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Halfords Car Cleaning Bucket Bundle - £5 Free Click & Collect @ Halfords
Posted 18 h, 49 m agoPosted 18 h, 49 m ago
Hope it helps someone (y) Add all items to the basket for discount :) Included in bundle: Halfords 10 Litre Bucket Halfords Car Wash & Wax 1 Litre Halfords Microfibre Clo… Read more


Is car paint fit for purpose, everything damages it. Don't use a sponge, you'll damage the paint, use three buckets or you'll damage the paint, use pH neutral soap or you'll damage the paint, everything damages the paint. I watched a YouTube the other day that said to avoid using any normal cloth on a car or you will damage the paint. If a cloth being rubbed on a car damages the paint work, I would argue that said paint shouldn't be on a car that drives upto 70mph on UK roads. I wouldn't paint a bedroom wall with something that would be damaged by a cloth, so why do we cover our cars in these puny paints that get damaged by an apparently inappropriate soap!


Not worth a £1. Only good for cleaning the shower or house floor. Bucket is a joke. Got this free last year, wasn’t worth that.


Micrfibe clove.. No swirls.


Yeah face mask or an old sock will do fine

Turtle Wax Snow Foam Cherry Scent 5 Litres - £12.80 + free Click and Collect @ Halfords
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Saw this in Halfords. Its also on their website. Looks like it has good reviews and it's 5 litres! So I think worth a punt for anyone looking to get some more snow foam.
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I bought 2 for £20 on eBay from turtlewaxeurope


Thank you very much. So this snow foam, do you use this as you would usual shampoo, or does it need a pressure washer or something? Not looking to spend ages on it or anything, but just get good results from the time invested. Your steps sound sensible, thanks


To be honest one part of it is the snow foam but I'd make sure you follow some other basic tips. Don't use a sponge. Get yourself a wash mitt, ideally a lambswool one if you can. Use two buckets to wash the car. One for clean water one for dirty water. Rinse the mitt each time you reach for the soapy water. Dry with a waffle towel or microfiber cloth. Make sure you wash it when the sun isn't directly on the car and in a cool shaded area whenever possible. Keep the car wet constantly in hot weather to avoid water marks on the paint from forming. Follow these and you should have yourself a decent car wash.


I can vouch for this too. I'm hoping the turtle Wax is a cheaper version that works just as well.


Just got a new car and looking for some cleaner, is this a good bet?! Old car we just used anything to hand but nice new shiny golf gte want to use something half decent!..

Halfords Car Polish 125ml 50p - Free click and collect
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Halfords Car Polish 125mlSuitable for all types of paintwork, the Halfords Car Polish 125ml will help to give you a long lasting shine with added protection. Halfords Car Polish… Read more
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Same stuff - different packaging but that small bottle is better value as works out at £2 for 500ml


Made by TETROSYL so its a quality polish ( same company uses CarPlan brand name on other products like Triplewax ) Voted HOT.




Standard price.


Thanks (y) (y) (y)

T-Cut CSB150 Black Color Fast Scratch Remover & Colour Restorer Abrasive Compound Car Polish 150g £5 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
T-Cut Color Fast is a revolutionary coloured paintwork renovator that removes light scratches, oxidation, ingrained dirt, bugs and surface imperfections. The coloured pigments and … Read more

I understand what you are saying, all the negative comments are from people who do not have the sense to put this stuff on a rag and rub in a circular motion, thanks for clearing that up for me, Initially I thought the stuff was not very good.


Sonus make some great products, just go easy.


Sure it did, that’s why they go to great lengths now to say it doesn’t on the latest product packaging.


Your not touching the paint, cutting compounds only affect the clear coat. If you burn through that it’s respray time.


Tbh it depends on so many things. Some paints are harder and softer that others. Are you doing it by hand? Something like Bilt Hamber cleanser polish is excellent for masking light swirls by filling them and cleaning the paint without any real abrasive action. Scholl S20 Black finishes down very well and can achieve some good correction depending on the pad.

