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Telescopic Wash Brush 130cm £7.61 @ ebay eurocarparts
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
Was looking for a long handle soft bristle brush, seems cheap. An automatic voucher code is added bringing the price from £8.95 to £7.61 I'd like to add more group categories like… Read more

It's a poor design, saved 50p to make the product not nearly as good as it could have been.


It's not really solid enough for that to make a difference. If you could get a brass compression fitting on the aluminium pole it would be ok. The real problem is the plastic fitting being unable to cope with the stresses of a hose filled with water on the end of it. It eventually cracks. Or did in the case of my first one, which had PTFE tape in place after the first experience of a leak.


I got one from Boyes store £8 same problem, its because its so long the hose tends to bend right at the connector


I assume the 130cms is not the extended length.Can't see any other info regarding reach


Plumbers tape. Taps nose.

Carplan No1 Super Gloss 600ml - £7.99 delivered @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
Wonderful price for keeping your car gleaming

Apologies to all regarding the correct deal link, I will practice for my next effort. Hope some of you managed to save a few pounds or even pence lol. Thanks for the heats. (y)


£8 at wilco , sainsburys, morrisons.


Brilliant stuff. Make sure you do it on small areas like a door at a time, wing etc and make sure your bonnet is not warm as it's difficult to polish it properly.Also cover your windscreen with something because you don't want it in there.


I bought some of this when Morrison’s had it on offer for £5 but the instructions aren’t that clear do you put it on a dry car or a wet car. Any help would be appreciated.


Save another 8p using code MID60!

WORX WG629E Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner £125.99 @ amazon
-204° Expired
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Great deal for the whole Worx Hydroshot kit as part of Amazon's pressure washer week. Product Description The WORX Hydroshot redefines the way you spray water to remove dirt, du… Read more
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If anyone thinks this is a substitute for a mains-operated pressure washer then think again.


Seriously - just £5 off... and it's worth posting??? (confused)


£107.99 HERE How many other attachments do you need?


Not with the accessories. It’s been as low as £99.99 though.


Hasn't this been under 70 quid??

Turtle Professional ‘ Wash N Wax ‘ Shampoo 25L £11.98 @ Costco instore
Posted 11th SepPosted 11th SepLocalLocal
As above. Bargain price for 25 Litres of the stuff - around a tenner for 5 litres and £35 for 25 Litres elsewhere. Enjoy <3 🚘
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This stuffs just about ok , it cleans but doesnt make water bead off even if you put it through a foam lance, it's usually£15.58 Inc vat in store


Detailers would usually opt for a PH neutral car shampoo e.g. Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo condition (has great water bearing effects for a shampoo) btw. Yes, snowfoam and snow lance would make up your “pre wash” stage, you would still apply a shampoo following the snow foam (again Autoglym Polar Blast, highly recommended). Snow Foam Lance I would recommend Autobrite (y) feel free to PM me if you have any more Q’s.


Turtle Wax FG4498 Professional Wash and Wax, 5 Litre For reviews (y)




Is that because of the wax included in it? I want to start washing my car myself - usually pay an arm and a leg to have it washed and waxed at home. Would this be no good? Also, wouldn’t snowfoam and a lance be better? Sorry for all the questions! :)

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Draper Car Wash/Garden Spray Gun - £4.25 w/code @ Robert Dyas instore
207° Expired
Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
Update 1
Now instore only
Look after your car and garden with this superb 8-position spray gun from Draper. If you’re using it to wash the car, the adjustable gun has a dial to control the mix of water and … Read more

Back in stock online? Just the 15% discount no longer works.


I have one I got from Groupon, yes they work with snowfoam also get a decent foam with car shampoo and fairy liquid (snowfoam is a lot better)


OOS online but you can check the stock and it is still available for me in my nearest store (highfive)


OOS now.


Any good with snowfoam? I really can't be bothered with a pressure washer and happy with the hosepipe however would like to use snowfoam.

Turtle Wax Essential Zip Wax Super Concentrate Wash & Wax 1L £3.15 @ Halfords
61° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Turtle Wax Essential Zip Wax Super Concentrate Wash & Wax 1L The Turtle Wax Essential Zip Wax Super Concentrate Wash & Wax 1L is an easy to use car cleaner. Simply add a ca… Read more
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if you have or know someone with a Costco membership you can get 25L (a lifetime supply for most) of Turtle Zip Wax for around £15


£2.79 for same product at carpart4less inc. free delivery (y)

Machine Car Wash - Super Shiny and Excellent value - £3.49 instore @ Londis
-25° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th JunLocalLocal
Shell/ Londis Shinfield local deal They are running a special offer on car wash ( Not Hand Car wash but machine ) Used it couple of time and super satisfied with clean and shiny … Read more

How on earth do you normally spend £22 on a machine car wash?!


