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Maximuscle Cyclone Whey Protein Powder with Creatine, Strawberry, 1.26 kg £11.99 (Prime) / £16.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Made hot 3rd JulMade hot 3rd Jul
Good shake. Can be quite expensive. But price dropped to £11.99. Think amazon are price matching Holland and Barrett who have also got it at this price.

Also the same price in Holland and Barrett if you don't have prime


Bought this one instead. Good for bulking!


Protien Spiked rubbish



This must be old stock as they sell them in 908g tubs now as far as I can see.. if you are looking to add some good quality protein to your diet and are not too fussed about the additional carbs this is a decent price.. however if you are conscious of counting macros to the letter and have specific goals that include not having excess calories then it is a bit of bump just to get 25g protein... however it does mix well and taste good so to each their own..

5KG Impact Whey Protein + Flavdrops, 250g Creatine Monohydrate + Freebie £41.25 w/code @ Myprotein (£1.50 more if choosing 500g Creatine)
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Made hot 1st FebMade hot 1st Feb
5KG Impact Whey Protein + Flavdrops, 250g Creatine Monohydrate + Freebie £41.25 w/code @ Myprotein (£1.50 more if choosing 500g Creatine)
£41.25£58.7630%Myprotein Deals
Another bundle, this time using the 40% off full price items along with the 25% off Best sellers code. This time using 5KG bag of Unflavoured Impact Whey (The flavoured versions … Read more

i know but i cant find anything else in its price range of £35 for 5 kilos that gives me a high ammount of protein per shake or i would swap,this is 21g protein per serving would that give me better results than matrix 44 grams per serving even if its soy based?


Matrix is rubbish full of soy


has anyone tried this stuff zero carbs and sugar?


5kg salted caramel( by far best flavour I’ve tried) Shaker Free gift tablets Pre work out sample Free carbs bars Free delivery £43 Will do me. Last time paid £23 for 2.5kg


Ordered. Gsm35 best

Buy One Get One Free on over 300 MyProtein Products e.g Creatine Monohydrate 1kg x 2 £12.99 / £16.98 delivered
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Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th Jan
Buy One Get One Free on over 300 MyProtein Products e.g Creatine Monohydrate 1kg x 2 £12.99 / £16.98 delivered
£16.98£25.9635%Myprotein Deals
Doesn't need a code, bogoff on this category STANDARD DELIVERY £3.99 Free on orders over £40

Bulk Powders for me too.


You should have 25% of your daily protein intake 30-90 minutes after exercise. In this post-training window, your body sucks up protein like a sponge and converts it to new muscle almost twice as fast as other times. Whey also ranks first in its ability to feed muscles faster than any other protein type. Whey protein is absorbed really quickly in the blood, within 15 to 20 minutes. Source


Has the deal ended? It just seems to knock 40% off now..


Dont need to eat lots of meat or powders to get your protein. I eat greek yoghurt, skyr, soft cheese spreads and high protein fromage frais. Could also try some Cottage cheese, quark, lentils, beans.... Plenty of cheap sources. Thats just a tip though get it any way you want. I would recommend protein works over myprotein though. They were cheap last time i bought protein powder and most importantly the flavour was far superior. I got sick of the aftertaste of powders though so thats why i switched to yoghurts.


Roid rage?

Reflex Creatine £5 In Store @ Asda
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Made hot 20th Dec 2018Made hot 20th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Reflex Creatine £5 In Store @ Asda
Found a load of these in Asda One Stop Birmingham today discounted to £5, which makes them very competitively priced. Restrained myself to just the two tubs. Not sure how many sto… Read more

My first session after this stuff was stronger over reps. I don’t think it’s 100% because of the creatine. But over time using the OM I also kept improving.


came back to 120% after returning to to the previously used stuff.


Not ideal :) on the mobile app it looks great sorry.


This is what is on my laptop


The very quick answer is this product isn’t protein, which anybody looking to build or maintain muscle needs to consume (the amount depends on the goal and workload), rather this is another naturally occurring substance which can help you to endure longer while training. That’s an extremely simplified answer though. There’s a lot of good info online and as you’re a cardio guy it could be useful. But you wanna look at the basics of nutrition as pertaining to your exercise and goals. A little extra of any of these substances won’t directly give an active person moobs tho :) The first thing to figure out for your goal is how many calories you need to achieve your goal. Consume less than you need to maintain your current physical state, and you should get leaner. Again, very simplified.