Meguiar's Ultimate Car Polish Pre-Waxing Glaze 473ml - £10.81 (+£4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon
195° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is a pre-waxing glaze that eliminates fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss. Ultimate Polish also adds depth of colour, especi… Read more
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Toon_army That's the two backing plates I use, then I use Hexlogic pads

vincento_1 This is the polisher I bought. Any links for the pads you'd recommend? Thanks.


That's my day job XD when I bought my Black Range Rover Sport it was horrific with swirl marks. I'd have another black car just so I can machine it and tidy it up but they really are a handful to look after and keep nice.


It'll never look as good as the day it was first delivered - unless you want to give up the day job and just spend your life cleaning your car! Silver to lighter greys are the best!


I've just bought my 1st black car and will be my last

Autoglym Polar Seal 1L Pressure wash coating - £13.98 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
A protective, hydrophobic coating, for a quick and easy high-gloss finish. Polar Seal is a protective coating that has been specially formulated for application through a pressure… Read more

Depends on how you wash and treat your car, as well as which products are used. This is generally used after a car has been fully de contaminated and waxed, to top up the shine and protective properties. But even just a basic wash and using one of these products will bring an element of shine and water repellency to any car. But it won't last very long, maybe a few weeks tops. There is no definitive answer. It's a case of trial and error. Hope this helps


Water beads off if applied correctly and hardly anything to dry , mainly the roof (y)


Looks good,but you still have to dry the car... So what's the point ?


Anyone able to comment on how this compares to: Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat - Ultimate Super Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse Coating Auto Finesse Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse Thanks.


Cheers op. I have grown quite fond if this stuff for my better halfs zafira. It doesn’t last an age but does last till the next clean and a little goes a long way.

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Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner 1.89L - £13.26 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner 1.89L

Only started using few months ago Amazing stuff


My car had flakey paint, so I use Head & Shoulders all in one, and it's cleared it up nicely. :D


also no rush delivery for an extra £1 off future purchase And to be honest more often than not, the no rush turns up for me the next day or two anyhow


Brilliant stuff


Are we talking golden shower? (shock)

Kärcher 1 L, 3-in-1 Car Shampoo Plug and Clean, Pressure Washer Detergent £4.34 (prime) / £8.83 (NP) @ Amazon
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Almost as cheap as it's ever been according to the camel...

Sorry, I have been cutting hedges so did not see your question but someone has stepped in with the answer. :)


Type in Karcher 5l Click on the universal cleaner and change it to shampoo


Have you got the link for this


Is it possible to use the liquid in another snow foam lance on a different pressure washer?


Many thanks, ordered!

Halfords Car Cleaning Bucket Bundle £5 @ Halfords (Click & Collect)
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Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Add all on link and discount will apply at basket, free click & collect. Halfords Car Wash Sponge Halfords 10 Litre Bucket Halfords Car Wash & Wax 1 Litre Halfords… Read more

Purchased a Halfords green bucket for 90p today for my wheels, can't complain. The Halfords wash mitts are really good too, had one for years.


£1 bucket, 50p sponge, £1 shampoo, £1 microfibres.


Chop the sponge up and use it for applying tyre/plastic gel (y)


Careful with giving your name away on sites like this....friendly advice...


Buckets? Sponges? Car Mitts? These guys have all this stuff already.....

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD - 5 Litres Water-based, VOC-free, biodegradable Cleaner & Degreaser £16.87 Prime (£21.36 NP) - Amazon
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
After a long wait, looks like back in stock. Surfex-HD is a water-based, VOC-free, biodegradable and non-toxic all purpose cleaner and degreaser. Its ability to remove grease and … Read more

Forgot to mention, there's also a £1 "No-rush reward" for Prime members, don't know if that was there before.


Back in stock. Currently £16.68.


Thank you


50p discount and "usually dispatched within 1-2 months"? What kind of deal is that?


