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High5 Zero Hydration Tablets BOGOF - £2.10 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Halfords
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Low price of £4.19 and also buy one get one free. Effectively making the £2.10! Next cheapest is £4.19 @ Wiggle and Amazon selling for £6.69. These are great for hydration when a… Read more

Just collected mine. It wasn't worth the effort 4 people in front of me, 30 minute wait to get in When I finally get to the till, 10 minutes to get the item (*) I'm the only person in the store! Loads of people behind me but I think if 2 consecutive people need the same thing they stop the line I think much more people are using click and collect, but they've just got a big locker so unless you're lucky enough to be collecting something easily visible it's a pig to find, and it's only one person serving there I don't blame the staff, who are obviously under stress, this is just mismanagement. b.t.w This wasn't the weekend, it was Friday


How is this £6.09? It’s £8.18


Weekend Ques are average 30min wait!


Nice for an end of the world situation


p&p is more than the product (lol)

Free Whey protien from MyProtein via Vodafone VeryMe - £3.99 Postage
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
What you need to know? Free pack of Impact Whey Protein from Myprotein Delivery is £3.99 Boost your energy for less with our exclusive giveaway – a free pack of Impact Whey Protein… Read more

Does anyone have a free code? I'd appreciate it very much- 250g covers about 10 days worth and I go through so much :)


Did anyone manage to get a spare code? They're all gone now. Could do with one please.


same please as interested to try their product. Thanks!


What code we talking here, are they generic or account specific. It’s hot if free delivery cold if not


I would appreciate a code if someone isn't using theirs!


That ‘Scotland’ rfu code gets u 47% off currently rather than the 25% off. Only looked briefly as not going to buy anything myself so haven’t checked it but weirdly the maths doesn’t seem to add up. You do still get the free hand sanitiser too so with the up to 60% off plus the 47% code there are probably some deals to be found with a bit of trial and error


The Jarvis discount is still more with 30% off


I use myprotein for peanut butter and vitamins but their prices fluctuate all the time. I guess they do this so when they offer a discount it appears you are getting a deal when it probably works out the same cost price to them.


exactly. This deal will be cold like all the others. I use MyProtein regular but their deals are a waste of time


And then have to pay £4 delivery that’s why I never order off them anymore

Short Date 16/06/2020 - 12 SCI-MX Strawberry & Cream Or Choc Orange - 60g Protein Bars (20g Protein Per Bar) - £5 Delivered @ Yankee Bundles
Refreshed 2 h, 17 m agoRefreshed 2 h, 17 m ago
Update 1
Choc orange back in stock
Short Date 16th - 19th June 2020 (Depending on flavour) Not one I've tried myself, but seems a good price for 12 considering they are delivered. They work out about 42p per bar… Read more

800g of carbs per bar I bet


I never said that they are not viable, but they just don’t “help” with a cut, it’s an illusion. In fact you can speed up your cut without it. It is junk food with protein in it, nothing more.


How do you know it's not because of those 'snacks'? ~10 cal per 1g of protein is a pretty good ratio and protein definitely helps you stay fuller for longer. Just because you don't want them doesn't mean they aren't perfectly viable for other people, especially when they might be busier than you are, or have a much different routine.


got them today, all good 12g of sugar is bit much but if you can ofset it elsewhere and only have 1 a day I dont really see issue here


They also have 144 Single cadbury flake chocolate bars for £13. Here's a link

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Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pre Workout- 40 Scoops £16.95 @ Active Sports Nutrition (£1.99 P&P)
11° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Free delivery over £20 so it's worth adding a protein bar or two to your order. Good pre workout for the money, i recommend taking this at a 2 scoop serving. Doses at 2 scoops … Read more
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Coffee is nasty. Any other alternative?


Should have said have a strong black coffee


Didnt say you were doing anything wrong? You came to the comments saying that a banana will work better than a pre workout. When they are two completely different things. One is a pre workout meal, one is a pre workout supplemtent. And yet you haven't brought up anything to discredit me that isn't based on opinion or a misconception. And at no point have i said you don't need to to continue with a suitable diet reaching your macros... Anecdotal vs studies and the popular consensus of the industry. Just lots of things assumed as well. Literally all a banana is a carb source and some potassium. Your mind will melt if i told you about peptides.


I'm definitely getting trolled now.