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ACTIVLAB SPORT Creatine Powder Jar, 500 g, Natural. Amazon add on item - £2.95
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Made hot 6th Dec 2018Made hot 6th Dec 2018
ACTIVLAB SPORT Creatine Powder Jar, 500 g, Natural. Amazon add on item - £2.95
ACTIVLAB SPORT Creatine Powder Jar, 500 g, Natural £2.95 add on item or get it 5 - 15℅ cheaper with subscribe & save @ Amazon
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£6.02 now. Looks like the merchant has logged in to hukd and increasing price watching heat. Gonna vote cold ;)


Me too


£5.82 for me


There's also 1 x 450g of BBN hardcore HereThere's no point in making it a deal as there's only 1 in stock :D


ordred, cheers

Maximuscle Cyclone Bars (20g Protein + 3g Creatine) - 60p (2 for £1) @ Poundworld
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Made hot 23rd Jan 2018Made hot 23rd Jan 2018LocalLocal
Maximuscle Cyclone Bars (20g Protein + 3g Creatine) - 60p (2 for £1) @ Poundworld
Spotted these at my local Poundworld where they had them in Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry flavour. I'd be very surprised if this was just a local store thing (deal ha… Read more
Avatardeleted1884687Get dealGet deal

Good tips, thanks. I laughed when I saw on the Boots page "only 21g of protein". Clearly the marketing person didn't realise they were meant to talk that number up, not down ;)


Best Before End – 31/1/18 They're cheap because they go out of date next week.



Confirmed at multiple stores. I've tried those, really chewy and and easy to eat. Pfffft. Riot! (devil)


If it's taste you want then checkout the Nutramino Peanut & Caramel bar. By far the best tasting protein bar I've ever tried. I have a box of Grenade Carb Killas (Peanut) from Amazon and they taste very similar to a Snickers but still have nothing on the Nutamino bar. I would choose that bar over most actual regular chocolate bars for taste alone. (excited) I would also recommend you checkout the SCI-MX Nutrition Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (y) So I just checked my receipt and it turns out I got 2 for £1 too! Trust me to buy 5! (:I That's not the first multi-buy deal I've come across that's not advertised on the shelf in there! (flirt)

maxi muscle cyclone 980g £10. SCI-MX creatine 250g £3 IN-STORE ASDA
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Made hot 23rd Dec 2017Made hot 23rd Dec 2017
maxi muscle cyclone 980g £10. SCI-MX creatine 250g £3 IN-STORE ASDA
In-store ASDA CRAWLEY maxi muscle cyclone 980g £10. SCI-MX creatine 250g £3. Seems ADSA are doing nation wide mark down on selected nutritional supplements. Seen a few others… Read more
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MET-Rx Pure Creatine Muscle Force and Endurance Capsules - Tub of 240 £2.02 (Amazon Prime Exclusive)
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Made hot 5th Feb 2017Made hot 5th Feb 2017
MET-Rx Pure Creatine Muscle Force and Endurance Capsules - Tub of 240 £2.02 (Amazon Prime Exclusive)
RRP Price: £16.95 (£16.95 / kg) Deal Price: £2.02 (£2.02 / kg) You Save: £14.93 (88%) In stock. Description Product Description MET-Rx Pure Creatine Powder The sports nutrition… Read more

​yes! you're welcome to check my liver.


I think it should be a general rule now, you talk like that you state the source, simple


Do you bros even lift?:(


Do you actually have some evidence for that?


Waste of time.

Met-rex creatine 240 caps 7th £3.91 add-on item(Prime) @ Amazon
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Made hot 20th Dec 2016Made hot 20th Dec 2016
Met-rex creatine 240 caps 7th £3.91 add-on item(Prime) @ Amazon
Great price.
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This is the funniest convo I have read on here loool, I love how fitness causes conversations like this. I used to use myprotein creapure, decent stuff for the price. Would recommend that ;)


Is this what they call roid rage Princess?:D


Ooooooh scary keyboard warrior. Go drink your milk skinny batty.


Fanboy is that your massive ego thinking everyones your fan shortstuff?X)


fascinating assumptions but im 6ft 4 thanks though fanboy

Matrix Creatine Monohydrate Powder 1kg £10.99 inc Delivery @ supplementcentre
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Made hot 20th Jan 2014Made hot 20th Jan 2014
Matrix Creatine Monohydrate Powder 1kg £10.99 inc Delivery @ supplementcentre
Needed some more creatine and this is the cheapest ive found for 1kg, it's also in a screw tub not a crappy pouch/bag. Use code SUPSAV5 at checkout for free next working day deliv… Read more

Just remember if you take this, you can be like LeeParsons and curl 35kg Dumbells! LeeParsonsIsStrong!