You could apply it using a pump pressure spray bottle with a wand attachment to direct it exactly where you need it. Run the engine afterwards which will generate heat and evaporate anything left over.

Meguiar's Ultimate Car Wash & Wax 1.4L - £15.60 Prime / +£4.49 non-prime @ Amazon
170° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
It's been up and down in price for the past few months, this is the lowest it's been since approximately July last year. Great stuff for the motor when sat on the driveway during C… Read more

Good reviews. Might give it a go.


Even second hand VW's need some loving :)


Didn't Max Mosley do the same :D


Heat, I use the same stuff on my German Whip to achieve that silky smooth finest, highly recommended. 8)


Plus you can get an extra 10% off Halfords with the AA and some others

Kärcher 26431470 FJ6 Foam Jet Nozzle £10.90 prime / £15.39 @ Amazon
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Decent price for the Karcher foam jet accessory. I know there are much better foam jets on the market, but at just £10.90 (+p&p for non-prime) this is a bargain! Effortles… Read more

That’s interesting might give that a try


I used about 400ml, which is quite a bit really, however my car is large (X5) and was absolutely filthy! I completely smothered it in the foam. The foam was £9.99 for 5l and so I should get about a dozen or so washes out of it...that works out at around 77p per wash :-)


That’s interesting, did you use much of the stuff?


Received mine today and used it this evening on the car. I bought a cheap(ish) 5l bottle of CarPlan foam wash and wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise it actually worked really well. I had a nice thick coat of foam all across the car, left it for 10mins and then washed it looks as good as when I take it to the local car wash. I can only assume that the negative reviews are from people using a cheap/incompatible foam shampoo.


Jetting dirty paintwork causes scratches if loose dirt isn't removed first. #1 schoolboy error in using a pressure washer. Same as when a sponge on a car scrapes dirt across the paint. They both contribute towards swirl scratches. You can't eradicate them entirely, but snowfoaming etc can help reduce the likelihood of swirlies.

Half Price Pro-Shield £5 @ IMO Car wash (App Download)
64° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Downloaded the IMO app. Didn't have to commit to anything but got a half price barcode for Pro Shield as a thank you. I believe you have to open an account but that takes seconds a… Read more
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When signing up for the account one has to dedicate the car reg that you want to use for the offer. The barcode may not be unique but I assume they will cross refernce it with the car reg


Is the barcode unique?

Meguiars Quik Clay Starter Kit £16.80 + £3.99 del at Halfords
-140° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Meguiars Quik Clay Starter Kit £16.80 + £3.99 del at Halfords
Meguiar’s Quik Clay Starter Kit Meguiar’s Quik Clay Starter Kit will quickly and safely restore a smooth-as-glass finish. The kit will eliminate contaminates that make your paint’… Read more

For general traffic film, grime etc.. try using a citrus pre wash. Leave it on to dwell and even agitate with a soft detailing brush. If that doesn't work for bigger/stubborn spots try a tar remover. You can get wax friendly ones or Autoglyn Intensive Tar which is paint safe but not wax safe.


Try a tar remover. You can get wax friendly ones but for really stubborn sticky spots try Autoglym Intensive Tar


That or sandpaper


A chainsaw ;)


What's best to get t rid of tree sap and insects and so on. Have to park car under trees cause of road issue's

Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash 1.8L - £9 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
170° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash 1.8L - £9 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
£9 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Price reduction on the large bottle

This has put me in a whirlwind of buying cleaning products I don't need got a power washer, snow foam lance and leather restorer .... cheers OP.


Gutted I missed this!


Got 2 and a mate got 2 thx for the post .


Just ordered mine @ £9


Damn! Just missed it

Auto Finesse Caramics Set - £89.99 @ Euro Car Parts
-49° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Auto Finesse Caramics Set - £89.99 @ Euro Car Parts
£89.99 Free P&P FreeEuro Car Parts Deals
Full vehicle ceramic coating package.
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Its going to get colder than snow foam in here


£57 at Halfords with trade card


Cold, £80 at Halfords.