Instore? I would love to see that one!


Only if you love swirl marks


If you at all care about the paintwork on your car never take It to a machine wash.

Shell Garage - Top Car Wash - Exeter Countess Wear - £6.00
-80° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunLocalLocal
Shell Garage - Top Car Wash - Exeter Countess Wear - £6.00
£2.00 off and saves me washing it!
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The neighbors wife always washes her car in underwear.. i always knew she was a scrubber! (highfive)


The wife is already trying to entertain them that way on her car (y)


Use that time to train the kids to do a proper wash &amp; detailing. You know it makes sense.


To wash a car properly, it takes 30 minutes to get the stuff out, then an hour or two, to do it. So that is 1 hour extra I can spend with my kids. If you want you want to wash my car for £6.. please do.


That half an hour saved tho, plus you get some exercise, plus you have £6 in your pocket, plus you don't have to scratch your car up even more, plus you don't have to drive to a car wash and hope it working and available, plus you're likely to save water just using a hose.

Kärcher Car Wash Brush - £5.33 using voucher @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Kärcher Car Wash Brush - £5.33 using voucher @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
£5.33£7.3527%Amazon Deals
Features & details Ideal for stubborn dirt and grit. Useful addition for cleaning the car Soft enough to use on paintwork Suitable for all Karcher pressure washers.

Love a bit of overkill &#x1F601;


Brush for swirl marks


I would never use it on a car and really cannot understand the idea running a pressure washer just to pump some water into a brush at low pressure, soap or not. Better to save the pressure washer for it's main task and stick a brush on a hose to clean areas that will not end up full of swirls. Of course, those who have pointed out the damage they can cause are very much in the minority when you look at most cars. That is not to say the deal is cold, it is a good price but a pointless add on IMO. unless you just want a brush. :D


Ditto NEVER EVER on paint work !


It is great for the under carriage, wheels, glass and head lamps.

Car Wash Bucket Bundle now £4.05 with code @ Halfords
1082° Expired
Refreshed 15th JulRefreshed 15th Jul
Car Wash Bucket Bundle now £4.05 with code @ Halfords
£4.05£849%Halfords Deals
Update 2
Back for 15th & 16th July and now even cheaper!
Free Click & Collect, Use code CARDAD FLASH8 SAVE10 at checkout (Thanks to @zibi75 ) Halfords 10 Litre Bucket Halfords Microfibre Cloths 5 Pack Halfords Car Wash Spo… Read more



Just washed car with this looks great


"Washing" a car in 35 mins for £10 they are most likely going to cover your car in swirl mark . Even if they are not using sponges they will be dragging grubby grit riddled microfiber cloths across your paintwork . A surefire way to create swirl marks . Just cos you can't see them or don't know what you are looking for does not mean they are not there. For a runaround it's no Biggie , but if you have a decent car or care about resale value dulling the paint with swirl marks is a big no no


You took the words right off my keyboard XD


Mine dont :)

Prestone 2L Concentrated Screenwash - £1 instore @ Asda
765° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th MayLocalLocal
Prestone 2L Concentrated Screenwash - £1 instore @ Asda
£1£3.5071%Asda Deals
Spotted at Asda Superstore Washington. They had shelf full. Concentrated Formula so can make 15-20L out of 2L for Summer. I feel they are much better than Euro Car Parts Screenwash… Read more

£5 at my local Asda too, even did a price check at the till!


Best screenwash on the market.


£5 at my local asda :-(


Good stuff, usually pick it up in costco for about a fiver for 5 litres so this is a bargain


Been using this for years - great stuff

Basic Car Wash at IMO - 99p (Cornwall)
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th MayLocalLocal
Basic Car Wash at IMO - 99p (Cornwall)
Unsure if nationwide but 99p offer at my local in Cornwall!
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I take my used windolene bottle filled with my own car shampoo, squirt it all over the car and wheels and then drive through the machine on their cheapest option, no point in paying for their machine to squirt some overpriced shampoo on.