Isn't matrix the websites own product?


I get this one, body supreme creatine shake from asda. Anybody know if this is better?


He is referring to muscles and the 'man stick' will lose strength, size and performance.


would have gone for this, cant see where to place the code. and it seems expired.

500g Reflex Creapure Creatine from Discount Supplements  (Amazon)
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Made hot 7th Dec 2013Made hot 7th Dec 2013
500g Reflex Creapure Creatine from Discount Supplements (Amazon)
Excellent price for this from a well known brand too. I've had two tubs of this in the past and it is very good.

Got mine today that's the bro sorted for Xmas thank you hduk!! Well chuffed


Just got mine delivered awell. Cracking deal! Thanks a bunch OP


Got mine today aswell 500g tubs happy days


Sent message yesterday asking when was likely to be dispatched & they replied with out of stock!! Had dispatch email this morning :-)


Received my two yesterday very pleased indeed. ;)

Maximuscle Cyclone Mini Strawberry and Chocolate 840g - £4.92 @ Morrisons
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Made hot 23rd Aug 2012Made hot 23rd Aug 2012
Maximuscle Cyclone Mini Strawberry and Chocolate 840g - £4.92 @ Morrisons
Was in Morrisons in Ecclesfield Sheffield earlier and found this great deal on Maximuscle Cyclone Mini Strawberry and Chocolate 840g which was down the medicine aisle. Both chocola… Read more

Haha pork twin!!! Protein even got to love these iPhones! Hey I rang 4 stores up in Leeds, don't even sell this, cold for me


I'd love to know how healthy pork twin shakes are, I mean look at how much crap are in some! I've just bought some Bio 100 synergy and there are like 3 ingredients! Cost more, low on carbs but nice to know the crap isn't in there!!! Anyone know how I can go about doing a proper nutrician analysis at all ie vits/mins I'm lacking etc


ok buy them and drop them off at mine then- I'll give you 2 quid for your trouble


the bootle store in the strand shopping center


Buy them Ill have them off you; which store by the way?

Free £10 @ maximuscle - no min spend!
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Made hot 15th Dec 2010Made hot 15th Dec 2010
Free £10 @ maximuscle - no min spend!
0NMGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Read More

i thinks its expired now, even though a pop up came on advertising the code, it wont work for me. EDIT: yes its finished darn it i missed out on this one


Nice one although u can just add the crisp bars and the gloves without the thermabol thing and it comes to the same deal... :)


Hi guys Brilliant find please find attached my order Ordered 2 lots of thermobol then added crisp bars - remove thermobol and get crisps for -£1.99 then add gloves lovely jubbly :) Many THanks Dan


Think the offer ends mid day tomoz :)


You don't need to add the t-shirt it does nothing lol. The pill boxes trick works.

Pwrtek Define Whey Protein 2kg tub Bargain £17.95 (free del) @ Discount Supplements 10% quidco also
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Made hot 27th Mar 2010Made hot 27th Mar 2010
Pwrtek Define Whey Protein 2kg tub Bargain £17.95 (free del) @ Discount Supplements 10% quidco also
As the title says £17.95 for a 2kg tub of protein is a bargain these days plus its got decent reviews and i can honestly say the strawberry is nice, not the best ive had compared t… Read more
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can anyone recommend me a cheap shake? I want to cut. My diet is good, my exercise is getting better, just need to vary it a bit more and do this high intensity training thing.


That cannot be a real picture.


racist :?


patience_1: The chocolate tastes awful - I bought some from Asda last week and no one in my family will drink it! Its not a milkshake for all the family its a protein powder for body bulders!! I know what it is. Perhaps I should have said for my family of husband and 2 body-builder sons!


You need to be black to start with.

Pro Power Creadex Grapefruit 908g - ARGOS £1.99 was £19.99
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Made hot 10th Sep 2009Made hot 10th Sep 2009
Pro Power Creadex Grapefruit 908g - ARGOS £1.99 was £19.99
Creatine and Carbohydrate Drink Mix. Makes your muscles big, your willy small and your farts stink. - I ve been told this by the buff guy who grunts like a silverback Gorilla down… Read more
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Do you use steroids? If so which ones?