ProKleen Electric Pressure Washer High Power Jet Car Wash Kit Cleaner Patio £110.46 @ hsd-online / eBay
85° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
ProKleen Electric Pressure Washer High Power Jet Car Wash Kit Cleaner Patio £110.46 @ hsd-online / eBay
£110.46 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
ProKleen 1600W Pressure Washer Car & Patio Cleaner, 1 x ProKleen Cherry Snow Foam 5L, 1 x ProKleen Snow Foam Lance, 2 x 1000GSM Mirco Fibre Cloths, 1 x Wash Mitt Extreme Perf… Read more

The snow foam and lance sell for £43 the pair. On Ebay, 5 cloths and 2 mitts is £20, so £10 for those. Meaning the jetwasher is about £60 for 135 bar. Bit expensive when it can be bought for £24 on Ebay


135 bar of preasure is not high.. Its like average...


Seems cheaper elsewhere?


I use this foam gun which is great. The pressure washer comes with 1 years warranty. Heat added.

Turtle Wax 53111 Cherry Snow Foam 10L (2x 5l) Bottles for £20 inc Free Postage at turtlewaxeurope eBay
201° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Turtle Wax 53111 Cherry Snow Foam 10L (2x 5l) Bottles for £20 inc Free Postage at turtlewaxeurope eBay
Good price for 10L of Snow Foam This is currently the cheapest on eBay

Did 3 cars yesterday and didn't have to resort to using a sponge at all. Removed dead flies from bumper, mirrors and windshield too - impressed!


I used snow foam on my car yesterday it looked like first time out dogging since the lockdown


Ordered Friday and arrived today! Now to give it a spin!


Just got mine from an amazon seller... took a week or so deliver, but was £15 ish.


True, it is the best from my personal experience. Regarding stock, you can always request to be notified when stock becomes available. I did that with a few of the companies, including Bilt Hamber and got email notification within a week from 3 of them. Finally bought direct from Bilt Hamber for £16:99, with £5.99 delivery.

Bosch 1500W 125 Bar Pressure Washer with Car Cleaning Kit 230V - UNIVERSALAQUATAK 125 + CAR WASH SET £124.98 delivered @ CPC
331° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Bosch 1500W 125 Bar Pressure Washer with Car Cleaning Kit 230V - UNIVERSALAQUATAK 125 + CAR WASH SET £124.98 delivered @ CPC
£124.98£148.9916% Free P&P FreeCPC Farnell Deals
Cracking price for this WITH the Car Wash Set. From what I can find this (without the car kit included which is worth £22) is selling around £140 to £170. Has really good reviews t… Read more

Went with it needed one desperately, hopefully works out! Anyone have experience with support if things go wrong?


It is quite stiff so even when careful it kinks easily, once it kinks it very quickly springs a leak where the kink is. Even though I was aware of it by the third hose and was very careful it still happened.


gone up to £174.95 now. Wow!


is it not covered under the guarantee? Anyone else had issues with the hose?


yeh what is the issue with the hose?

Car Detailing Kit | Pukkr (31pcs) £14.99 at Roov
-163° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Car Detailing Kit | Pukkr (31pcs) £14.99 at Roov
£14.99Roov Deals
Seems like an upgrade over the ol' bucket and sponge, probably not upto scratch (pardon the pun) compared to proper detailing kits... maybe good enough to get started and another u… Read more

This is definitely no alternative to a proper machine polisher, which are normally around the £60 mark. Ive no idea how you would properly control the polishing motion on a drill. At the very least, get one of the orbital polishers from halfords over this.


Currently £18 on Amazon


Plus £2.95 delivery fee, unless order worth more than £49


Life has moved on since then. These days in the country parks by me, they're referred to as glory holes (unicorn)


No different to a rotory

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