For 99p you cant argue it, voted HOT. I just take my car shampoo in my used windolene bottle, spray it all over my car and then drive through on the 99p wash, no need to pay them for their automatic machine to pre spray your car with their unknown car shampoo at many many more £'s.


Most of the negative comments seem to be about the imo hand washes not the 99p machine wash. Some of the comments say that the hand wash is no better the machine wash anyway so no point paying more than 99p. Which is what the video is also saying.


Obviously some reviews are not based on the wash itself


Test by fifth gear machine vs jetwash vs hand wash. Proves machine wash is the least damaging to paintwork.

Demon 2L Shine Top Gloss Vehicle Cleaning Wax £7 @ Wilko
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Demon 2L Shine Top Gloss Vehicle Cleaning Wax £7 @ Wilko
£7£9.9530%Wilko Deals
Demon 2L Shine Top Gloss Vehicle Cleaning Wax @ Wilko, cheapest I’ve seen anywhere!
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welcome ;)


Wow, thank you, I’ll have a look (y) &#x1F3FB; :)


Thx OP, handy to use the website same price as instore for C&amp;C also ;) This is good , also by Car Plan and comes in a 5L size , similar product for £10.99 Amazon;qid=1555599545&amp;s=automotive&amp;sr=1-1-fkmr1

April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
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Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
£19.99£22.9913%LIDL Deals
Might pick up to give my old car a better finish. Site description: Keep your car showroom ready with this high-performance device that polishes and buffs varnished surfaces Power… Read more
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You have to make time. It can be a satisfying thing to do.


Who has the time in life to polish their car?


I have had one of these in the past, from Aldi, and they work as a polisher but are not much better than doing it by hand. They will not remove swirls or bring back very dull paint. I now have a cheap da polisher, Challenge from Argos, and the difference is huge. With Meguiers Ultimate Compound and a good polish, on my restoration project I have removed swirls and brought what was near matt black paint back to a deep shine. You need to buy decent pads as the da polisher only comes with a basic foam one. Lots of info on Detailing World forum. I wouldn't buy this type of polisher to be honest; either get a da polisher or spend the money on buying a clay mitt, some decent polish and wax, and do it by hand.


For the sake of £20, it's worth a try for light work, however, I've used one before and at 120W you'll struggle to work the compounds to their advantage. In summary there'll be less chance of damage, but equally you may not get the effect you're looking for. The Argos one is 600W, so better in terms of grunt. Take a look at this detailing forum here, there's some good, solid advice (and a lot of geekery) :) Some sponsors give discounts if you join the forum and there are always package deals with discs and compounds to get a better deal. Remember though, some manufacturers' paints are softer / harder so will need a different compound or approach I bought the DAS6 Pro using a £15 discount code as a member of the forum from this place:;top=109&amp;


Polishing looks good until it wears off and you have to do it again. Anything breaching the clear coat, you would be better of doing it property and painting it. OP s deals is still a good buy if Lidl actually have any stock, as its not as good as a dual action polisher, but it is one up from polishing by hand!

Nilfisk C 120 bar Pressure Washer (includes Patio & car cleaning kit and drain cleaner £89.99 @ Amazon
259° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Nilfisk C 120 bar Pressure Washer (includes Patio & car cleaning kit and drain cleaner £89.99 @ Amazon
£89.99£10010%Amazon Deals
Compact range Perfect for basic and all-round cleaning tasks Powerful and long-lasting motor High water flow rate for faster cleaning Excellent cleaning results Accessories availab… Read more

Yes it will, but I rarely see an outside tap that flows less than 440 litres per hour that this washer puts out. See how long it takes to fill a container and do the math.


Thank You


No, it shouldn't do. The pressure washer has a pump inside it that creates its own pressure so you will still get a lot more than what comes out of your tap


Probably being thick but my water pressure from outside rap isn’t that great will this effect the washer? Tia


No it doesn't. It has the basic foam sprayer bottle which is standard with the pressure washer anyway, and the short head brush as a separate attachment, for which the reviews aren't that great. You'd be better waiting for the pressure washer to jump down in price again and get this set which has a lot more positive comments and cashback through Quidco if buying from Argos, which is also available on Amazon (Amazon link in the thread comments):

Auto Glym Polar Blast  snow foam - £13.60 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
242° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Auto Glym Polar Blast snow foam - £13.60 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
£13.60£22.7240%Amazon Deals
I've been keeping an eye on this product for a while and it's the cheapest I've seen it. It seems to have pretty good reviews and I've seen it recommended on a few forums. It look… Read more
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Bilt hamber is ph 13 alkaline, so not very wax safe?