Looks like your knowledge hasn't moved on from 1983 So your gonna eat 1kg of beef everyday to get 5g of creatine? Eat a English walnut tree for the extract? As i said university of life (lol) You know most people actually have a pre workout meal and take their pre workout because what's in their pre workout isn't available in food. A banana ain't exactly an amazing pre workout food, Karbolyn is much better Like if you wanted a decent workout carb source then Karbolyn 25000mg Citrulline Malate 2000mg Glycerol Monostearate 1000mg Electrolyte Complex 400mg Banana doesn't equal pre workout supplemtent alternative Banana = workout carb source for glycogen production Its really simple And your diet shouldn't be low in potassium anyways If you eat like an adult.

CNP Cognition nootropic - 30 Servings @ Active Sports Nutrition
-9° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Some may not understand the product category but anyone can benefit from a good nootropic, good for those that can't afford the best which is support max neuro. The complete… Read more
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I might try this because my memory is terrible.




Are you okay? Just because you may not understand a product it doesn't mean something is a scam. Nootropics is one of the fastest growing categories, by the end of the year the bulk brands may join in as well Pretty sure support max neuro was in vouge magazine recently because the writer liked it so much, no paid placement :)


Anyone looking to buy this please contact me directly i have a big bridge in London i would like to sell you!

Fulfill Triple Chocolate Deluxe Vitamin & Protein Bar - 29p each or 5 for £1 Instore @ Heron Foods (Nottingham)
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st MayLocalLocal
Important . This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item, especially as it is … Read more
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Bought five yesterday in Heron foods Newcastle,bit of a strange taste,smell a bit strange too, i won't be buying them again


Some flavours are mega, some are not.


Can you be a bit more specific about which store, there's about 10 in Nottingham


Got some from the Cottingham store today. Thanks!


Jordan would be happy with this price

2 x 2.5kg Whey Protein for £50 @ Bulk Powders
-205° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Deal of the day at Bulk Powders. Qualifies for the free delivery over £49.

Don't think this works any more.. 2 x 2.5kg comes up as £95.98 minus 30% if you use the tier1 voucher


Switched from myprotein to bulkpowders recently - difference was night and day. Still yet to evolve into 80s Arnie. Pound for pound an expensive habit! Taking up smoking would be far cheaper


£20 for 2 x 1kg is a standard price in the member perks section on MyProtein.


Where exactly? Right now please show us where is selling protein at that price that makes this a bad deal. Probably can’t.


Apart from the Joe Wicks stuff last year I can't see it's been £5 a kilo ever on here. Fingers crossed aye

Factory seconds - Oatein 12 X 60g Hype Protein (all flavours) bars £9.50 delivered @ EchoSupplements
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Due to a minor production issue, this current batch of HYPE Low Sugars bars have been shaped incorrectly by the factory. This means that while the incredible flavour and ingredien… Read more


Thanks for your reply. Do you have any information/links? I would be down to cook stuff myself.


Wow that's 73.3p per item! Hope you enjoy them!


Thanks, purchased 75 different bars and cookies for £55 delivered


I have given up trying and now only bake my own treats. Could not find a maltitol free bar that did not cause digestive issues. Also the so called low carbs bars are still too high carb for my keto diet. Its a bit of a con really. Just like the Innocent brand of drinks which are the fast track to diabetres.

BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Peaches and Cream, 500 g (OOS) £7.79 + £4.49 @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Temporarily out of stock however can still be ordered. Free P&P for Prime

Eating more than two eggs a day is not unhealthy, try telling this to every pro bodybuilder out there. One tin of mackerel in sauce is around 60p from a budget supermarket. I’ll leave you too it. Good luck ;)


From what I know, an egg it's about 6g of protein.. I need something like a 20g extra each day. Fish is expensive, and from what I know, eating more then 2 eggs each day it's not healthy.. this is a bit complex for me haha. But yeah, I'll try to put more effort in my diet, thanks! :)


The bars are expensive and also contain a lot sugar etc. I’d stay clear of those. Can’t go wrong with eggs... throw 5 eggs into your diet. Scrambled eggs, cheap as hell, great protein and taste good. Or a tin of mackerel with your lunch.. high protein, good fats and again very cheap. Some of the cheap protein have not so much protein content. You need to spend more to get high content protein powder which will be around 80p-£1 per serving. You can buy 15 eggs for around £1.20 (3 servings)


