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My friend has just bought a new car and he wants to look after this one so he's wants to buy some cleaning products.He asked me this morning what wax I think he should buy.I know h… Read more

Cheers never would have thought of scewfix and 34 a bottle would suit my friend as he's very careful with his money


I've used various waxes and find the price: performance of turtlewax original hard to beat (just don't get it on rubber window trim). Not the in vogue brand but for £4 a bottle (Homebase) you can't go wrong. Screwfix stock a surprising amount of car cleaning products at good prices too.


As above, is it truly a wax he is after ? I like collinite for mine but you really need to clean and polish it first


Best of washing, polishing then waxing as this would protect it better.


As my above post, buy too cheap and it will just wash off after a short period. Bilt hamber double speed wax is very good without costing you a zillions

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Car polish and wax at home
Hi all, What products do you use/recommend for polishing and waxing a car by hand after washing it at home? I am using a pressure washer and noticed the car needs some polish and … Read more

The s20 is my number one polish to use by machine. No drying or caking up and one step polish.


Autoglym Super Resin Polish if polishing by hand. Most detailers started with SRP. Collonite 476S is one of the most durable waxes available.


The problem with those cheap hand car washes is first thing in the morning they fill a large container with water and some sort of shampoo and that gets used and refilled throughout the day and the grit from the sponges or mitts falls into the bucket and that is then ground into your paintwork. if you care about your car never go to cheap hand car washes or automated roller brush car washes I will guarantee you will leave with scratches.


Someone I know took a new car to one of those hand wash places and he swears that it got some scratches on it during the process. I think doing it yourself is the best option.


A DA polisher and some Scholl concepts S20 will give you paintwork like glass.....but it takes time and effort. If you want a quick bit of a shine up then just go with the autoglym

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Have Morrison's ever offered you a sleeve to protect your rear wiper in their car wash? Have never been offered anything to protect my rear wiper ever in any car wash. Never knew s… Read more

An update on the ongoing case. They [Morrisons insurance team] are now claiming that I did not report it immediately to the petrol station attendant which they know full well is completely untrue and the human resources manager in the store can confirm that. They are changing their story so if they don't settle up over the next few weeks I will definitly go the small claims court. It's now become much more about the principle of the thing. I'm currently at stage two of the protocol that Citizens Advice have given me i.e. letter/email two of three letters/emails all with a date to respond by and with letters going by Royal Mail Signed For. Of course I have sent many more emails than this but I didn't previously give them a date to respond by and the current letters and emails are going to the store and the CEO more or less concurrently. The CEO never replies, instead a customer service assistant replies, but I always reply to her copying him in and addressing them both. The store have never replied to my first letter. My second letter will go to them today. I won't give up because I am too disgusted by all the articles I have read where they have gotten away with this so many times. I did my last last shop in Morrisons on the 23rd February. In the previous year I had spent in excess of £8000 between the store and the petrol station and that was during the pandemic. A typical year previously would have been more since I normally use a lot more fuel. I won't be returning to their store or their petrol station until they resolve this ridiculous situation. They know this, so they are happy to loose a longstanding customer (I've shopped their and bought my fuel there since the store opened in Greenock) who does not only their own weekly shop and fuel spend in their store and petrol station but also that of other family members for whom they are carer. That's Morrisons customer loyalty for you. Absolutely disgusted!


Normal the GA offers you one


It's also been reported to Trading Standards by Citizens Advice Consumer Services.


That offer was from a store manager and nothing to do with their formal complaints procedure. It was made before the complaints forms were processed. I waited two months exactly because I was taking account of it being a pandemic and we were still very early into lockdown. I've only gone down the social media and local paper route because we have reached deadlock.


Possibly not, as it could have been 'a final one off' offer? Seems a long time to wait before following it up, and again may have been better to keep on at Morrisons directly rather than using an online claims company. Granted, they have been slow to respond but everything is different with presumably their office/admin staff possibly working from home? Not sure that posting on social media, local papers etc is the way to go either - but who knows?

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Car Wash and Valet
Dear Experts, random question and apologies if this a waste of your time. I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s the cost and process of opening a car wash with valet without franchi… Read more

The local £5 TFR peel, scratch and swirl with jacket zips and cigarette ash dragged all over your paint. Who knows how many times those sponges have been dropped on the floor. If you opened a good one people might be prepared to pay a bit more.


My son did this for several years. It's hard, very hard, work. Cracked skin on his handsall the time. There's a difference between a wash and a valet - not Just in work but in time taken. There's also several degrees of wash, from a quick wash and dry to apre- sales prep.


If you're thinking about starting a valeting business and doing it yourself it's hard work. Have you valeted a car before? Or are you just going to employ somebody? If you get into valeting then detailing moneys there to be made from paint correction and ceramic coating. My mate had a car was years ago but was franchised, he made a fortune


You missed off, "..and do you deliver?"


How much cash do you need to launder and which drugs will you be supplying?

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Updated 17th FebLast updated 17th Feb by shelagh.jones
Just had a knock back from Morrisons. Went in their cash wash which caught and bent my back windscreen wiper. reported it straight away and got an incident report completed. They … Read more

How did you get on? Same thing happened to me in Morrison's car wash. Have never been offered anything to protect my rear wiper ever in any car wash. Never...and never have been. Had never heard of such a thing. I'm running two polls about how often Morrisons offer a protective sleeve. The results are very interesting but I'm not allowed to share the poll here. I shared it last night and my comment was removed. However, from communications with hotukdeals I understand I am allowed to share the results. I asked people had they ever been offered a protective sleeve for their rear wiper by Morrison's and currently 83% say NO. I then asked people how often Morrison's offer them a protective sleeve for their wiper when using the car wash. The choices were Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Most of the time, and Every time. currently 63% say Never.


I would never put my car through a automatic car wash they scratch the paintwork and cause damage like the OP said, I personally use the two bucket method and never had any scratches.


I'm lazy, obviously


Have you seen your car in the sun? Bet it’s full of swirls and marks


??? What damage? They do exactly as I would do at home myself, probably more thoroughly to be honest. The exotics and luxury probably went for the more expensive packages anyway.

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Do you use car polish to remove lights scratches?
Need to remove some lights scratches and scuffs on car bonnet. Not sure if polish will do the job or do you need T cut? Thanks
Avatar deleted1662024

Thanks I’ll try some of that


G3 is a really old product, think I first used it about 14 years ago, it was good but so many things are better. Megs Ultimate Compound is my go to, it's super cheap and works wonders


As someone has suggested any thoughts on the g3 it’s what I have and have had mixed results with


Can recommend this, had to use it last week and it worked a treat


They look like rubber marks more than scratches,