fault at time of manufacture if the fault develops more than 6 months after buying it. This is regardless of the length of the warranty the customer was given. Unfortunately the legal/engineering costs to prove this would typically be prohibitive as a standard consumer/customer for low range items - I suppose mid/high-end stuff might be worth pursuing though?


Have a read of this


I get that - but ao sold you an appliance with a 12m warranty, not a 5 year warranty. Unfortunately, if it lasted at least 12 months then that’s exactly what they did (by the book). I don’t know much about the 5 year malarkey but as it’s not offered everywhere then I’m guessing it isn’t an obligation or mandatory, and it’s up to the retailer on ad hoc basis. Ultimately sony is at fault for making a product with short lifespan - planned obsolescence really annoys me.


Well yes.. the retailer is legally responsible to supply a product fit for purpose and that’s european law.. John Lewis And richer sounds offer 5 years for free as they follow their obligations.. a tv / washing machine / oven should last longer than a 12m warranty and you are entitled to compensation up to 5 years for these products.. even curry’s have paid me out for a failed 3 year old oven AO wouldn’t honour a failed Sony surround speaker after 13 months Found outs it’s a common fault with the model but they wouldn’t have it


AO are brilliant in my book

Wilko 25 wash all in one dishwasher  gel 50p instore
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
had loads of these in Middleton today. bargain and good reviews. also the dishwasher freshener for 30p
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National clearance. Found in Leeds city Albion Street branch 40+ in stock


I thought it was a bottle of lemon curd or something :| :| :|


Loads on stock in Northfield. Labelled at £2/£1.50 but scans at 50p.


We bought a load of these in Long Eaton wilko and have since binned then. Have to say they were disappointing and left most dishes dirty. Still if they work for you bargain


Typical...just like London buses, you wait for ages for a dishwasher product deal to come along....

Wilko dishwasher freshener 30p instore
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
dishwasher freshener in store and online. great reviews too
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Thanks for posting, I will have a look in my local :)


Been looking for a cheap one of these - heat added

Fairy Dishwasher Detergent Platinum Lemon 75PK - Giga pack 2 for £17 Instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
As per description 2 x 75PK Fairy Platinum. £8.50 per pack 2 For £17 150 tablets - Just over 11.3p per wash First Post so be gentle but the next cheapest looks to be Amazon £9.… Read more

None in my 2 local Tesco's


Good price that


Thanks for the wonderful post, these smell really lemony 🤪 Good for unclogging drains too

Miele G4620SCi Semi Integrated 9 Place Slimline Dishwasher in White £369 @ CoOp Electrical
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
CoOp Electrical have reduced the price on this dishwasher. Down from £549 to £369 using code MAR20 at checkout. This same dishwasher is £600+ from other retailers I have looke… Read more

Energy efficiency is only A+, would invest in A+++ since of the frequent use.


That looks like such a nice Miele, mind if I take a selfie?




I doubt it - the newer Miele dishwashers (even full size) are made in various places, including the Czech Republic. No big deal - if the quality control's right it doesn't matter where they're made. And the Skodas coming out of the Czech Republic are more reliable than the equivalent VWs made in Germany.


Great price, love miele electricals (y)

SWAN SDWB7040W 12-Place Full Size Integrated Dishwasher £156.98 / Swan 9-Place Slim Integrated Dishwasher £156.98 delivered @ Very
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Fitting perfectly into a 60cm wide niche, it features a 12-place capacity that's perfect for busy families, letting you run it regularly without needing a large collection of crock… Read more

Mmm. OK, it's very cheap, but read the reviews. Even Chinese manufactured dishwashers vary in quality. Personally if my budget was limited, I would be inclined to consider the Argos Bush branded dishwashers, which are surprisingly reasonably built and reliable, given their entry level pricing. Get the timing right when they are on sale or clearance and it won't cost much more than these Swan models.


our swan dishwasher was really poorly made. drawers fell apart and the water spinners broke. spend a bit more on a white knight fab dishwasher and so much better made than Swan.


looking at the door mount points and the part below the door it looks pretty much the same as the Currys Essentials unit, so Chinese made, has a couple of cool ideas on the Currys unit like configurable bottom rack and height adjustable top rack, often not on lower priced units, but still really basic programs and almost minimal quality,


I would like to know who really makes this, there is no such manufacturer as SWAN, this is just a brand name to try and entice you to believe you are buying a branded quality item.