Ohh, I'm sorry about that! Yeah the thing that they don't mix well with water isn't great, you're right. :/ I don't do workouts, but I was looking to buy something to just increase my daily intake of proteins because often I don't even reach my daily recommended protein intake, and I often feel tired. That's why I was looking for something cheap, and protein bars are very expensive. Do you have any suggestion I could use in my case? Or maybe it's better to not take proteins if i don't do workouts? Thank you, sorry if I ask too many things. :)


I heave tried bulk powders protein twice and they taste foul, they don’t mix at all. You’re left with a water on the bottom and a huge frothy top (that doesn’t settle). I can txke most protein just to get it down but this brand is impossible to drink or eat. Even tried mixing it in with my oats in the morning but the taste made me gag. Had to bin 2.5kg... honestly stay away from this brand. If you want a cheap tasty brand try matrix. I have a free delivery code for life if you use their own website.

50% off almost everything @ myprotein via app using code
63° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
50 % off everything for 3 hours ends today around 3pm dont know exact time
Read More

Ah, yea it is protein, protein powder and protein shake



Was that offer posted on here?, I have alerts but it never alerted me!


Great price, I saw this offer after it happened, from then I set up my hotukdeals alerts properly!


Once you place your order go to the payment bit before actually paying, you get to select stuff then.

SIS mixed isotonic energy gels - £3.99 delivery (free postage with £10 spend) @ SiS (Science in Sport)
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Free SIS isotonic energy gels x10 +£4 shipping or free shipping on orders over £10 :) IMO this is very hot (5 different flavours too) Energy gels are a convenient way to boost yo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I always liked them. You can actually order more if you have different email addresses. You can do the good old Google Mail ‘bug’ (lol) Ordered 5 😁


Maybe high5


Just ordered. I needed 2 new bike bottles at 5 quid each and this reduced postage to 0 bonus, thanks!


Mine arrived today, May 2021 expiry. That will do for me. I see the Double Espresso pouches are double the caffeine hit of the other pouches, nice!!


Unfortunately no good for middle aged man in lycra or someone who pretends to be a professional... XD

45% off everything AND free delivery with code stacking @ My Protein
-167° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Get 45% off everything and free delivery combining codes 'bars' and 'bday' works on all products not just those covered by the single codes.

Code expired


Yes, their whey protein is about as good as it gets and cheap. Voted cold though, because myprotein always inflate prices when promotions are on.


I checked TPW on that website and it's not listed, which is a shame as I would of really liked to compare the two. Thanks anyway (highfive)


is myprotein good?


I buy impact whey isolate from myprotein, its been tested on and has scored an A- in terms of protein quality.


Only gave 25% for my items , so the Jarvis discount is still better


Unfortunately this doesn’t include the new swizzles range.


Lost count how many times this has been posted over the last week 🙈🙈


Great for me. Better discount than their usual monthly discount they run


Nasty stuff, rather pay bit more for better mix and quality.

SIS GO isotonic energy gel 12 for £7 @ Lidl (Canterbury)
08/06/2020Expires on 08/06/2020LocalLocalPosted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Woop woop:) ) I actually like high 5 and have never tried dis but they also have 10 at the moment for £4 on their website. I’ll try find the link


Looks good to me OP, you're back over 0 degrees (y)


Proof and with loads of flavours



How is this awful it’s £7 for 12 the others online are £7 for 6...

45% Off Bars Foods and Snacks + Free Delivery @ Myprotein
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Saw this offer in my inbox this morning, I know people love Free Delivery so thought it was worth sharing, gonna load up on snacks and nuts personally!
Read More

Unsurprisingly there’s another 45% off offer on again today and there will be another one tomorrow.


I think the main issue (is for me anyway) they are like DFS. They pick a price and add a discount. They claim a 1kg tub of protein is for example £50 but offer 75% discount. Also, they offer cashback with 'one-time-offer' at the end. Sign up to a free trial, forget to cancel and you get charged a monthly fee.


Birthday cake Layered Bars for me! Thanks OP


I got 6 tubs of cashew butter & 2 peanut butter left. Ordered 10 tubs before lockdown .. overkill taking up too much space


Got some peanut butter and oats for a £10 (y)

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