Get your ratio right and you'll get the results (y)


Bought BH foam 2 weeks ago after I've seen a lot of good reviews. Left the car dirty for 2 weeks, and couldn't see any difference !


Bilt Hamber Autofoam for me although I do rate the Autoglym products too. Don't often see BH deals.


I have used this before - I would say it was on par with Bilt Hamber Auto Foam.

£1.98 only for WITH ALL FRAGRANCE  TRIPLE QX -7c All Season Screenwash from Euro Car Parts
193° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
£1.98 only for WITH ALL FRAGRANCE TRIPLE QX -7c All Season Screenwash from Euro Car Parts
£1.98£2.4218%Euro Car Parts Deals
If you go on to carpart 4 less carparts4less Use code: SAV18 It didn't let me add (car parts 4 less website) for some reason. If you go to the website use the code Sav18. Plus … Read more

shame if you live in Northern Ireland...... Step 3 of 5. Delivery Options Sorry, one or more items in your basket are not available for delivery to your postcode. Some products that are classed as 'Dangerous Goods' cannot be delivered to your address by our couriers.


I bought some from yesterday's deal (the ready mixed version) and Topcashback gave me £0.26 for my click and collect order (deal is still on there - says 3.67% but if you click underneath it takes you to the next page with the £0.26 offer on it).


Use the product code. The one I mentioned in the post. It will come up with Those codes.


Carparts4less not showing any screen wash? Also not getting 1.98 on screen wash at euro car parts fit the fragrances with code. All £2+


Could1 doesn’t work at carparts 4 less

Carplan TripleWax Car Wash & Wax Shampoo 1ltr £2.07 @ Eurocarparts with code (£1.82 with C&C after Quidco cashback)
213° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Carplan TripleWax Car Wash & Wax Shampoo 1ltr £2.07 @ Eurocarparts with code (£1.82 with C&C after Quidco cashback)
£2.07£3.1935%Euro Car Parts Deals
Looking for cheap wash & wax shampoo and found this at Eurocarparts Ordered yesterday through Quidco, picked up today and an hour later 25p cashback confirmed from Quidco so … Read more

why would you pay for this when you can pay an eastern european a fiver and will wash and dry your car, (highfive)


anyone else try ordering but get (uk mainland postcode)


Quidco gives 25p back but not sure if you’d get it when using the code :/


IMHO this is much better quality and £3.31 delivered;0&amp;cc5_103


Don't forget topcashback, you will have 7p cashback, which make it £2 exactly.

Simoniz Original Car Wax 150g, £3 at halfords
347° Expired
Refreshed 23rd JanRefreshed 23rd Jan
Simoniz Original Car Wax 150g, £3 at halfords
Free c&c. Simoniz Original Car Wax 150g Extra Info 150g tin Quick & easy to use Maintain a brilliant shine Suitable for all paint finishes… Read more

What do you mean 'modern'? What do you suggest?


Go for a modern wax. Much better. This may be cheap, but it is hard work and OK results.


Voted hot for the price, but the market has moved on. There are much better waxes available, I am aware they are much more expensive. Personally I use Dodo Juice waxes.


This is decent stuff and good value for money, but be aware it's hard to work with. I found it took ages to buff off after application, but it did leave a good finish. Most of my tin is still lying in a box somewhere - I moved onto an easier wax to work with. Good price though.


Not working

Groupon IMO Car Wash Voucher Hack one triple shampoo car wash £4 or 4 for the price of 3 - see op
25° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Groupon IMO Car Wash Voucher Hack one triple shampoo car wash £4 or 4 for the price of 3 - see op
£4£633%Groupon Deals
Upon checkout, it allows you to increase the number of vouchers, without affecting the price. For example, I purchased 3 vouchers for £9.99, however altered the amount to 4. I wa… Read more

Tried app and website, both adjust the basket total which the OP hasn’t shown above. What you can do is buy 3 or more at £3.33 each or 5 or more at £3 each of you choose that price point, ie you don’t need to buy in multiples of 3 or 5 to retain the discount.


Worth noting that if you still buy...don’t forget cashback and also airtime rewards. And expires end of Feb


no go for me also.


Does not work on the PC...will download the app and try there Edit - dont work on Chrome, IE on PC or on 2 different phones with the latest Groupon app. Op could be using an old version of the app?


Nor me :/

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