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Life would be so much tougher without dishwashers to handle washing up, but how can purchasers find the right dishwasher for their personal needs? This HotUKDeals buyer’s guide looks at the various types of dishwasher available and how to find the right one for every situation. Read more
Miele G4203BK 13 Place Dishwasher £399.99  @ HBH Woolacotts (Devon and Cornwall) In store / C&C / Free Delivery (Devon and Cornwall)
LocalLocalFound 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Sorry, they only have branches in Cornwall & Devon (Barnstaple and Plymouth) Available Click and Collect, or just walk in to the store and take away today in many stores. Also… Read more

It's back up to £550. Lucky my old dishwasher failed last week :)


They have loads of branches in Cornwall, but only two in Devon :D . I listed them because there is no branch near Exeter. Didn't explain it well :/


"Sorry, they only have branches in Cornwall & Devon (Barnstaple and Plymouth)" At the risk of splitting hairs, neither Barnstaple nor Plymouth are in Cornwall :-) (But I get that they deliver there). Heated.


You're right, this one doesn't have the cutlery tray, it has the Miele Cutlery Basket. Seems to work well for me


Would like to add that this company is excellent. Customer service and in house delivery teams are excellent and very knowledgeable.

Electra C1760W 12 Place Settings A++ Standard White Dishwasher £150 @ key_sales_hfx ebay
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
12 place settings - great for small households Really efficient A++ energy rating 30 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry Active Drying uses a fan to dry your dishes quic… Read more

Single cold inlet and a waste, plus the power cable of course. Yes, similar to a washing machine though the waste is usually 'hard plumbed' into the kitchen sink waste. Your 'integrated' one is probably just the same. Not difficult to do but you need the right bits and it can be fiddly. Probably best to get someone in to do it if you're not an enthusiastic/experienced DIYer.


What kind of plumbing do you need in place of this? We have an integrated dishwasher but we're looking at buying one for our parents who have never had one before. Would it use the same plumbing as a washing machine for example or would be need to have it specially fitted in?


30 minute quick wash - great if you're in a hurry Is this if you're hungry (lol)




I bought one of these a month ago and it works well. I paid £179 from AO so this is a good price. If you have opening drawers at right angle to the top of the machine, the control knob can be an issue if the space is tight. The cold water inlet hose is short but you can buy a 2.5 metre one from B&Q for £6.50.

Finish Powerball Classic 68 tablets for £4.49 (6.6p per tab) @ Homebargains
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
I know - boring dishwasher tablet deal again. But if you think 6.6p per tablet is probably worth knowing about in a national discount chain (although no 100% guarantee they will be… Read more
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I wouldn't recommend doing that, using one of these classic tablets left some spots and patches of grey residue from them on my stainless steel pans and cutlery, but when I used nearly two of them (I restarted a wash and the first had part dissolved) my pots and pans came out caked with grey residue.


They are about the same but home bargains seem to have better layout. Prices are on par.


Thanks I stand corrected There is one in hanslow 🙈🙈🙈 Is it better than b and m stores or on par?


Up north have you been living under a rock for the last 5 years at least :) they are one of the fasted growing companies along with b&m


Home bargains are like only up north? Not heard if it in and around london B and m stores sell 10 or 20 tablets for 99p think they are also finish brand They are doable too in my opinion

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Fairy Power Clean Dishwasher Machine Cleaner 2 per pack £2 Morrisons
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Online and in store. The actual one I picked up from store is a bit different from what's shown in the link, and looks like a better version but I could be wrong - see picture. … Read more
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Switch on the dishwasher and once it starts to put water in it open the door and add it. Some people put it in a cup and put it standing up in it but easier to simply add it.


I use white vinegar for the washing machine - but where do you put it for the dishwasher?


half a bottle of white vinegar and a dishwasher tablet gets the same results, all of about 25p

10% off any indesit, hotpoint, whirlpool dishwasher Appliances Direct
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
I'll never use it and it expires on the 26th of August this month, unique discount I think because I purchased a washer dryer recently. Might be one time use

Yeah I got a bosch, quite good


ended up getting a bosch


Any luck?


ah , it was hoover - I thought it was hotpoint - will try again


Which brand did you try? Are you sure you entered the code correctly?

Finish Powerball Dishwasher 110 Tabs. £4.50 @Iceland Middlesbrough
LocalLocalFound 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Found these in my local (Middlesbrough) Iceland and thought they were a great buy. They had quite a few boxes of these when I want.
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Yes the softener is set to use maximum saline solution when regenerating the resin, since the water is very hard here. Rinse aid is used to aid drying by reducing surface tension, not to try to rinse off residue left by the detergent that has stuck to the washing up. Set it too high and it is liable to leave a smeary coating, too low and it should still come out clean, but wet. The residue was from these finish "classic" tablets, it is not limescale, it doesn't happen with better quality detergents, I haven't even noticed any when using any of the finish tablet versions that are sold in major uk supermarkets. The amount of residue when using these tablet varied from wash to wash too, and some things would have grey deposits while the items next to them could be spotless. I put (nearly) two of these in a wash once, because I restarted the wash and the first tablet had already partly dissolved, something I have done with other tablets before, but with these, left a huge amount of firmly stuck grey residue coating my pans and cutlery, proving it was the remains of these dishwasher tablets themselves. I haven't used these since and do not get residue any more.