How much? I'll grab em off you! Been using them a while without any problems.


To be honest I had 3 tubs of this when if was first posted a couple of months ago and have stopped taking it, gave me terrible stomach pains and made me feel quite ill after a coupld of weeks using it, be warned. I didn't actually feel any benifit from it at all in the three weeks or so I trialed it, not sure it does anything, in fact I've felt I can lift more since I stopped taking it??! If anyone want's some I've got 2 un-opened tubs of the orange flavour


this offers been around for about 2/3 months now, theres no stock anywhere and they are not going to get stock either as I was on the argos waiting list for a while, an they emailed me saying that there will be no further orders for them, not a bad offer though


Oh steroids don't shrink anything as they are not Vasoconstrictor's which would cause the shrinkage of blood vessels. See

Pro Power Creadex 908g - £1.99 at Argos (Extra) instore only!
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Made hot 16th Jul 2009Made hot 16th Jul 2009
Pro Power Creadex 908g - £1.99 at Argos (Extra) instore only!
Argos (Extra) are curently selling Pro Power Creadex 908g - Grapefruit / Fruit punch flavours for £1.99! Creatine and Carbohydrate Drink Mix. Size (H)21, (W)12.5, (D)12.5cm. T… Read more

no worries and sorry too for getting the wrong end of the stick !:)


Sorry, I wasn't refering to you, it was the i vote cold user above who went on Hotukdeals for a day and went round voting cold. Didn't mean to offend you!!


The body has 3 periods when creatine uptake is highest: 1.After A Nights Sleep After a nights sleep, the body is in a fasted stated due to a period of natural GH pulses (about half of your daily total GH production is released during the first 4 hours of sleep) and a prolonged period without nutrients. This results in an up-regulation of nutrient transporters and enzymes which favor intramuscular uptake of nutrients, including Creatine. 2. Ingestion 45-90 Minutes Before A Work-out When Creatine is ingested 45-90 minutes before a work-out, an athlete can take advantage of the training induced increases in blood flow to muscle tissue to transport essential nutrients across muscle cell membranes. (This also acts as a buffer to lactic acid). Since high intensity work-outs trigger the release of adrenal hormones such as Epinephrine and Norepinephrine, the cellular uptake of nutrients is improved. Remember, Ephedrine increases cellular uptake? Well Ephedrine is an Epinephrine Mimicker. 3. The First 45-90 Minutes Following A Work-out Within the first 45-90 minutes following an intense work-out, the body is in a very nutrient receptive state. Heavy training reduces muscle glycogen stores (glycogen comes from blood sugars such as carbs) and receptor-sites for nutrients become sensitive. This means the body is in a catabolic state requiring nutrient supply. Several storage enzymes are up-regulated and creatine (CP) levels are lower which of course means intramuscular nutrient storage ability is at a high level. It also means the muscle cells need ATP regeneration. I personallytake it immediately post-workout with about 20g dextrose and 5g glutamine (the proper stuff not the fermented sh*t you can buy for cheap), and follow it with a protein shake about 15-20 minutes later. If you were taking it only once a day, and training sufficiently I would recommend taking it either pre or post-workout which ever works best for you, but if pre-workout allow enough time before training so that the creatine can be absorbed into the muscles. As for cramping, make sure you drink plenty of water, you will need more water throughout the day when supplementing with creatine as your muscles retain water. And for people experiencing diarrhea this is probably due to the creatine not mixing properly and leaves gritty creatine at the bottom of the glass! Creatine not properly dissolved can cause it to sit in the stomach and thus draws water to the stomach to aid its transportation from the stomach, and with water being drawn to your stomach you may experience diarrhea! Some people say all creatine is the same, you should know that as with anything you can pay more for better products, I don't know what type of creatine this is, but if it says creapure on the label it should be okay. If you are serious about weight-training you should look into some of more advanced products available, Creatine Ethyl-Ester is a popular advancement of creatine, although I would recommend Creatine Gluconate above anything. Hope this helps someone, Pete.[/I]


Thanks for the reply :thumbsup: I take the capsules to and was told to take them within 20 mins after a workout with some protein but the creatine probably works if you take it before. Bought this stuff today and it says on the cartons that if your working out you can take it either before or after a workout.


Just before or after a workout. I used capsules and it was recommended to take half the daily dose just before the workout and the rest just after. Whatever works for you best.

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