12 place.... is it a dishwasher or a dining table

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Finish All-in-1 Max Powerball 160 (2x80) tabs - £15.58 (£12.99+VAT) @ Costco instore
LocalLocalFound 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Spotted this deal in the upcoming Costco member offers for 4-17 March. Works out at slightly less than the magic 10p/tab.

Been using these for a few months haven't had any issues 😁


Thanks, not tried these ones as I'm still working through a load of Fairy ones I got from Amazon a while ago. Was tempted to pick these up for the price but will keep an eye out for Fairy ones in HB/B&M as you suggest.


These are rubbish save your money, only tablets that don’t clean all the dishes, Finish suggested using two tablets. Plenty of smiliar comments on other threads, we ended up passing ours to two friends who both had issues and they ended up in the bin, Finish were good though gave us some vouchers for the inconvenience luckily they sell other items as well. You can always get Fairy any if theirs including the platinum ones for less than 10p at Home Bargains or B&M.

Miele G4203 BK 13 Place Dishwasher White £374 w/code (£324 after cashback) @ Co-op Electrical
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
As with all Miele appliances, this product has been tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use. The G 4203 is a freestanding Miele dishwasher that will meet all of your needs when … Read more

Hot deal but out of stock. My bargain bosch has just died after 3 years, I'm hoping it's just a broken socket or fuse.


I've got this model and am very pleased with it. Better than my previous 2 idesits. If you get it make sure you read the manual with regards what to do to when you add salt ! I didn't and destroyed all the cutlery :(


From Which Excels at cleaning and drying 78% Pros: Excellent cleaning and drying, doesn't leave water marks, easy to load and unload Cons: Large plates and long-stemmed glasses don't fit, energy and water use on the auto program is high


OK - I've changed my mind and gone for this, with an additional 5% cashback as a Co-op member, and a possible further 6% Quidco. The £50 cashback is definitely payable, and a Miele for this price (around £333) is about as good as it gets. Thanks OP - heated.


No one yet as they open their line just now. But question is if OP did. ;)

Bosch SMS46IW09G Serie 4 60cm 13 Place Settings ActiveWater Dishwasher in White £375 w/code (£305 after cashback) @ Co-op Ebay
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
ExtraDry: extra drying option for difficult-to-dry loads. Glass 40 C: protective program for gently cleaning and drying glasses. Silence Plus: pleasantly quiet at 46dB. VarioFlex b… Read more

So eventually Bosch approved my cashback request. So I got eBay discount + cashback and total price was £305. Not bad of a deal!


Have you checked with Bosch if it will qualify for cashback? I am considering buying it but only if Bosch confirms that Ebay Co-op is one of the authorised retailers :/


Our 9 year old Hotpoint dishwasher broke half an hour ago (motor failure). Bought this and now I need to figure out how to survive until next week without a dishwasher :)


Just depends what it says on the invoice they send you, would've thought you'd get a proper Co-op one though.


Got one of these a few weeks ago and very impressed. Wasn't sure about the cutlery draw to start with but totally sold now although does knick a bit of room for big stuff in the top drawer. The posted one is technically a higher model due to some extra sensor making it a bigger bargain in monetary terms, and when comparing prices make sure to look at the '09' on the end, many SMS46IWs are lower models for more money.

KENWOOD KID60S18 Full-size Fully Integrated DishwasherWas £270 now £230 (Installation for only £44) at Currys
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
- Energy efficient build doesn't waste energy - Convenient features let you set the dishwasher to your schedule - Adapts to your dishes with nine programmes to choose form - … Read more

To be fair it does state this on their website but may still catch some people unaware.£44 may still seem pricy when it will probably take them ten minutes to install.


In what respect exactly? price has risen by £40 today just when i went to buy as my indesit has packed in. Won't drain.


The fitting is pathetic. All they do is fit it if you've had a dishwasher in before. If you don't have the correct plumbing, i.e. a dishwasher tap fitted then don't bother.


Be careful buying appliances from from Currys. To wriggle their way out of price matching, they have custom model numbers and they deliberately make them sound like much more expensive models. For example, the SMEG DI6013 is a much higher spec machine than the DI6012 so more expensive. Currys sell what is basically the 6012 with a different tray inside labelled as the DI6013D to try and trick people into thinking the currys price is cheap, rather that an inferior machine.


What is it with dish washer manufacturers not including the correct instructions. Searched the internet for ages about how much water and salt to add. The common idea was to fill the salt container with water and then use salt to displace it till it full. Sweet fa in the manual.