Hmm, you shouldn't be getting any kind of residue left over on your dishes at all. I certainly do not have this issue. Have you set the hard water settings on your machine correctly? On my Bosch, there's 3 different adjustments that need to be made - the rinse-aid, a setting in the control panel and inside the machine itself there's a notch that has to be turned with a screwdriver. When I first got mine I had some issues with it, but after adjusting all 3 it now cleans perfectly with whatever tablets I throw at it.


Nothing is better than these, unfortunately, I do literally mean NOTHING is better! When I used these, they frequently left a horrid residue on stainless steel including cutlery and it needs washing again. I have a bosch dishwasher too. Depending on special offer price, I use Fairy platinum, Aldi Magnum all-in-one or finish quantum. Also use salt( very hard water area) and rinse aid.


We have a bosch machine too and these work excellent at cleaning! As long as the machine it topped up with rinse aid, these do the job no problem. They even clean burnt on Pyrex on normal cycle


Strangely these are the only ones that work in our new bosch machine, we used to use fairy platinum in our old Bush machine but they left a powdery residue in the new one. Its down to the machine really

Finish Dishwasher Freshener & Cleaner Multi-Pack - £8.33 (Prime) or use S&S to get as cheap as £7.08 @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Seems a good deal and is cheaper than buying these separately. They work well too. Dishwasher cleaner removes grease and limescale, even in the hidden part of your machine Dis… Read more

For 20p or thereabouts get a bottle of white vinegar. Spray it all around the insides and top up a glass and leave it on the bottom washing rack. Cleans just as good as anything else. It's cheap and keeps your dishwasher in tip top condition


Meh. Both are on offer regularly at £2ea. Plus, I'm not mega keen on the freshener -it just smells odd.

Essentials CID45B16 integrated slimline dishwasher - £79.97 at Currys
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Was looking for a freestanding dishwasher and come across this,unfortunately not what we are looking for but seems a good deal!
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I'd generally go along with the principle, on the basis that if it's £80 then there's £16 VAT, then shipping costs from Turkey or wherever it's made, then Curry's have to turn a slight profit. Meaning the machine's being built to around £40 or so. Which means it's going to be crap. HOWEVER, for this specific deal the full sized integrated equivalent machine is actually £200 in comparison. And most budget brand integrated dishwashers generally start at £200 anyway (Kenwood, Sharp etc). And slimline is rarely much cheaper, as there's less demand. Which makes this a bit of a bargain, and a very hot deal, assuming you're looking for a cheap (and probably fairly low quality) machine.


Not patronising at all :|


Need standard slimline. Absolutely anything would wash better than what I have at the moment! Only works on one of the functions otherwise it floods my floor! (fierce)


Expect it to work ! (lol)


Sorry about that haha edited!

Beko Dishwasher £80 off!!! - £319
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Good evening you beautiful people you! - Yes even you reading this in bed sobbing because It's raining :) chin up - This hopefully will make you smile: wife keeps naggi… Read more

Managed to get this for £289 delivered, installed and old one taken away, with pricematching with their £30 off code "AUG30". £239 without installation and recycle of old one.


I am looking to buy one. Considering purchasing Grundig 14 plate one.


I've got the Beko DFN28R22W which I am very pleased with. It replaced a Bosch and is much quieter (almost silent) and cleans really well. I paid £269 delivered at the end of last year.


Doesn't seem particularly cheap for a beko dishwasher tbh but heat for the description


Heat for the description alone

Kenwood full sized integrated dishwasher £129.99  / £116.97 delivered with code currys / pc world ebay
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Sold by EBay Curryspcworld Kenwood full sized integrated dishwasher on sale at £129.99 However it let me use code PICKANY for n extra 10% off making it £113.99 delivered!!!

Now thts a even better bargain (lol) (lol)


Mine arrived couple of days ago. Upon taking shipping packing off it was damaged. Complained and rejected a replacement so they offered me £30 refund. Damage can't be seen as it's under the worktop 😁 So now total is £86 delivered Very happy with it. Cheers


Oh dear mine got delivered yesterday :(


Waited in for mine to be delivered today only to receive a phone call from the delivery company saying they hadn’t received it. Turns out Currys are not sending it- even after being reassured it was an error and they would reschedule delivery I got an email 10 minutes latercancelling the order. Disgusting customer service!



Sharp Slimline Integrated 10 Place Dishwasher QWS486X  £159.20 delivered w/code + 5 year guarantee @ Co-op eBay
Refreshed 1st AugRefreshed 1st Aug
*1st August - back in stock* Sharp QWS486X A++ Rated 8 Programmes 10 Settings Integrated Slimline Dishwasher for £159.20 with code POSE20 (thanks Gooner) Also comes with a 5 ye… Read more

Same here :D Been great (but nothing to compare to as it's our first :) )


Fired it up for the first time yesterday and so far it is the best dishwasher I've had, quiet and the dishes are spotless, thanks op.


£173.40 with 15% code at moment


That's what I thought. Apparently - yes. There is a picture on the co-op electrical main website


Is it meant to come without a lid?

Beko WMI71641 7Kg 1600 Spin Integrated Washing Machine with 2 year guarantee now £249.99 with rapid delivery (more in post) @ Co-Op Electrical
Refreshed 27th JulRefreshed 27th Jul
Really decent price for an integrated washing machine - cheapest integrated washer on AO is £289 and it's only a 1200 spin and cheapest on Currys is £269.99 for a Logik 1400 spin.… Read more

We got one of these 4 years ago. mild annoyances are you have to self-set to 1400rpm on economy wash (wont set to 1600!), and to get 1600 spin (which seems to remove plenty of water) you can only get to it via the spin program. 1st World problems tho. Deffo recommend for the price.


Got a beko 7kg 1200 spin about 4 years ago, still going strong. Price was something like 220. I find 1200 spin is more than enough for my use, summer only put it at 800 spin. Beko products rocks.


Blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A good washing machine from 15 years ago is a crap washing machine now.


I’ve had a Bosch that only last 6 years and had to be scrapped - luck of the draw with electrical goods


If a Bosch is going to last twice as long as this then it is surely worth it. Mine has lasted 15 years and I have only recently had to replace the rubber door seal and it is back in action still. This is the best of the non-branded machines - they are churned out by a factory in turkey, Beko do have a decent reputation and this is a good price but dont mistake this for a quality branded machine.

Indesit DIF04B1 Eco Time - Fully Integrated  Full Size / 60cm 13 Place Dishwasher £183.20 @ AO/eBay [Free Recycling]
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Decent for a fully integrated model of this size as well as Free reccyling of your old unit - Code ends Tomorrow, so not long left to make the most of the code PLAY20 13 pla… Read more

I bought a washing machine from ao eBay and they took my old one for recycling


I contacted AO via ebay regarding the recycling. They initially said that you add the service to the order during checkout. I couldn't see a place to add it, or an option for installation, and when I told them about this the reply was "Having looked into this for you ..., I've been advised that the option of adding services to eBay orders has been disabled due to an I.T issue. We would be unable to add any services via the eBay store at the moment I'm afraid. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. Rob"


I was also looking at their dishwashers. The free recycling is a big bonus on top of the discount. There isn't much information in the listing about delivery options, meaning I wondered about being able to request and pay for installation. Since it is not clearly specified in the listing, I also had a concern that recycling meant "we'll take away the box and materials it comes in" and not recycling your old appliance. OP were you able to confirm this means they'll take away the old appliance? If so, that's a great deal. There's other brands beside Indesit too.


£175.80 with 4% TopCashback


Good price but wouldn’t touch indesit with a barge pole

Indesit DFG15B1 Eco Time A+ Full Size 60cm 13 Place Dishwasher in White + FREE Recycling £183.20 w.code @ AO ebay
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Bargain price and free delivery! Enter code PLAY20 at checkout stage. Make short work of the washing up with this white dishwasher from Indesit. It can clean up to 13 place setti… Read more

Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for the post - ordered one. AO great to deal with previously, and price is really good less the 20%.


We got the same model but the black version. It is brilliant, we wouldn't be without it now. Only use it on the quick wash 40min setting and everything comes out spotless. To be honest, this is our first dishwasher so we have nothing to compare it to but got no complaints at all.


Anyone got one of these ? I bought a Siemens dishwasher about 4 years ago, and I think its on its way out.

Sharp Slimline Integrated 10 Place Dishwasher QWS486X £203.99 delivered [5 Year Parts & Labour] // Hisense 70/30 Static Fridge Freezer £223.99 delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Seems pretty decent for an integrated machine, paid a fair but more for ours.Has 5 year cover on parts and labour. £199 +£4.99 rapid delivery (Currently earliest for my postcode i… Read more

This is now £180 if you're a COOP member and use code SUN20!


Fit a cabinet door on the front


Code: POSE20


Just a heads up you might be able to get this even cheaper from 10am as ebay are doing a 20% off code and showing at £199 at the moment before code.


Showing up as £259 now, including the £20 discount.

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