SHARP QW-D21I492X Full-size Integrated Dishwasher £199 at CurrysPCWorld
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
A swanky dishwasher my wife would just love for our kitchen..... £50 cheaper than other places, brilliant bargain!
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£199- Reviewed Jan 2019


Sharp - used to to sponsor the rags - wouldn't have one in the house if you paid me ;-)


But what price was it reviewed at?


Not rated very higly by Which Pros: Brilliant at cleaning, eco program is efficient Cons: Not great at drying, noisy, loading and unloading is a faff, lack of program choice

Beko 13 Place Dishwasher in Silver DFN05310S £157.50 delivered w/code @ Co-op Electrical Ebay
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Quick Programmes Perfect for when you’re in a hurry, our Mini 30’ programme can wash a full load of lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes. For dirtier items, our Quick&amp… Read more

Which verdict: Cheap, but not a bargain 63% Pros: Good cleaning and drying, no issues with watermarks, eco program is efficient Cons: Main program is a little wasteful with energy and water, not great at drying plastic tubs, difficult to use at times, noisy, lacks some basic features such as a time-remaining display

Beko American Fridge Freezer Multi Door Black ASML142B £330 w/code (£4.99 delivery) + 2 Year Guarantee + more in OP @ Co-op Electrical
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Thought this looked a great price for an American style fridge with 2 year manufacturer guarantee and 466 litre capacity - works out at £334.99 delivered with code FEB15 . Reviewi… Read more

1 in stock btw, will soon be gone thanks for the update though


Back in stock, £325 with code MAR20


I've been away for a couple of weeks so had arranged in advance for the third one to be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully third time lucky, but I won't be holding my breath :) It won't fit through my front door in its packaging so will have to be unpacked on the van, which the previous crews have been very happy to do. EDIT: Success at last. Third one in good condition. I'm almost disappointed that the saga is over 😝 Thanks again OP


Out of stock now


Did you get it sorted

Bosch Serie 4 ActiveWater Dishwasher SMS46IW09G £339.99 with cashback (£445 without) @ Coop electrical
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Bosch Serie 4 60cm ActiveWater Dishwasher in White SMS46IW09G. Other websites selling this dishwasher in the range £450-£550. Use the code BB40 to take £40 off the price. Bosch cu… Read more

Whether or not you go for 45cm or 60cm depends on your criteria. If area is limited then 45cm would be a forceful choice. Otherwise I would pretty much recommend 60cm as 45cm capacity is just about enough for one individual.


£25 off with code LKA25


Code has expired sadly. Dishwasher prices seem to be going up right now


I don't think slimline dishwashers use any less water or electric really. Dishwashers are pretty miserly for water and electric anyway, about 10 litres and 1 kWh of electric c15p. A washing up bowl can be more than 10 litres, so makes sense to chuck everything in a dishwasher every night.


the code takes it down to £405, so it would be £339 after the cashback

LOGIK LID60W18 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher £150 @ Currys
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan

This (fast forward to 1:26)


Code BI40 no longer working, it was working last night though but I couldn't find where it came from to check if there was an expiry date. Oh well, I was on the fence anyway. 8)


uuumm i can see it has feet but these are normally to adjust for unlevel floor not to prop the unit up an two extra inches, would little plastic feet extended to full height not be dodgy, with a full load of dishes and water in?


Code does not work No item in your basket qualifies for that offer.


Is is standard size. There's a screw on the front that will push it up to around 870-880mm or so in other models, I'd expect this to be similar.

SAMSUNG DW60M5040BB/EU Full-size Integrated Dishwasher for £149 delivered w/code @ Currys
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Great for any modern kitchen. Already well priced at £189 and I see there is also extra £40 off using code BI40 at checkout. Comes with 2 years warranty and free delivery too.… Read more
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I’ve read them, and...?


I’ll tell you what go back to my first comment again, then read the OPs response. Finally come back and tell me I’ve been quick to judge or have an affiliation with Samsung.


Read my comments again: that's why I said " If" the top track is too low. However, you don't know what size their plates are and that the rack is not already in the raised position, but you seem very quick to criticise/defend the product (Connected to Samsung?).


Even if that is the case, with the plastic spinning arm. It’s only hitting as the top shelf isn’t adjusted properly. That isn’t a product fault.


The chipping is probably from the spinning water arm. If the plates are too big/top rack too low, then it may be played can only be loaded at the very edges or slanted.

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